The man cave – daddy’s big dream

Man cave

(Advertisement) When Lisi was born at that time, Daddy had to move his study or. sacrifice his man cave, because we needed the room as a second nursery. Of course he was happy to do that, even if with one crying and one laughing eye. Well and from that moment on, the man cave thing somehow took place on my dining table. And of course it always looked slightly chaotic when daddy started another big drone crafting action. When it became clear that we were going to expand by a breakthrough we decided that daddy should get his man cave back – after all Lisi got a new room as well. Completely unselfishly of course& because on the new family table no soldering iron should stand more, much too dangerously.

logoclic floor man cave

Man cave in the make

So looks ne man cave

And of course such a man cave always looks a little different. It depends on the hobbies of the men. Our focus is on drones, other RC toys and a PC to play with. The only disadvantage of the man cave is that it is also the passage to Lisi’s new nursery. But since daddy only sits in his man cave in the evening anyway, because he works during the day, it fits quite well. So Lisi does not feel so alone, because her room is now a bit further away from the living room.

Build man cave

Papi’s stuff put in scene

drones man cave

Design must be

I think that this man cave has become really great! The beautiful laminate flooring from Logoclic, a huge desk from Ikea, a brilliant retro dresser from Ikea, a large rug and a few highlights make this a really great new room in our house. Design is my husband namely (fortunately) very important, otherwise I would have the man cave also not at all abgesegnet&

man cave

This great laminate flooring insight into the man cave

Order in the man cave

On his big desk he now has a PC corner on the left and his craft corner on the right. Everything nicely sorted and organized. The tinkering on the dining table is finally a thing of the past and I really have to say that it has become much tidier overall. Otherwise, namely Papi’s escapades were always standing around everywhere. Now everything has its place and I can really only recommend the man cave to every family.

Seating in the man cave

The Swopper has also captivated my husband, because this active sitting after the office day is already something great. In the office he sits on a normal desk chair and since he uses the Swopper here at home he says himself that his back relaxes much more and he also notices that he is much more in motion, even though he is actually sitting down. And whoever has an office job like he does knows how much that affects the back.

And a few days ago a new chair from Aeris moved in. A real design wonder as we think, because we have rarely seen a more beautiful chair. The OYO! This shape, this color combination, this interesting way of sitting. You automatically sit up straight on the Oyo. makes a straight back. That was the first thing that caught my eye. And you can sit facing forward as well as with your belly to the backrest. The frame allows for easy swinging resp. rocking and makes sitting even more comfortable and relaxed. Together with the Swopper a really strong duo and as made, for the man cave.

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