2. Ssw: everything about the 2. Week of pregnancy

Just as in the 1. Week of pregnancy you are also in the 2. SSW in reality not yet pregnant. As the pregnancy is calculated retroactively from the first day of the last period, you are currently in the second week of your cycle. If you have a regular cycle, ovulation and possible fertilization will not take place until the 3rd week of pregnancy. SSW instead of- only then are you pregnant.

SSW 2 - Woman makes a heart around her belly button with her fingers

What happens during SSW 2?

Your period is over and your body is preparing for a possible pregnancy.

What happens during the first half of my cycle?

  • The Egg Matures in the follicles.
  • The Östrogen level The blood pressure in the uterus rises and ensures that the mucous membrane of the uterus builds up and creates the ideal conditions for the fertilized egg cell to grow.
  • The sperm-friendly Cervical mucus is forming.

2. Week of pregnancy: the signs

In the 2. In the 2nd week of pregnancy, you are still not pregnant, which is why you do not yet have any signs of pregnancy. Some women feel the maturation of the egg in the follicles in the second week of pregnancy by a slight pulling sensation in the lower abdomen.

How can you get pregnant in the 2. SSW contribute to successful fertilization?

If you are trying to get pregnant, the 2nd week of pregnancy is the time to start. SSW already preparation announced. Because with some measures you can increase the probability of getting pregnant in the 3. Pregnancy week the fertilization works.

  • Already in the 2. SSW on alcohol and smoking! Doing something good for yourself and your future baby. The harmful substances are deposited in your body and can harm the embryo.
  • Pay attention to your nutrient balance! Taking folic acid prevents folic acid deficiency and increases the chance of getting pregnant
  • Eat healthy! It helps not only during pregnancy, but already before it. We have tips about proper nutrition during pregnancy.

36. SSW – the 36th week. Week of pregnancy

37. SSW – the 37. Week of pregnancy

38. SSW – the 38. Week of pregnancy

39. SSW – the 39. Week of pregnancy

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