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If there is a need for an additional incentive to quit smoking, here is a particularly nice one.

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Another reason to quit smoking.

Smoking is not healthy. Every smoker knows this, of course. But not everyone is aware of how much tobacco consumption changes their appearance. The skin of heavy smokers often appears pale and unclean, the pores are enlarged. When smoking is stopped, the skin appearance improves noticeably. A nice incentive to quit.

Five reasons why smoking harms the skin

  1. Poorer blood circulation: Smoker’s skin is caused by poorer blood circulation. The blood vessels in the skin constrict during smoking. Deposits form in them and make blood circulation more difficult – even during smoking breaks.
  2. LessOxygenThe carbon monoxide inhaled through tobacco smoke also prevents the blood from transporting sufficient oxygen. The nutrient and oxygen supply of the skin are sensitively disturbed in this way.
  3. ReductionFromCollagenThe collagen fibers of the skin, which are essential for youthful freshness, also break down. The skin loses elasticity and fullness.
  4. CloggedPoresSmoke also damages the skin through the outside air, clogging pores and making it difficult for oxygen to be absorbed.
  5. Changedph-value: The pH value of the skin changes. This destroys the acid mantle. The skin becomes more susceptible to external influences.

Thus weakened and stressed smoker’s skin develops Premature wrinkles and other signs of aging such as z. B. Pigment spots.

Regeneration for stressed smoker’s skin

There is no alternative to quitting. Yes, all right … it just had to be written again. Because the positive effects after quitting are so great! Smoking cessation does not reverse the aging of the skin, but at least it slows down the aging process to normal levels. skin impurities disappear, the risk of skin cancer decreases, the skin looks fresher again. If this is not enough and takes too long, you can have your stressed skin refreshed with professional help. Beauty Booster like z. B. Belotero® Revive are special dermal fillers for skin rejuvenation. They can revitalize skin by restoring its ability to retain moisture. The glow returns – without any glow at all.

Expert Prof. Dr. Gerber explains how smoker’s skin recovers

Former smokers know this: quitting smoking was for most of them one of the most important steps to a healthier life. But not everything is perfect right away. After quitting smoking, you notice improvements week after week, but your skin resents years of tobacco use for even longer.

How can you now help your skin look as fresh as you feel as a new non-smoker again? This question we have Prof. Dr. Arne Gerber put. He is a specialist in dermatology and venereology and an expert in aesthetic facial treatments.

Prof. Dr. Peter Arne Gerber "First of all, very good if you managed to quit. It’s the best step for your health, but also for your skin. As a dermatologist and physician practicing aesthetics, I often see the negative consequences of smoking on the skin. In addition to accelerating skin aging, cigarette smoke also promotes skin diseases, for example. When you stop smoking, your skin will definitely feel better and will start aging naturally and slowly again from now on. However, smoking has probably already left visible traces. In addition to fine lines and wrinkles, it is usually a sallow, dull skin that appears yellowish-greyish. To revitalize your smoker’s skin and to give it back its tone and glow, you can significantly improve the supply of moisture with a beauty booster as a first step. In the process, z. B. with Belotero® Revive a combination of hyaluron and glycerin injected under the skin. In addition to moisturizing, this also optimizes the blood supply, as placed under the skin, hyaluron stimulates the formation of blood vessels. Overall, the face looks fresher and more vibrant after treatment. The so-called smoker’s wrinkles – also known as pleated wrinkles or bar code lines – can also be corrected with the Beauty Booster. The fine wrinkles often form in smokers in the area that is prone to movement, especially above the edge of the lips, but later below them as well. Together with the revitalization of the skin, the correction of these wrinkles also makes the face look much younger again.

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