Updos: top 10 best updo hairstyles

Whether quickly twisted, loosely pinned together, with braided elements or time-intensively styled and artfully draped with great attention to detail – the updos will suit any occasion and the available time allotment. As highlights, a wide variety of additional decorations can be incorporated into the hair. Here you will find many pictures, instructions and tips on how to put up your hairstyle.

10 popular and beautiful updo hairstyles to copy

Updo 1

Updo 1 © Vilenija / shutterstock.com

Updo 2

Updo hairstyle 2 © Gromovataya / shutterstock.com

Updo 3

Updo 3 © Alter-ego / shutterstock.com

Updo 4

Updo 4 © Artmim / shutterstock.com

Updo 5

Updo 5 © Alter-ego / shutterstock.com

Updo 6

updo 6 © Gromovataya / shutterstock.com

Updo 7

Updo 7 © Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko / shutterstock.com

Updo 8

Updo 8 © Artmim / shutterstock.com

Updo 9

Updo 9 © Anton Zabielskyi / shutterstock.com

Updo 10

Updo 10 © Irina Alexandrovna / shutterstock.com

What are updos?

Simply put, updos in their definition can first be derived quite simply from the hair pinned up in some way.

At the same time, there are an enormous number of possibilities in terms of implementation.

From casual, cool and rocky, playful, romantic or a little wild to highly elegant, the most diverse looks can be conjured up. Depending on the complexity of the execution of the hairstyle, the time required for this can be minimal or extensive.

An updo can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit – in the private everyday life just as in business area, on the Evening party, at Concert visit or for various ceremonial occasions such as family celebrations, weddings, company anniversaries, etc.

For what hair is suitable updos?

In principle, any type of hair in different lengths can be transformed into an updo hairstyle. Whether medium-length, long or short, thick or thin hair – if a few essential tricks are observed, the appropriate updo is no problem.

There remains only the absolutely extreme short-cut hairstyle unsuitable.

  • Even fine hair looks voluminous with a few simple tricks. Very straight hair can first be twisted over the curling iron or braided in order to achieve more stability for the hairstyle.
  • Conversely, natural curls can be straightened beforehand if the type of updo makes it necessary. For some updos, it is advisable to first backcomb the hair.

Filling pillows (available in different sizes Chignon cushion), matching hairpins, complementary hairpieces and various styling accessories give the desired hairstyle variant sufficient volume, lasting hold or glamor.

Updo description
half-open The compromise solution between an updo and open hair
Curls bring a playful or romantic look
long hair endless possibilities in the implementation
medium length ideal for several different updos
short hair best pinned together at the back of the head
braided artfully tamed hair with a special effect
with bangs a girly to cheeky casual touch
with hair band the fashionable styling variant with a lot of scope
with veil festive bridal hairstyle, which is well fastened to withstand all the stresses of the day

The above-mentioned keywords and hairstyle examples make clear to you how enormously large the variety is when implementing an updo hairstyle.

Really everyone can find the right style for themselves here.

Putting your hair up conceals fast in case of bad fit of the hairstyle or overdue hair washing. It supports your outfit, tames your hair if you don’t want it to fall disturbingly into your face, shows off your femininity to its fullest, emphasizes your elegance and above all it makes you want to try out the most different variations.

With up-do hairstyles you set your hair in a variety of ways always effective new scene! A boring look is definitely passe with it!

What are the updo hairstyles?

There are a variety of updos you need to know about. Here are the most popular and well-known hairstyles for pinning up.

1. The chignon (bun)

The chignon or bun

The bun is the most popular variant of the updo hairstyle. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require any essential utensils © Olga Ekaterincheva / shutterstock.com

The chignon (bun) is a typical, well-known trend hairstyle that always goes and always looks stylishly fashionable. In the meantime it exists in so many forms and variations that it deserves an extra mention for it again.

It has been shaping the world of fashion hairstyles for several centuries now. Already in ancient Greece this hair knot has been firmly established in the world of women.

