This is how it feels when you have found true love with a man

This is what true love with a man feels like

Have you often thought that the man at your side is really your true love?? And did you then find that for some reason you broke up again?

Through the media we are constantly told what true love should look like and how it should feel. But how does it really feel when you have found true love??

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • 5 Signs of "true love".
  • How to recognize true love.

1. True love does not hurt

Probably the most important thing is to realize that true love with the right man doesn’t hurt.

We have all been unhappy in love or imagined the future with a man who could not fulfill our desires. But this painful love and unrequited love are by no means the same as the feeling when you have found true love.

True love with the right man does not mean heartache and sleepless nights. True love doesn’t mean always looking at your cell phone and hoping he’ll write after all.

The most important realization is therefore: true love does not hurt. When we feel like we have to pretend for someone, it’s a very clear sign that it’s not yet true love and the right one hasn’t been there yet.

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2. True love deepens with time

It is the dream of many people to have butterflies in their stomach all their life and to be always freshly in love with their partner. But this often does not correspond to reality.

When you have a common daily life, share fears and worries, see each other often, and even plan to have children together, a whole other, much deeper side of love shows up as well.

Trust grows and you can’t always have a tingle in your stomach when you see the other person. But this love is much deeper than the initial falling in love.

Therefore, you should definitely not break up if you think it no longer tingles as much as it did in the beginning.

It is possible that the initial infatuation has grown into a deep love, which is even more valuable. Love connects, builds trust and closeness.

3. True love is not jealous

If you think that jealousy means that he really loves you with all his heart, it doesn’t have to be true. True love is not jealous, but full of trust and confidence.

Those who are jealous feel a lack and are afraid of losing their partner. This shows low self-esteem rather than true love.

True love is not constricting or prescriptive. If you love with all your heart and know that you will be loved back in the same way, you have no reason to be jealous at all.

Jealousy is not an indicator of true love, but can also be destructive to too great an extent and endanger the entire relationship. A little bit of jealousy may be romantic, as you realize that your partner is afraid of losing you, but too much jealousy has an absolutely destructive effect.

4. Quarrels are also part of true love

Finding true love with the right man does not mean that you will never fight again and that there will always be harmony.

Small quarrels are part of everyday life and are even important so that both partners can grow in the relationship.

Each partner should be able to express his or her opinion and also bear it if the other has a different opinion. But it is important never to go to bed with resentment and always make up beforehand.

If you have found true love with the right man, you will notice it because you will quickly reconcile and afterwards everything will be the same as before.

You should definitely not stop talking to each other for several days or punish the other person with love withdrawal. The disputes should not get out of hand. Therefore, joint conflict resolution is also particularly important.

5. What makes true love with the right man so special

So, to sum up, true love is characterized by a great trust and a lot of closeness. True love doesn’t need jealousy and can withstand quarrels.

If you have found true love with the right man, you don’t have to have butterflies in your stomach every day.

The initial infatuation does not equate to a deep, long-term and true love.

For this reason, you don’t have to worry about your feelings being gone when you’re no longer thinking about him every day with your heart pounding and eagerly waiting for a message from him.

Most importantly, though, once you’ve found true love, take yourself as you are. True love forgives, true love also means to love and appreciate the quirks of the other person.

With the right man, you can talk about anything. Besides, true love also means that you always care about each other and never take each other for granted.

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