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Toni is looking for .

at Pfotenhilfe ohne Grenzen e.V.

Animal welfare for stray street dogs and cats

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go with others.

As an African proverb puts it. And we have come a long way!
At the side of people who have helped, supported, encouraged and strengthened us. With them we could in the last 10 years Placed nearly 1900 dogs in nice homes, financed hundreds of neuterings, vaccinated several thousand dogs, and saved a great many dogs from starvation every month.

Without these people we would never have come so far. Only with our Adopters, Who had the courage to bring a dog from abroad to their side, our Fodder sponsors, who, through their monthly donations, ensure the continuous supply of food for our four-legged proteges on site,
Our Foster homes, which gave so many dogs the chance for a better life and our Donors and supporters, who have helped us to do so much good on the spot, we have come so far. For this we say

Toni is looking for .

Even if our association will not place any more dogs for the time being, we will not abandon the dogs in Botosani.

The Animal Protection Association La Palma, whose work we appreciate very much, will continue to take care of the placement of distressed dogs from the public shelter and the private Ador shelter. We as an association will continue to ensure that the dogs on site are as well off as possible. By regular monthly food deliveries, by supporting castration and vaccination campaigns and much more.

But for this we still need you at our side. Especially the monthly food deliveries are essential for the survival of the dogs in Botosani. Without them many dogs will starve.

Please continue to support us – and with it the dogs in Botosani, who are suffering especially now, in the icy northern Romanian winter.

Many thanks in the name of our proteges!

Dear members of the association, dear friends and supporters of our association,

Life is change and also at Pfotenhilfe ohne Grenzen changes are coming:

After 10 intensive, turbulent and great years, our current board of directors would like to end their work at the top of our association and hand over the baton to a new management team.

Two committed women, who know our work and would like to actively support animal welfare in Romania, want to take on the work of the board with many new ideas and commitment and stand for election at the next general meeting at the end of March 2022.

This also means that the heart of our association, the dog placements, will have to take a break for several months.

On 18. December 2021 the for the time being last dogs for our association left, because the change of the board of directors also means a change of the responsible veterinary office and thus again permission must be caught up and new editions must be considered. Until all this is settled, unfortunately no dogs will be able to start their journey to a better life.

The association will continue to support the Public Shelter, Ador and Miss Florea with regular food deliveries, castrations of street dogs and the much needed vaccinations.

In order to continue our work on the ground with the urgently needed monthly food deliveries, the castration campaigns and vaccination campaigns, and hopefully to be able to help dogs in need again in the course of the next year, we continue to rely on your help and support.

We therefore ask you all to continue to support us and to follow the development of our association benevolently.

We have been involved in animal welfare in northeastern Romania, in Botosani, for more than 10 years.
In addition to the continuous help on site through castration campaigns, monthly food deliveries, vaccination campaigns, hut projects and much more. we also mediate dogs. Dogs who all have a story they cannot tell us, but which can often leave its mark even on puppies. Mentally as well as physically.

We speak to our adopters then affectionately of miracle bags.
They lead a painful life in Romania and are all survivors.
We get our information about the dogs we place from our Romanian animal welfare colleagues. We do not gloss over anything and we try to get as much information as possible about the dogs. But also our Romanian colleagues work voluntarily in animal welfare and see the dogs only sporadically. This would be impossible in a German animal shelter, where several animal keepers take care of the dogs every day. In Romania z.B. Our animal welfare colleague Cristina visits the municipal animal shelter once or twice a week and sees about 700 dogs in three hours. Some of them are then proposed to animal welfare organizations for placement, whereby here the nature and character of the dogs are in the foreground.

The dogs see a vet only in case of massive injuries and castration. No dog is examined veterinarily in detail before its switching in Romania. The term "miracle bag" is more than appropriate. In order not to convey now a skewed picture:

Most of the dogs that find a nice home here in Germany are healthy.
But it happens again and again that our dogs show health problems after their arrival, which simply nobody noticed in Romania. This can range from well treatable giardia infestation, cough or diarrhea to quite massive older accident consequences. It is hardly imaginable for us in Germany that a dog is hit by a car and left lying with a broken pelvis or hind leg. In Romania this is not a rarity. The dogs drag themselves along in great pain and if they survive, everything somehow grows back together and often it is only in Germany that it becomes apparent that something is wrong.

We do not want to scare people or warn them against taking over a dog from Romania. But if you decide to give a dog from Romania a better life, then that also means to do this without any ifs and buts.

We like to mediate these dogs and already many years, but we can not give any guarantee or warranty.
We cannot guarantee that you will adopt a completely physically healthy and mentally stable dog. We don’t want to take any responsibility and support as good as we can. However, our experience of the last 10 years has shown that among the dogs that come to us from Romania, there are always dogs that are in need of care.B. bring an old, undetected fracture or another handicap or sometimes simply not lege artis neutered. Which are nevertheless much more anxious or show incompatibilities, which were not seen in Romania.

All this may be surprising, but it is due to the situation in Romania, where there are few animal welfare activists, few dedicated veterinarians, but all the more rejection and disregard for street dogs.
Exactly therefore we make there animal protection.

It is important for us that the adopters share the idea of animal welfare.
It becomes difficult for us when adopters more or less reproachfully express complaints and quasi-hidden or supposedly concealed defects of their dog (s. see also the article "In eigener Sache").

Be assured that we do not hide any physical handicap, any problematic behavior, any unsuccessful castration. But what we ourselves as an association are not aware of, what the animal welfare workers in Romania themselves have not noticed, for whatever reason, we simply cannot communicate.

We hope very much that you decide despite all this or maybe just because of it for one of our miracle bags. Because this is also what our experience teaches us after many hundreds of placements:
In most cases you will end up with a dog that you have saved your life and that you would not want to miss for one second of your life.

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