The bun from the back

The bun from the back © Axel Bueckert / shutterstock.com

Also as a men’s hairstyle, the chignon knot has long gone down in history. Low-set, high-set, braided, twisted on the side or in double form, strictly tied or loosely draped – here you can experiment or get a lot of inspiring ideas on the Internet.

2. The ballerina knot (ballet chignon)

Ballerina Dut is a variation of the classic dut

Ballerina Dut is a variation of the classic Dut © Flamingo Images / shutterstock.com

The ballerina knot is also called the ballet chignon.

The Latin saying "Nomen est omen" applies here. It is easy to see that the name was coined by a typical hairstyle suitable for ballet dance, so to speak, sport-related. This updo is also excellent for ballet lessons of little ballerinas. The classic hairstyle is by no means reserved for dancers, however.

However, it determines conspicuously sporty areas such as dance sport, rhythmic gymnastics, vaulting, artistic cycling and figure skating. It is not surprising that it has established itself in this place. The ballerina knot is quickly tied. The hair is tied in a high ponytail at the back of the head.

Ballerina chignon from the side

Ballerina bun from the side © Alexander Egizarov / shutterstock.com

The hair of the ponytail is twisted, wrapped as a spiral around the hair tie and fixed well with a few bobby pins. In variation, the ponytail can be braided into a plait beforehand. So open hair does not interfere with the movement. Nevertheless, this simple hairstyle looks elegant.

3. The banana chignon (French twist)

French twist also called banana chignon

French twist also called banana chignon © frantic00 / shutterstock.com

All banana? The banana chignon has regained special relevance in 2017, but it is still very much in trend.

The current banana bun, however, is loosely and casually pinned in contrast to its original appearance. Strands of hair that fall out are welcome or are plucked out during the hairdressing process. Gladly so extensively, that a cool Messie style results.

This makes the banana suitable for everyday use and does not remain just a classic evening hairstyle. The typical banana shape in which the hair bun is wrapped is characteristic of the styling and gives it its name.

French twist from behind with pin

French twist from behind with pin © Oksana.Bondar / shutterstock.com

How perfectly and neatly you shape your hair into a banana or have it styled is up to your taste and may also be adapted to the given occasion for this hairstyle. French Twist is the alternative name given to this typical hairstyle style, in which the hair is twisted upwards from a low-lying hair braid.

4. Tres chic (chignon)

Tres chic (chignon) is a French up-do

Tres chic (chignon) is a French updo © lrpizarro / shutterstock.com

Tres chic is the French knot, which finds its application under the technical term Chignon.

In translation, the French word "chignon" means bun, probably because the loose knot, held voluminously, is remotely reminiscent of a bun.

It can be worn at neck level, on the back of the head, attached above the head, or tucked to the side. The celebrities like to show it off. Imaginative individuality is also called for in this case.

5. Messy bun

Messy bun is an unmade chignon that can still look beautiful

Messy bun is an unmade chignon that can still look beautiful © Celeste Duffy / shutterstock.com

The Messy Bun has already achieved a certain cult status.

It is one of the most worn updos. It is the perfect gloriously imperfectly worn topknot, which is therefore designed completely casually and is therefore particularly uncomplicated to style.

The hair can look a bit disheveled and tousled.

This look lives on a certain untidiness and should not sit absolutely accurate and precise at all. Long comb through and hairspray or mousse can be omitted without hesitation. Sloppiness can be so nice in this case!

6. Updos as a wedding hairstyle

Updos are perfect for weddings

Updos are perfect for weddings © frantic00 / shutterstock.com

A wedding hairstyle requires the perfect fit.

It should be fantastically beautiful and survive a turbulent wedding day unscathed. The bride makes her grand entrance. Here the updos shine on several levels at once.

Surely for this very reason they have become the favorite among wedding hairstyles. For most women, the traditional veil is simply part of the bridal feeling. This is particularly easy to attach to an updo hairstyle.

There are many variations of wedding hairstyles that are pinned up

There are many variations of wedding hairstyles that are pinned up © Juice Team / shutterstock.com

It is pinned either above or below the topknot. With noble hair jewelry or romantic accessories, even a simple, classic updo will be exactly the wedding hairstyle that ideally suits your own type and the theme of the wedding.

