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Fussen – Dr. Christian Ott is the new head physician of geriatric rehab at the Fussen Clinic. This is what the Kaufbeuren-Ostallgau clinics are now announcing. Together with a multidisciplinary team, the 61-year-old wants to ensure more personal responsibility and independence in the daily lives of elderly patients.

With age, the risk of further diseases and complaints increases. If an elderly patient is hospitalized with a bone fracture, for example, many concomitant diseases such as diabetes or dementia often have to be treated at the same time. So the way back into everyday life can take longer and needs special rehabilitation and therapy offers, which are offered in the clinic Fussen.

With Dr. Christian Ott as new chief physician of the Geriatrischen Reha wins the house according to own data a renowned Geriater, which can fall back to a 30-year professional experience. "Geriatric rehabilitation takes into account the special characteristics of older people and is designed to maintain and restore independence and prevent the need for long-term care," explains Dr. Christian Ott. "If an acute illness comes along in addition to the body deterioration, geriatric medicine (geriatrics) is called for. Even though some of the rehab patients do not fully recover, their stay at the geriatric facility significantly improves their quality of life."

"Superior expertise"

The specialty of geriatrics has officially existed in Germany only since the early nineties, when the Federal Ministry recognized the need for age-appropriate medical care for (highly) aged patients. Since then, not only due to demographic change, geriatric medicine has been developing steadily.

"We are delighted to be able to attract a new chief physician with such outstanding expertise and career for the Fussen site," explains Ute A. Sperling, Chairwoman of the Board of Management of Kliniken Ostallgau-Kaufbeuren.

Born in Munich, he completed his medical studies at the University of Perugia in Italy and, after completing his dissertation, worked at the Geriatrics Clinic in Zurich. Work followed, among other things, at the Center for Acute Geriatrics and Early Rehabilitation in Neuperlach, one of the first geriatrics centers in Germany, as well as residency training in internal medicine and an excursion into general medicine. After managing and expanding geriatric specialties in clinics in Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria, he and his wife were drawn back to their home country.

Dr. Christian Ott is looking forward to his new task

The 61-year-old is looking forward to his new role as head physician of geriatric rehab at the Fussen Clinic. "Very few people know that the concepts of geriatrics that we know in Germany were developed back then in Zurich, which in turn is based on the WHO definition of health from 1946," explains the head physician, "namely that health means not only the absence of illness, but also a state of psychological and social well-being. It is precisely this holistic approach, that in addition to somatic medical problems, special attention is also paid to psychological, social, functional and economic concerns, that is the focus of geriatrics."

The path to this goal is as individual as each patient. "This requires physicians and the nursing team as well as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists and many other therapists."

Early appointment

Dr. Martin Hinterseer, Medical Director of the Fussen Clinic, is pleased about the new colleague. "Geriatricians are in high demand and, unlike many of his colleagues who specialized in this field only later, Dr lives. Ott his vocation from the very beginning."

Sperling adds: "With him, we are pleased to have a chief physician on the team who will work with us on the further development of the hospital. We want to offer the population a clinic that can competently and cordially care for the patients of the region."

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