What does the word witch mean to you??

I think especially in times like these we can all use a little more magic in our lives.

Which is why I was wondering: What connects Crystals, Self-empowerment, nature-based spirituality, a fondness for herbs, and Tarot Cards?
Correct: Witches.

"What does the word witch mean to you??" Meliha Guri, Lori Haberkorn, Hannah Krutmann and Sophia Hembeck answered this question for me.

"We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn," wrote the author Tish Thawer in her novel published in 2015 The Witches of BlackBrook. And at the latest when stars like Lorde, Lana del Rey and Azealia Banks talk about their witch practices, you know that witches are now firmly in mainstream culture.

Lori Haberkorn is an astrologer & empowerment coach. She writes a column each month for Matcha Mornings

Lori Haberkorn is an astrologer& Empowerment Coach. For Matcha Mornings she writes a column every month.

I asked four modern witches (or not;)) how they feel about the topic, to maybe breathe some new life into the whole thing and destigmatize the subject.

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Lori Haberkorn, Astrologer& Empowerment Coach

Lori Haberkorn is proud to be a modern witch

Lori Haberkorn is proud to be a modern witch.

The themes around witches have been with me my whole life, because I already celebrated the full moon together with her Witches as an embryo in my mom’s womb. In the course of my life I was allowed to get to know all sides of being a witch, the light, but also the dark sides. Because more than 20 years ago, the word witch was still condemned, a taboo subject. Thank Goddess, the wheel of destiny is finally starting to roll and woman may be woman again.

Honest, wild, raw, sensual, erotic, strong, powerful, healing, wise and mighty. This is all what the word "witch" means to me. Witches are wise, ancient souls, they are healers, teachers, protectors and preservers. They are highly intuitive, intelligent and know about the power and magic of energies, nature and the universe and use this to create their self-determined lives.

I am proud to call myself a witch and to pass on the tools that my mom and her coven have taught me to my community. From tarot to moon rituals to astrology, to self-optimization through the targeted work with our energies, the subconscious and techniques of modern spirituality.

There are so many areas in which we can immerse ourselves and thus strengthen the connection to ourselves, as well as to nature and the higher energies to strengthen. And most of all, connecting with more women, feeling sisterhood and sharing knowledge creates a wonderful sense of strength, security and confidence for the future!

Hannah Krutmann is the founder of Almost 30 magazine and the Almost agency. She writes a monthly column on essential oils for Matcha Mornings

Hannah Krutmann is the founder of Almost 30 magazine and the Almost agency. For Matcha Mornings, she writes a column on essential oils every month.


Hannah Krutmann

With the word ‘witch’ I associate independent, strong, female beings who are pretty badass and live as they see fit.

This has to do with the fact that I listened to Bibi Blocksberg as a child and wanted to learn witchcraft. As a teenager, however, the nasty anti-witch PR from the patriarchy got to me and I didn’t want to be a witch anymore because the image of the witch didn’t seem endearing, sexy, beautiful and desirable enough to me (from the point of view of the ‘male gauze’ of course) and I feared ending up quite lonely as a witch.

"For a few years now, thanks to books like ‘Witch‘ by Lisa Lister or ‘The Wolf Woman‘ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes approached the concept again and definitely recommend this one to start with. "

For some years now, thanks to books like ‘Witch‘ by Lisa Lister or ‘The wolf woman‘ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, I have approached the concept again and I absolutely recommend them to start with.

When I practice my being a witch, it involves very little hex – I deal with my menstrual cycle, essential oils and herbs and I am getting to know myself better and better.

This empowers me and lets me become who I wanted to be as a child: independent, strong and some days pretty badass. Witch’ or ‘feminist’ are already a good description – so it’s time to rebrand these labels.

MELIHA GURI, Reiki& Urban Shamanism

What does the word witch mean to you?

In my eyes, a witch is a person who deals with spirituality, natural science, energies, subtlety and ancient knowledge. Someone who has a clairvoyance or clairsentience, that is, a special empathy and feels, knows and sees more.

Meliha Guri practices Reiki & Urban Shamanism. For Matcha Mornings, she writes about the annual circle festivals

Meliha Guri practices Reiki& Urban Shamanism. For Matcha Mornings she writes about the yearly circle festivals.

Do you identify with the word?

Yes and no. Somehow we are all a bit ‘witch’, but mostly we can only identify with parts of it. So yes, I use ‘witchcraft customs’ and deal with that knowledge and even grew up with it, but no I don’t consider myself a witch or a modern witch either.

It is difficult to identify with it, because one is still ridiculed in society if one is active in this area and is pushed into esotericism and superstition and I just don’t see myself there.

How do you practice being a witch??

There is no rule book on what a witch is or how to practice it. Everyone finds his tools, what suits him, what he can handle and what feels right. Mine range from Meditation Journeys, Reiki and Energetic Constellations to Tarot, Kabbalah and Astrology to TCM, Yoga and simple Coaching.


I burn incense with herbs and sometimes burn a piece of paper with thoughts, own a feather and a pendulum and admire the moon and the universe. I also live in the city, have to pay my rent with real money, love fashion and interior design, have good and bad days and am confronted with the same insecurities and fears as everyone else.

So, am I a witch? You tell me.

Your tips for someone just starting out on the path?

Follow your intuition, don’t get discouraged, read and research, don’t blindly imitate and the very, very most important: practice exclusively with good, pure and positive intention and not in pain, anger or even evil/negative intention.

Sophia Hembeck, author

Sophia Hembeck (@sophiahembeck) is a writer & living in Edinburgh. Recommendation: subscribe to her newsletter 'The Muse Letter'

Witches are for me free, independent beings who listen to their intuition and live close to nature.

Already as a child I was attracted to magic and witches. Danced with my sisters at night in our children’s room on the Blocksberg. As I got older I had a few friends with whom I started a coven.

Then I lost touch with it for a while, turned away, mainly for social reasons. Calling yourself a witch suddenly seemed childish to me. It’s only been a few years that I’ve rediscovered the term witch for myself. For me it is a feminist appropriation. To choose a way of life that suits me individually.


For the past year I have been inviting people to a monthly full moon ritual where a close circle of friends* get together and we cook, drink, moonwalk together. Every time is different: sometimes we draw tarot cards, other times we collect herbs, depending on the season and our feelings.

I think what is important when you are interested in being a witch is to listen to your intuition and do not blindly follow anything, Which do not make sense for me personally. A ritual or spell only works if it feels right to you.

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