The necessary volume can be conjured up in thin hair by extensions or chignon cushions. Updos leave nothing to be desired in this respect. Single hanging curls add an extra glamorous or romantic touch to high-draped hair.

7. Simple updos

Updos do not always have to be complicated. There are also simple variants

Updos don’t always have to be complicated. There are also simple variants © nata_nytiaga / shutterstock.com

To a simple updo you need only a few handles and as accessories at least a hair tie and some bobby pins to pin down.

With a little practice your updo is then ready in no time. Suggestions and tips for simple, but still not at all boring updos are masses on the Internet.

Any hairstyle can be embellished with earrings or necklaces

Any hairstyle can be embellished with earrings or necklaces © Artmim / shutterstock.com

They have become a perennial favorite in hairstyle fashion. There are several good reasons for this. Updos can be transformed into ever-changing looks with simple changes. They can be additionally spiced up with accessories.

An up-do hairstyle bridges hairstyle problems, if once there is no opportunity to wash your hair in time.

8. Updos for the graduation ball

Updos are perfect for a prom or other events

Updos are perfect for a graduation ball or other events © Gromovataya / shutterstock.com

The Abiball is an important event on the way to adulthood.

Besides the ball gown, the right hairstyle for it plays an equally significant role. Here, the large selection of updos and accessories offers a wealth of possibilities.

The festive hairstyle of pinned-up hair can be created from romantic-playful to ladylike-elegant. There are many quick and yet beautiful-looking solutions that can be done without a visit to the hairdresser.

Graduation ball updo hairstyle

Prom updo hairstyle © Gromovataya / shutterstock.com

Styling yourself for the big event together with a friend and helping each other out is twice the fun. Depending on taste and preference, the look can still be girly-youthful or already emphatically feminine.

Many graduates like the variant of a half-open updo hairstyle. Overall a plus: jewelry and decollete are shown off to their best advantage with an updo hairstyle.

9. Elegant updo hairstyles

Up-draped hairstyles can look very elegant and make your face look thinner

High pinned hairstyles can look very elegant and make your face look thinner © Miramiska / shutterstock.com

Elegance is at the forefront of elegant updo hairstyles. Shapely, flattering to the face, underlining the clothes, tasteful appearance – all these attributes stand for the elegant appearance.

These updos are many times uncomplicated to create, but still look classy.

The style is quite casual, fits perfectly in the office and is equally wearable at a wide variety of events and functions.

10. Loose updos

Loose up-do hairstyles are quick to do and stay put throughout the evening

Loose updos are quick to do and stay put all evening © Khosro / shutterstock

Loose updos convey a certain nonchalance. However, you can also go in the romantic direction. Here are also braided sections in the hair no rarity.

But please braid it loosely, because the motto "Keep it loose" is the lifeblood of a loose updo. Unlike the tightly pinned back chignon, which can look severe, the looseness remains in the foreground when the hairstyle is implemented.

It is possible that one or the other strand of hair slips out again or a strand of hair is deliberately left hanging down in the side sections from the outset. The soft look is very feminine.

11. Classic updos

Classic up-do hairstyles

Classic pinned-up hairstyles © Gromovataya / shutterstock.com

The chignon as a classic, which has survived quite a few centuries, now clearly possesses timelessness and has not only simply gone through the changes of time successfully. Over the years, it has become extremely changeable in appearance itself.

Braided, twisted, twirled, coiled. The hair tightened and carefully pulled out of the face. Or really loose and casually pinned up. Sometimes the chignon is on the top of the head, then on the back of the head, again lower down to the nape of the neck can also be slipped.

Tied on the side or knotted twice as a funny duo – no matter how you do it, somehow it always looks good. Several tutorials deal with the variations and show how it works.

  • With a half bun, only the top hair is tied into a small knot.
  • The space buns are created from two high braids, each of which is wrapped together as a bun and pinned in place. It looks sassy, cool, playful and cute.
  • The braided chignon looks sophisticated, but is very easy and quick to style.
  • After the messy bun caused plenty of furor, the 2019 trend has gone back to the more streamlined and carefully-precisely twisted version of the chignon.

