Youth protection law curfew – how long am i allowed to stay out in the evening??

Youth Protection Act curfews - How long can I stay out at night?

Parents are concerned, and not without reason. Nevertheless, this is a must, so that children can develop optimally and slowly grow up. But how long is the child allowed to stay out and from what age, the first time alone??

Youth protection law curfews – How long am I allowed to stay out in the evening??

The question of how long a child is allowed to stay outside alone overwhelms most parents – a certain fear comes up in them and they like to suppress the question very much. However, parents have to deal with it at some point and there come up mixed feelings. To let the own child simply go out alone? A big step! Note also the keyword : Youth protection law curfews

Television, radio and social media report horrific incidents of child abduction and other crimes every day. Parents are concerned, and not without reason. Nevertheless, it is a must, so that children can develop optimally and slowly grow up. But how long can the child stay outside and from what age, the first time alone?

How much clock, with how many years?

  • Up to six years

At that age, children should not, under any circumstances, be left outside alone. Even if the playground is in front of the door, it is not advisable. The parents must absolutely keep an eye on the child. It is also important to take the child by the hand when walking through the city or other well-visited places. Children are very dreamy at that age and don’t realize how quickly you can get lost.

  • Between 6 and 8 years

At that age the children start to become independent. They go to school, clean up their room on their own and also already help around the house. However, going out alone is a completely different matter and here you also have to be careful. For many mothers it is out of the question to let their child out alone.

Others go see it unproblematic. And let the child, for a short time, go alone to the playground – here opinions differ greatly. The parents themselves can best assess the situation and the environment and probably know their child best.

  • Between 8 and 14 years

At the age of 8 or 9, the child can be left alone in the playground for an hour. It is recommended that the child is not alone, but with his friends. Also the child can walk to school alone with the friend, if the way is not too far. Between the ages of 10 and 12, the child is allowed to stay outside a little longer and may also visit a school friend.

At 13 or 14 you can find arrangements.

For example: It must come home when it gets dark outside.

  • Between 14 and 18 years

With 14 and 15 a young person may remain already until 22 o’clock outside. Going to the cinema is also allowed, as long as the movie is age appropriate. With 16 years the exit is permitted until 24 o’clock and also the discotheque may be visited with an adult person,. At the age of 18, young people are allowed to stay outside until an unlimited time, and they can also go to the disco without an accompanying person.

Going out times: Youth protection law must be followed

If the children or young people are outside the house, it is of course up to the parents to decide when to call their children home. However, the law for the protection of minors comes first and this must be clear for the parents, but also for the children.

If the father or mother allows the child to go to the disco or cinema, even though they are not yet of age, they are in breach of their duty of supervision. All parties should be clear that the Youth Protection Act, must be respected.

If the limits are crossed, parents must sit down with their child and talk about it. It is important to know why such behavior occurred and perhaps a middle ground can be agreed upon. House arrest is not immediately the solution here. Maybe the child should be home a little earlier next time.

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