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You may be reading this article because you searched Google on how to win money instantly without betting can. Maybe you just came across this article by chance and are interested in how you can best do that today. Let me tell you one thing, I will open your eyes today.

Why you cannot win money immediately

Win money - 500€ in cash

If you thought you could win money right away, I have to disappoint you, because it is sometimes very difficult to win money at all. This will certainly make it much more difficult to immediately collect your winnings. First of all, I would like to explain that winning money in 99% of the cases means that you have to take part in a lottery or a game of chance. In principle, I have nothing against such actions, however, it is for a safe and positive wealth building certainly not recommended.

If you participate in gambling because you hope to win more money, then unfortunately you will usually be pretty disappointed. There would be no more games of chance nowadays if in the long run the players always won. None of the commercially operated games of chance will allow you to make losses in the long run. Therefore, you should definitely be aware that you usually always lose out in games of chance.

3 ways to win a lot of money quickly

Even if I have already advised you not to try to win money, to build your fortune, I would like to show you some ways that you can actually win a lot of money very quickly. Gambling can be addictive, so I ask you beforehand not to overdo it with gambling, because it can ruin you very quickly from a financial point of view.

Win money in online casinos

A possibility to win money immediately are so-called online casinos in which you can create a free account as an adult citizen and start playing immediately after your first deposit. Here, luck (and sometimes the system’s algorithm) decides whether you go home with a jackpot, or empty-handed. Sometimes Instant win from 2.000€ and more possible in online casinos, however, you can gamble away exactly the same amount of money.

Play the lottery online and win

Another possibility is the lottery. You can fill out as many lottery tickets as you like, submit them online and then hope that your chosen numbers will be hit in the draw. This is also a classic game of chance, but the possible winnings are much higher than in common online casinos. Depending on the jackpot level, you can win several million € in the lottery right away. Unfortunately, the probability is quite low, so most people will never have a true chance to win. To bring more structure and order into the game, I recommend you always take the same numbers, so you have the chance that at some point exactly your numbers will be drawn.

Sweepstakes on TV like DSDS

The last possibility, which I would like to introduce to you here, is the participation in TV lotteries, as for example classically with Germany searches the superstar or at noon with RTL point 12 and co. There you can be put through with a little luck by the jumble of callers to the studio, or via SMS also participate. In most cases there are Fees of approx. 5€ per call so that the operators themselves usually generate more income than profits are paid out later on. For this reason, this business model remains very lucrative for most large companies.

My conclusion about winning money:

As I have said several times, I do not recommend you to participate in lucky or lotteries if you want to become financially free in the long run, for example, because the probability of succeeding with it is more than low. However, if you want to have some occasional fun on the side, feel free to get started with the methods presented below. If you are interested in building a passive and long-term income via the Internet, then take a look at my presentation for free. I will explain to you there, how earning money on the Internet really works and how you still proceed today correctly, in order to earn monthly over 15.000€ and earn more. You can find the link to the presentation below.

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