How to make updos?

Make your own updo tutorial 1

Do it yourself updo hairstyles tutorial 1 © Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko / shutterstock.com

A classic updo hairstyle basically consists of the following 5 simple steps:

The hair is tied into a ponytail with a hair tie that is as inconspicuous as possible. Depending on the chosen hairstyle, the ponytail is placed either in the center of the back of the head or alternatively higher, lower, more sideways.

The resulting braid can be twisted in curly, a little antoupiert or even braided in

The hair braid is wrapped around the hair elastic and pinned up with bobby pins

The front sections of hair are now styled to match the topknot and pinned in place. Individual strands may remain on the forehead and on the sides.

For fine tuning, use hair wax, a little gel or styling cream to bring loose hair ends into shape. Finally, a little hairspray gives the hairstyle lasting hold. Decorative barrettes, ribbons, hair combs, etc. can additionally set accents.

You can see another tutorial on this picture →

Make your own updo tutorial 2

Make your own updos tutorial 2 © Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko / shutterstock.com

8 tips for the perfect updo hairstyle

  • Start with a simple updo so that you initially get some flair for putting your hair up. With practice, you can quickly venture into more complicated plug-in hairstyles.
  • Brush or comb your hair thoroughly before you start with your updo. This makes it much easier to separate and style the hair sections.

We recommend this hairbrush:

  • Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler makes hair care and combing easier.
  • The hairbrush was specially designed for detangling wet and.
  • The ergonomic handle of the Wet Detangler is comfortable even when wet.
  • The Tangle Teezer hairbrushes are made of recyclable plastic.
  • Preparatory spraying of your hair with Sea Salt Spray* before starting your styling gives them a more manageable texture. With a little mousse you can also achieve this effect.
  • First try a Messy variant, because here the imperfect is already really perfect. In addition, this cool casual look is still very much in vogue.
  • When using hair clips* (bobby pins), make sure that the ends have small plastic or rubber covers. These offer protection against injuries to the hair and scalp.
  • Choose your bobby pins* in the color of your hair. This way they remain almost invisible.
  • Comb your hair upside down if you want to put it in a high chignon. The ponytail can be tied off better at the top of the head this way. At the same time, you automatically build up a little more hair volume.
  • Using some hairspray as a finish fixes the hair and makes your hairstyle more durable overall. This will keep it perfectly in place for longer.

The range of available accessories is very wide. There are many simple accessories suitable for the day, various hair bands and hair hoops, charming fabric flowers, etc. at disposal.

Hair accessories studded with pearls, rhinestones and glittering stones are suitable for festive appearances and upscale evening wear. A glittering tiara crowns the updo in the truest sense of the word.

What do updos cost at the hairdresser’s?

The prices are regionally very individual. They vary considerably depending on the location, degree of fame and professional skill. Of course, especially for the cost of an updo the required effort plays a major role.

Here the range between quick pinning and time-consuming professionally created hairstyle is already extremely large.

The common guideline for a beautiful wedding hairstyle is averaged at 150,- to 200,- Euro specified.

Unfortunately, the question of the exact price can not be answered, because it depends on many factors. It therefore makes sense to ask the hairdresser of your choice in advance about the costs for the chosen hairstyle.

What hair length for updos?

Ideally, longer hair is very well suited for an updo. As a rule, medium to long hair always provides a perfect basis for styling in a variety of ways. But even short hair can be effectively pinned up and, if necessary, supplemented with a hairpiece or extensions.

The flexibility is enormous and with the various tools that can be used supportively, the most diverse updos can be derived from the hair length and the existing haircut.

Which updos for which face shapes?

For round faces, an updo that visually elongates the face is simply ideal. If the hair is tied above the head, the shape of the face will look elongated. This effect is to be avoided with an elongated face shape. Here a fringe can achieve a shortening effect.

