What does a silver chain weigh?

May it be a little more? What is not a problem with a stall at the weekly market, should better not be the standard for jewelry. Because the weight of a silver chain decides significantly on the wearing comfort of your piece of jewelry. After all, no one wants to hang themselves with heavy bling that can be an additional burden or even painful in some circumstances.

What does a silver chain weigh?

But exactly how much can a high quality silver necklace weigh? And isn’t a high weight perhaps also a sign of greater value and therefore higher quality? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple – as a jewelry manufacturer, we at modabile know this from experience. What you should pay attention to the weight of silver chains and other jewelry, we therefore tell you in the following article.

A few grams too much: why heavy silver chains can be problematic

You may wonder what a difference a few grams more can make to a silver necklace. After all, most of the jewelry weighs almost nothing anyway – so a little extra weight certainly doesn’t matter, does it?? By no means: even a few grams more can significantly affect the wearing comfort.

The problem: the weight of the silver chain you wear around your neck rests almost entirely on your neck. At the same time, the chain’s own weight pulls down the front of the neckline. If the chain is too heavy, this has an unpleasant consequence: neck pain. Of course you don’t feel this immediately when you put on your chain, but after a few hours of continuous wearing, an unpleasant feeling can set in.

In addition, a heavy silver chain can cause difficulties when it starts to move: if you bend forward, the chain will detach from your skin, and if it swings back, it can knock against your collarbone, depending on its position. What you hardly notice as a touch with a light silver chain, can be unpleasant in the long run with heavy models. By the way, this effect is even more noticeable when you wear a necklace with a pendant.

What does a silver chain weigh?

If heavy silver chains restrict the wearing comfort, you simply reach for a particularly light version? In fact, however, this solution is also not the ultimate, because very light silver chains are usually made of extremely thin-walled links. Although they have a low weight, they break much faster as a result. In addition, excessively thin-walled silver chains appear to be of lower quality. One of the reasons for this is that these models often produce a tinny sound when the links rub against each other.

These factors determine how much a silver chain weighs

The weight of a silver chain such as our ball chain SPHERE or our snake chain HEARTFELT depends on various factors. And: While you can calculate your BMI for your body weight with a simple formula, there is no ideal weight for silver chains. Many factors play a role and about exactly these factors we will now enlighten you.

Influence of the amount of material on the weight of silver chains

Which material is used for the production of your chain, is in principle unimportant. After all, a gram of silver weighs as much as a gram of copper, brass, or gold. Accordingly, it is much more important how much material is used in the production of the chain. One thing is clear: The more precious metal is involved, the more valuable the piece of jewelry is. At the same time, of course, this increases the weight of the silver chain.

By the way, we use only the finest 925 sterling silver for the production of our silver necklaces. This consists of 92.5 % of the high-quality precious metal, the remaining share is supplemented by copper. Accordingly, our jewelry is exclusive genuine jewelry, which has an intrinsic value. This means: Investing in our silver jewelry is in a certain way even an investment, because the value of the silver remains permanently – today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

What does a silver chain weigh?

Influence of production on the weight of silver chains

There are several ways to make high quality silver necklaces: On the one hand, the jewelry can be manufactured as solid chains. Then the individual chain links are made of solid precious metal. On the other hand, silver chains can also be made semi-solid or from thin-walled silver sheets. Then, of course, the jewelry is automatically lighter, but the chain has a lower intrinsic value, because less precious material was used for the production.

So if you have a chain with very large links in your hand, but it seems unusually light, you can assume that it is not a solid chain. Sometimes, however, there are also manufacturers who trick – then, for example, thin-walled links are made and then filled from the inside. Then the chain feels as if it has a great value – but unfortunately this is not the case here. But don’t worry: With modabile you don’t have to fear such tricks.

Influence of chain length and chain type on the weight of silver chains

Of course, it’s a simple mathematical equation: the longer your silver chain is, the more it weighs. In addition to the factors already mentioned, the chain length also influences the weight of your silver chain. And the type of chain can also play a role: While the DELICATE anchor chain, for example, has particularly fine and filigree chain links, the imposing ROYAL royal chain comes up trumps with particularly eye-catching and intertwined links. No wonder that the anchor chain is significantly lighter than the king chain.

What does a silver chain weigh?

A trend that probably no jewelry lover can escape: Chains Layering. Especially with this style, where several chains in different looks and lengths are combined, the weight can have a big influence. Because even if a heavy chain alone may not cause any problems – if you combine several of them, it can be quite a pain in the neck. Therefore, try to wear heavy silver chains rather with light models – so you are on the safe side.

Conclusion: So how much should weigh a good silver chain?

We don’t mince words: How much your silver chain should weigh is ultimately up to you to decide. In our collections you will discover silver chains that weigh no more than 20 grams. At the same time, we also have models in our assortment, which are significantly higher. We recommend that you simply try it out a little, because as a rule, all chains from our manufactures are so lightweight that you can wear them for a long time without any problems – also in combination with our attractive pendants.

What does a silver chain weigh?

FAQ – Weight of silver chains

How heavy is silver?

Silver can of course be weighed with a normal scale. Here, the gram or kilogram display corresponds to the conventional standard. The density, on the other hand, is much more interesting: silver has a density of 10.49 grams per cubic centimeter. For comparison: Gold has a density of about 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter, while copper weighs only 8 grams per cubic centimeter.96 grams per cubic centimeter and brass to 8.73 grams per cubic centimeter.

How much does a gram of silver weigh?

One gram of silver weighs as much as one gram of copper, one gram of gold or one gram of aluminum – exactly one gram. The difference lies in the density of the material. The weight of silver is somewhat lower than that of gold, but significantly higher than that of copper or aluminum. By the way, gold and silver are precious metals, while copper is a semi-precious metal and aluminum is a base metal.

How much does a chain weigh?

The weight of chains varies. Many silver chains with fine links weigh between 15 and 20 grams. But there are also chains that weigh 70, 80 or even 150 grams. The exact weight depends on the amount of material used, the type of chain, the chain length and the specific manufacturing process.

How much does a silver chain weigh?

Many fine-linked silver chains weigh between 15 and 20 grams. If the weight of the chains is less than this, only very little noble material was processed and the chain automatically has a lower intrinsic value. There are also silver chains that weigh more than 100 grams. King chains are usually classic examples of this. Here the processed material quantity and the special chain design cause the higher weight.

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