You want to set up your own video studio, but don’t know how?

I deliver you myVideoStudio –
the perfect shooting location in your own four walls!

Do you know the?

You are a speaker, coach or trainer and want to use videos
strategically for your business

but the technique gives you a headache.

You spend hours researching for the right camera, mic, and light

and still don’t know what you really need.

You’re worried whether you’ll be able to adequately
can present
or if you are booked as a remote speaker at all.

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Your message
in brilliant picture and sound is today the basic requirement for booking as a remote speaker

You make content,
I do technology.
And zakk – already running!

Now shoot videos that
Your customers will love!

With me a video studio? Impossible!

But that is possible!

Stefanie Video Studio

myVideoStudio is called:
Switch on power – press record – start!

I’m a tech geek. This is why Jean-Marc came in handy. He has conjured up a professional studio in my office, from which I can easily stream presentations. I am perfectly equipped for remote speaking.

Armin Nagel – service artist, speaker, presenter

Unbelievable: Jean-Marc cleaned my closet, dusted it off and turned it into a fantastic recording studio!

Stefanie Voss – Speaker& Coach

It’s really like this: turn on the power and start shooting! Thanks to the simple operation I can record individual training videos and make them available to the customer immediately – without complicated editing on the computer. Fantastic!

Klaus-J. Fink – Topselling

Sound, picture and light quality are just right. And very important for me: all cameras are perfectly set and easy to use. Never thought I could produce such professional videos – in my living room! I am highly satisfied!

Lars Lienhard – Neuroathletics

For a real professional
the cheap webcam not an option!

It’s that simple:

  1. You contact me and we make an appointment
  2. I come to you and we find the suitable place
  3. I tell you exactly what you need –
    and what not
  4. I provide the complete technology based on the agreed budget
  5. On my second visit I will set up your studio completely: camera, light, sound, background.
  6. You get an all-round carefree briefing from me
  7. You shoot your first video directly
  8. For one month I am available for all your questions

Who can?

Jean marc Lehmann Film

I am Jean-Marc Lehmann.
As a filmmaker I am afraid of blurred pictures and bad sound. I was born in Switzerland and am the founder and owner of backcrossfilm in Cologne, Germany.
I know the stage and the professional appearance from all perspectives.
In my first career as a prominent artist I was at home on all renowned international stages.

Since my film studies I have been looking through the camera at speakers, presenters, experts and artists of different directions and create concepts for advertising and image films.

With myVideoStudio I turn your premises into an excellent recording studio.
I know all the ingredients for a perfect picture! I know how to position the camera well even in tight spaces,
how to create a chic background and what is possible with good light.

Every location is different. That’s why I come to you, find the right place and put together your individual technical package.

With my help you can quickly and easily produce top videos.

Because despite 8 years in Germany I will always be a real Swiss at heart,
I worked in an uncomplicated, pragmatic, precise way with attention to every detail – like a Swiss army knife.

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