With these building partners the house building succeeds

With these building partners the house building succeeds

Architect, general contractor, developer or a prefabricated house provider after all? Many building owners are before breaking ground before the question, of whom they let build their house. Read here which building partner is suitable for what and which activities you can do yourself on the building site.

Developer: One-stop shopping

Buying a house from a developer is the All-round carefree package when building a house. The developer buys the land, plans your new home and builds it. Then he sells you the land together with the house. He takes care of finding the right craftsmen for the individual construction steps and is responsible for the house until it is handed over. Often the developer hands over the property ready for occupancy or turnkey. Since these terms are not uniformly defined, they are interpreted differently. Read the developer’s contract carefully, because "turnkey" does not always mean that you can move in immediately. Sometimes the interior work is not yet finished or the outdoor facilities such as the garden or the garage are missing.

The comfort of a developer’s house you buy with fewer design options. Houses are often standardized and allow for few special requests. For this you can visit in advance model homes and get an idea of your future home. Developer projects are often less expensive than individually designed architect-designed houses. Some property developers even offer a Fixed price guarantee to. However, you should also read in the contract for which construction steps the guarantee applies, because sometimes ancillary services such as the costs for the building permit are not covered.

If you already have a property

If you already have a plot of land, you do not need a developer to build your house. Nevertheless, you are not on your own. For example, you can build a house Buy from a prefabricated house provider. A prefabricated house is usually built very quickly. You often have to take care of the foundation, i.e. the basement or floor slab, yourself beforehand. Also the interior construction takes some time.

If you want to build individually, hire a Architects with the planning of your four walls. If you wish, the architect will help you find the right craftsmen and supervise the construction process. Alternatively hire a General contractor with the construction of the house, but remain the builder. The contractor ensures that your house is built according to the architect’s plans. He takes over all or part of the construction work and, if necessary, hires subcontractors. He coordinates the construction of the house and is your contact person during the process, for example, if you discover defects on the construction site.

In addition to the general contractor, you also have the option to work with a General contractor to build. The latter also takes over the initial planning and commissions the architect. The general contractor often does not carry out any construction work itself, but subcontracts all the services. Also in this case you have a dedicated contact person for questions and problems.

Do-it-yourself: When the builder tackles the job himself

For many builders, it is a matter of honor to lend a hand on the construction site. Who would not like to be able to say later, with its own hands at the dream house to have built? If you take on smaller jobs on the building site yourself, you save the costs for one or the other craftsman. However, you should consider the Do not underestimate the time required for internal work. If you are employed, there is usually little time to work on your own. Also keep in mind that you as a layman usually need longer than a professional. For some services, for example the laying of pipes or electrical wiring, you should hire a craftsman for safety reasons – unless you have appropriate prior knowledge. Also note that if you do it yourself, you can not claim warranty. If you work incorrectly, you pay for the repair of the damage yourself.

Among the things that you can also tackle yourself with a little manual skill:

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