What does permanent make-up cost??

What does permanent make-up cost??

A make-up that can withstand any weather and still looks perfect after a long night of partying or sports is the dream of many women. With Permanent Make Up you can wake up in the morning already naturally made up and this without much effort.

In principle, the permanent make up is a special tattoo. The pigments are injected into the epidermis with ultra-thin needles. However, with a normal tattoo, the colors are injected deeper into the skin, which is why a tattoo also lasts much longer.

The permanent make-up can thicken eyebrows, make narrow lips look more voluminous, give the eyes more expression and conceal scars.

Depending on the type of Permanent Make Up you choose, you can expect costs between 50,- and 950,- Euro.


Costs not only vary depending on the area of the face and the intensity of the treatment, but also depend on the area where you live and the regional conditions.


Long-lasting eyebrow tightening is especially popular. For many women, eyebrows are the most time-consuming and important step in their make-up routine. They give the eyes and the face as a whole a characteristic expression.

In the case of eyebrow augmentation resp. -Fine hairs are drawn between the existing eyebrow hairs – usually on both sides – to make them thicker. The cost is approx. 240,- to 570,- Euro. If this is done with the microblading method, which allows extremely thin, fine and very natural-looking hairs, you should expect at least 400, – euros.

The complete redesign of the eyebrows on both sides costs approx. 280,- to 700,- Euro. Here, light, irregular or missing eyebrows can be brought into a beautiful shape.

Tip: If you want to determine in advance the optimal shape of the eyebrows for the subsequent permanent makeup, we recommend the following templates from Amazon.

Eyebrow stencil for the perfectly plucked and even eyebrows, eyebrow powdering, eyebrow tracing, eyebrow styling by Blissany - 6 styles for the perfect appearance: flirty, uptown girl, hollywood, cleopatra, femme fatale, diva

Price:€ 7,90


Various forms of permanent make-up are also possible on the eyelid. Thus, with the help of an eyelash line accentuation or. -If the eyelashes are thickened on the upper or lower eyelid, an optical thickening of the eyelashes can be created. It can also be used to visually correct the shape of the eyes. This costs 200,- to 320,- Euro.

An eyeliner on the upper or lower eyelid can be different and make the eyelashes look thicker as well as optimize the eye shape and make the eye look more expressive. A delicate eyelid line costs between 180,- and 360,- Euro, a modeled eyelid line 190,- to 450,- Euro and a colored accent at the outer corner of the eye 150,- to 190,- Euro.

Eyelid eyeshadow – as the name suggests – emphasizes the eyelids as if with a soft eye shadow. Costs starting from 600, – euro are to be counted here.


Irregular, contourless lips can be evened out with a new lip liner. Here 200, – to 650, – euro become due. The lips can appear larger, fuller and more symmetrical with permanent make-up.

After a shaded lip modeling, the lips look like they were made up and shaded with a lip liner. Cost: 300,- to 950,- Euro.

In the case of full lip shading, the lips are pigmented in even greater detail. A lip 3D uses colored reflectors to emphasize the relief of the lips. In total you have to calculate with 400,- to 815,- Euro. However, many cosmeticians already presuppose a lip contour and modeling for the procedure. So here you may have to pay additional costs.
The so-called Lip-Light is another variant of enhancing the lip contour. Here, the lips appear visually enlarged by lightening the skin area above the lip contour. Calculate with costs from 150, – Euro.

Picture of woman with permanent make up on lips

Drawing a beauty mark costs between 50,- and 100,- Euro.

The correction of third-party drawings, i.e. the improvement of a drawing that was created by another permanent make-up provider, usually costs between 300,- and 400,- Euro. Complete removal is possible with the help of laser technology.

Keep in mind that the colors for the respective Permanent Make Up can be mixed and matched individually to your wishes and skin type.

Cost overview:

Designationunapproximate cost
Eyebrow thickening/augmentation 240,- to 570,- Euro
Microblading from 400,- Euro
Eyebrow makeover 280,- to 700,- Euro
Lash line accentuation/densification 200,- to 320,- Euro
simple eyeliner 180,- to 360,- Euro
modeled eyelid line 190,- to 450,- Euro
colored accent 150,- to 190,- Euro
Eyelid eyeshadow from 600,- Euro
Lip contour 200,- to 650,- Euro
Lip modeling with shading 300,- to 950,- Euro
Lip full shading + 400,- to 815,- Euro
Lip-Light from 150,- Euro
Beauty spot 50,- to 100,- Euro
Correction of extraneous drawing 300,- to 400,- Euro

All prices are rough guidelines including VAT and may of course vary.


