Updos short hair: 12 elegant looks

You want to tie up your short hair stylishly or you are in the mood for festive hairstyles for short hair? Then you are exactly right here. Not every look is suitable for short hair – strands fall out quickly and the work of art collapses. Find out which up-do hairstyles set the stage perfectly for short hair and last all day long.

1. Updos short hair: More volume with the "Triple Bun

Definitely even more spectacular than the classic chignon: The triple bun! Don’t worry, this updo looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

All you have to do is tie three deep mini ponytails, twist them artfully, pin them in place and poof – the updo is done!! You don’t have to be a professional for that.

Updos short hair: 12 elegant looks

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Big plus point: your mane looks much more voluminous right away. Therefore, this variant is particularly suitable for fine hair, where the fullness is missing.

On the YouTube Channel "Malibu.Co" is the perfect guide to the style:

2. Half Up: The perfect compromise to the classic updo hairstyle

With an updo, it is not always necessary to keep all the strands out of the nape of the neck. A so-called "half up" combines the look of open hair and the elegance of an updo. A great compromise for all those who can’t decide between the two extremes.

Updos short hair: 12 elegant looks


Overall, this simple updo looks a little less severe than a chignon or braid, and the half-up is even quicker to do!

Just cut a part at ear level and braid a normal braid on the left and on the right side. Then pluck apart and pin with bobby pins. Works for short or medium length hair.

This style looks best with wavy or curly hair. This looks much more glamorous. That’s why you should use a curling iron first, like the "Pearl Wand" from Remington. Ceramic coating protects your hair while curling and makes it feel soft and smooth afterwards, rather than dry.

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Updos short hair: 12 elegant looks

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The exact tutorial and many more "half up" ideas for short hair can be found here:

3. Updos for short hair: the romantic crown braid

Can it be a little more extravagant? Here comes the ultimate updo for weddings and similar chic festivities! The elegant braid instantly makes you look ultra glamorous. An unusual hairstyle that is unfortunately seen far too rarely.

And here too: It looks complicated, but it’s not! Basically, you just braid two big braids, left and right on each side of your head. Lay them on top of each other at the back of the head and pull them apart a bit to create more volume. Ready!

Here you can see step-by-step how to create this hairstyle:

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4. Lack of time? This is the right look for you

A ponytail is quick to make. But you should not underestimate this simple hairstyle! With the right twist, it becomes a real eye-catcher.

What makes this braid special are the twisted side sections. A good idea if you’re not a fan of braiding but still want to add playful details.

This look also looks good with shoulder-length hair!

Here, influencer Camila Coelho herself shows you how she created the chic style:

5. Festive hairstyles for short hair: chic look for narrow faces

A high chignon is quickly made and fits perfectly to formal occasions and big festivities. Important: It should not be too tight!

Voluminously styled it looks much more modern and casual. In 2020, so-called "messy buns" are in demand, where a few strands can slip out. This looks more casual!

And this is how you create the perfect chignon:

6. How to refine updos immediately

Festive hairstyles for short hair become eye-catchers with the right hair accessories. No matter how simple the hairstyle is, filigree accessories immediately make it look more extravagant.

By adding this headdress with crystals, you’ll instantly refine a simple twisted updo hairstyle.

In this video, you’ll find the ideal instructions for the basic look, into which you then only have to put the jewelry:

7. Simple chignon: This look suits every occasion

A deep updo hairstyle looks classy and not too strict. Perfect if you want to look stylish but not too dressed up. The ideal mix of casual and classy.

A twisted chignon is also easy to do with short hair. You should fix the whole thing with hairspray and do not save on bobby pins, so that the style sits well. Be sure to let a few strands fall out in the front area – this looks more modern.

You can find the step by step instructions here:

8. Updos for short hair: The 5-minute hair band trick

Festive hairstyles for short hair wanted that do not cost much time? Voila, this style is made for you. Here, it’s more like pinning than braiding. This makes the look perfect for all impatient people who don’t want to invest a lot of time in the perfect hairstyle.

First make a middle parting or side parting. Depending on what you like better with your head shape. Fortunately, the look works with both parting styles. Then you’ll need an elastic hair band like this one to put the short strands into and wrap around it. Now pin with bobby pins, done!

Sounds more complicated than it actually is. See for yourself – here is the tutorial to follow:

9. Quick updo for very short, fine hair

Your hair length is not long enough to create a chignon or an impressive braid? No problem! There are also beautiful updos for very short hair that convince with simple elegance.

Above all, this look, which is super quick to do and looks very elegant. All you have to do is curl or wave your hair. Then pin individual strands with bobby pins and pull the loose curls apart a bit to soften the style.

And here’s the perfect tutorial to follow, showing you all the steps:

10. Deep topknot for more volume

If you have fine hair, you know the problem: At the back of the head, the hair quickly looks flat. With this updo, however, that won’t happen to you!

For the elegant look, you should carefully backcomb the hair at the back of the head. To do this, simply use a comb or brush against the direction of growth. Do not only work on the roots, also the lengths may be lightly toupeed. So also the knot gets a nice volume.

In the next step, gather the hair and twist it into a deep knot. If your hair is very short, you will probably only have enough length for a ponytail. This looks at least as chic!

11. Trend look: Elegant boxer braids for thick hair

The so-called boxer braids you will see more often this season. They celebrate a big comeback in 2020! This look works especially well with thicker hair. You need a certain thickness of hair to make the braids look voluminous.

The clear advantage of this hairstyle: Once it’s finished, it’s a perfect fit. The hair is tightly braided – so the hairstyle lasts all day without any problems. And all night long!

For the boxer braids you need a little more time the first time. If you have understood the simple principle, you are ready in 10 minutes. In the following video you will find a helpful tutorial to re-style:

12. Feminine and playful look for fine hair

You want to wear an updo that doesn’t look too severe? Then you are particularly well served with this variant. Actress Lucy Hale wears a playful and loose look that is also suitable for very short hair.

The hairstyle looks best if you conjure up a few gentle waves in your hair beforehand. Then make an accurate parting in the middle. Then braid two small braids on each side of the head, starting at about the middle of the parting. At the back of the head, twirl individual strands and pin them in place with bobby pins. Fix the two braided pigtails with bobby pins as well.

Tip: The hairstyle looks especially romantic if you use hairpins with flower applications!

Would you like to refine these gentle updos with the right details?? In this article you will learn exactly which hair accessories are best suited for short hair.

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