The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

Come to the MyNextSelf writing workshop and get on the road to writing your novel.

My nonfiction book – the step-by-step guide to writing your own successful nonfiction book.

Blogging for beginners

The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

My comprehensive guide for bloggers and those who want to become one.

130 exercises for creative writing

The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

Creative exercises that train your writing muscles – alone or in a group.

Learn autogenic training at home

The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

Relaxation and development through a simple method – explained very simply.

Elevator pitch for your book

A very small tip for motivation

Do you know your values?

The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

The ideal gift for (aspiring) writers

Incredible but true: it’s almost that time again! Christmas is less than two weeks away. I can hardly believe that 2016 is already over again.

Gifting for budding writers – For Christmas and other occasions

However, I have no time at all to be surprised about how quickly this happened again now. Because like every year, I still have a big task ahead of me: buying gifts. To be honest, I only have one so far, and I haven’t taken care of it myself.

Since I feel the same way every year, I’ve put together a few Christmas gift ideas that will delight writers and those who want to be writers.

You can find all the presents online, so you don’t have to leave the house (I just realized again how crowded it is outside)!) and still not come up empty-handed at Christmas.

As with all gifts, of course, there is a wide range in price. Therefore, I have divided my gift ideas for Christmas into the three price categories cheap (up to 15 euros), medium (up to 25 euros) and expensive (more than 25 euros). The tenth gift idea goes beyond this scale, but it is a very nice gift for very special people.

Ten great gift ideas for Christmas: What does the budding writer want?

Gift ideas – price category inexpensive

1. Writing Guide

As an aspiring writer, you can always use a writing guide. There are several on the market, the most comprehensive program has the author house publishing house.

Classics that are extremely pragmatic and therefore helpful are Stephen Kings Life and writing as well as How to write a damn good novel by James N. Fry.

2. Special notebooks

A notebook is of course always a good idea. I myself have several drawers full of them, because I can’t go past any of them without buying them. For a Christmas gift, however, it should be something special, and it’s best to fulfill two wishes at once.

What ambitious writer wouldn’t want to see his or her words sandwiched between two Suhrkamp or Reclam covers?? The two publishers now make it possible. This will make every writer’s heart beat faster and the books also look very good on the bookshelf.

3. Rory’s Story Cubes

The Rory’s Story Cubes dice game is a great way to expand your storytelling skills: roll the dice, get different pictures and put them together to tell a story.

This game is perfect to encourage children to tell stories, but also, as a practical introduction to a writing exercise.

Gift ideas – price category medium

4. Writer Emergency Pack

The Writer Emergency Pack is a set of cards that helps you keep a stalled story moving forward. And such a thing can really need everyone who likes to write – after all, it comes only too often to emergencies.

However, there is urgency here: I’ve only seen the Writer Emergency Pack on U.S. sites so far, so delivery should take a bit longer. This tip is therefore something for those who make up their minds quickly!

5. Clothes

Of course, if you are a writer and sit at home all day, you need comfortable clothes. But I plead here now not for the jogging suit as a gift idea for Christmas.

Instead, I found this t-shirt, which I think is very funny and especially suitable for self-deprecating writers. But here’s where you should be careful, and only give it to someone with the appropriate self-confidence.

6. Tickets to readings

Many bookstores regularly host readings, plus at certain literary events (such as the Especially when the recipient’s favorite author has a new book out, it’s worth keeping your eyes and ears open. It is possible to have some "important visitors" from abroad in your hometown.

And from my own experience, I can say that especially when you’re writing yourself, it’s a great feeling to have your book collection signed (and painted) by your favorite writer. The beauty of this gift idea: in addition to a great evening with your favorite author, you can also spend time together.

Gift ideas – price category expensive

7. Magazine subscription

There are some magazines especially for authors (for example pen world or text type), which always bring inspiring topics and can become a bond to like-minded people for aspiring writers.

I was very happy about the Federwelt subscription my father gave me a few years ago. These magazines are often not available even in the best-stocked newsstand and thus something very special.

8. Uschtrin

The Uschtrin is the, no THE, handbook for authors, and in addition to a lot of information about writing, you also get practical tips about the profession of an author as well as a collection of addresses in the literary business.

Since the Uschtrin costs more than 50 euros, one does not afford it so fast – from there a mad gift, if one would like to invest so much!

9. Writing course

In addition to adult education centers, there are also many private providers of writing courses. Who does not want to learn alone with the writing guide and wants direct feedback as well as like-minded people, is here in any case correctly.

It is important that the lecturer has a similar approach to writing as the recipient of the gift. It’s best to ask what they’ve published or what books they like to read before giving them a gift.

The very special gift idea for writers

10. A book publication

No, I’m not talking about grant publishers. In the age of BoD and Kindle Direct Publishing, this topic should be a thing of the past anyway. Nevertheless, the publication of a book is still a very big project. And not everyone finds a publisher right away.

A publication on demand or self-published is a great gift for someone who would like to see their name on a book someday. And many Book on Demand service providers also offer a consulting service, with which you can already do a little marketing.

The whole thing can cost several hundred euros and is therefore certainly not a gift for everyone. But just for very special gift recipients.

I hope my tips could help you and a very special aspiring writer will receive the gift of his dreams for Christmas this year.

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