First of all you will be treated in the cosmetic studio or. Institute of your choice sufficiently advised. Afterwards or after a few days of consideration the treatment takes place. Individual consultations are usually free of charge and without obligation.

Before the procedure, the pigmenter draws the contours of the permanent makeup with a pencil. The color and the drawing must be confirmed by you in advance. Then you can start with the actual treatment.

The pigments are applied to the skin under local anesthesia using a very thin needle. You will usually suffer less pain than with an ordinary tattoo.

The procedure takes about 1 h, but can be shorter or longer, depending on the extent of the treatment.

The majority of providers offer free touch-ups and discounted follow-up treatments in addition to the basic treatment. The after-treatments are mandatory. They are usually scheduled 2 weeks after the initial treatment. Thus, for a permanent make up ca. 2 to 3 treatment appointments are necessary.

About 3 weeks after the pigmentation you can then admire the final result. Often, shortly after the treatment, the colors are still a little too strong, too weak or irregular and develop their full effect only after some time.

Before the procedure, you should make sure not to take any blood-thinning medication, such as z.B. to take aspirin, coffee or alcohol. Consumption of these foods can lead to undesirably high bleeding, which can falsify the desired color result.

To prevent swelling in advance, it is recommended to use natural preparations with arnica.

People who have already had lip herpes should prophylactically apply a herpes ointment before the first appointment – provided that you want permanent make up on the lips.

The healing process takes a few days. The treated areas should not be exposed to moisture. The resulting thin color crusts must not be scratched or rubbed off under any circumstances. Also ordinary Make Up, like z.B. Mascara, near the place is forbidden in the first days.

In addition, you should refrain from visits to the sauna or swimming pool for some time. Intensive sunbathing should also be avoided for about 3 weeks.


The durability can of course vary considerably from person to person. For example, some colors have a very intense effect on some skin types, while on others they are less visible. Therefore the skin metabolism and the skin structure play an important role.
The healing process, the depth of the pigments, as well as the care behavior are also significant influencing factors. Exposure to sunlight can reduce the durability.

As a rule, you should expect that the color intensity will have decreased significantly after 2 years at the latest. The lighter the color, the sooner a touch-up may be necessary. In case of very light colors this can be the case already after 1 year.

In any case, do not wait too long before having a refresher done. If the last treatment appointment was too long ago, several follow-up treatments may be necessary, resulting in additional costs and a greater expenditure of time.

Picture of woman with permanent make up on the eyelids

Find the right provider

As is so often the case, do not necessarily go for the cheapest beauty salon. Cheap offers on the Internet come either from the fact that newcomers are still looking for practice models or on the quality or even hygiene is saved.

Remember that permanent make-up always requires at least one follow-up treatment to achieve a satisfactory result. Here the optics can still be corrected after the first treatment.

Keep in mind, however, that the permanent makeup lasts for some time and blunders are difficult to cover up. The correction resp. Removal of distortions will cost you not only money but also nerves.

Therefore, look conscientiously for the right studio and do not take the first offerer. Find out in advance what qualifications the respective studio or studio has. Institute has to bring forward.
It is best to look for a provider whose focus is on Permanent Make Up. Cosmeticians who "take over" pigmentation "on the side" usually have neither sufficient experience nor the appropriate training to carry out the treatment properly.

Pigmenting requires a lot of drawing talent, a creative eye and a high level of concentration and patience.

Permanent Make Up is relatively expensive due to the material costs for the pigment colors, needles, hygiene and of course the fee of the employees. Therefore, do not accept offers that are significantly lower than the prices shown here. You do not know where they are cutting corners.

It is best to arrange a consultation first and take the opportunity to see the conditions on site for yourself. Above all, pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene in the treatment rooms. Permanent make-up can be harmful if hygienic measures are not strictly observed.

If the instruments are not sufficiently sterile, there is a high risk of infection with potentially life-threatening diseases. Therefore, in any case, you should be allowed to see the certificate of sterilization to be able to verify that only disposable needles are used.
Some studios unfortunately keep the needles after a single use and sterilize them for further use. This does not correspond in any case to the given hygiene standards.

If you are convinced after the initial interview, ask for a preliminary drawing of your eyebrows and/or lips to convince yourself of the drawing skills of the cosmetician or doctor.

In any case, ask for a cost estimate before treatment. This should include the exact price and precise information about the part of the face to be treated and the type of pigments used. You should also ask for a written guarantee that the following control or correction procedures will be carried out. after-treatments are free of charge.

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