Face shapes you need to know

Face shapes you need to know ©shutterstock.com

The hair should rather be gathered at the back of the head and pinned together at a lower level. An angular face also gets softer features through soft contours in the hairstyle.

In general, however, all the characteristics of your face play a role when it comes to the updo, which flatters you best. If you’re unsure, you can consult savvy hairstylists or get advice from your hairdresser.

Acknowledging compliments on your hairstyle is additionally a particularly nice form to learn that you made the right choice to support your facial proportions ideally. Above all, you need to feel comfortable with your own appearance all around.

What are the advantages of updos?

Due to their richness of variations, updos are basically advantageous. In terms of variety and flexibility, they are unbeatable in their versatility. It will not get boring with them so quickly. Because they can be presented in ever new looks.

How to make an updo yourself

How to make an updo hairstyle yourself © Focus and Blur / shutterstock.com

They are extremely changeable, which allows them to be perfectly adapted to any wardrobe and any circumstance.

Funky, casual, high-serious, business-like, party-like, girlishly playful or full of feminine elegance.

It may be styled according to your mood in the desired direction. Soft curls, strands falling out, strictly tied knot, romantic braiding, undone chignon, accurately and artfully draped hair.

The appearance of the updo is highly variable and can be further customized with numerous fashionable accessories, which can be attached to the hair in a particularly effective way.

What are the disadvantages of updos?

Tying too tightly at the hairline strains the hair follicles and can lead to powerless undersupplied hair. In the worst case, hair loss may even occur. If the ponytail is tied too tightly as the basis for an updo, the tied-off hair can break.

If a bun is tied too tightly, the roots of the hair will be adversely affected. Growth stop and hair breakage are pre-programmed. Regular toupeeing roughens the hair surface in such a way that split ends develop in the long run. To create volume, volumizing powder or mousse is therefore preferable to antoupling the hair.

Avoiding the basic damaging influences on the hair, an updo can be worn often with a clear conscience.

What needles for updos?

The common hairpins for your updo are available in the colors gold, silver, black and brown. They also come in different sizes, so that the hairpins can be ideally matched to the hair color and volume.

No products found.

Their wavy shape provides a secure hold. If these practical hairpins have already been made into attractive hair ornaments, they are adorned with pearls, glittering stones, crystals, rhinestones and flowers – from daintily discreet to strikingly filigree ramifications.

What barrettes for updos?

Also in the field of hair clips there is a huge and varied selection of barrettes suitable for updos, which additionally fix and decorate. Curved chignon hair clips perfectly enclose the topknot.

No products found.

But also on the side attached hair clips complete an updo in a charming way.

Different materials and designs in shiny or matte finish allow to wear a decorative barrette to any outfit and event.

Where do updos come from?

On the subject of updos, we can look back on a very long past. Already in ancient Greece (ca. 800 v. Chr.) the Greek women wore their hair tied up in a "Greek knot".

It had a cone shape stretched backwards. Some falling out curls loosened the strict hairstyle advantageously. It was also common to decorate the hair with headbands, pretty ribbons, hairnets, other jewelry and noble tiaras. Topknots were also worn by warriors.

Often there are simply practical reasons for tying and pinning up the hair. Overall, updos have determined the changing hair fashion for centuries and have thus fashion trends in different eras quite significantly coined.


While the quickly twisted, boring chignon from grandma used to be the emergency solution for the too infrequent visit to the hairdresser and, as a permanent state, often even became the defining, unattractive everyday hairstyle, today, fortunately, updos are assigned a completely different role. Nowadays the updo gets a certain glamour factor. Beautiful updos are even a special discipline at hairdressing championships and thus a constant challenge for the hairdressing trade.

Not least because of this, trends and styles have developed in the matter of updos, which significantly influence and infinitely enrich our hairstyle fashion. For the dream wedding, an elaborate updo is one of the classic bridal choices.

Thanks to its diversity and the associated versatility, this hairstyle style is altogether indispensable in the exciting world of hairstyles. Anything goes here in terms of its feasibility: from cheeky, funky, emphatically casual to exclusively chic. The updo hairstyle can be worn at any time of the day and with any style of clothing.


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