The best wedding speech examples and tips

You should or would like to give a wedding speech, but do not really know how to do it? How to give wedding speeches? Where to find wedding speech examples? Here are a few tips on how to make wedding speeches a success.

If you’re looking for specific wedding speech examples, you’ll find them on our blog: Three professional wedding speech samples

We have divided this article into the sections:

1. Who gives a speech at the wedding?

Wedding Speeches

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The wedding speech is indispensable for the vast majority of weddings. But who gives the wedding speech?

The father of the bride speech and the groom’s wedding speech are the classics here. Giving the wedding speech is one of the groom’s important tasks. It doesn’t have to be long, but guests appreciate a formal greeting!

Later, the witnesses to the marriage often have their say as well.

Wedding welcome speech

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Who else will be used depends on how many guests would like to give a wedding speech and how many speeches the bride and groom would like to have at all. Certainly you don’t want to forbid anyone to speak, but there are limits to how many speeches you can expect guests to give.

This is where the skill of the master of ceremonies comes in, coordinating the contributions. In any case, no table speech should make the wedding and celebration boring by being too long – five minutes are certainly sufficient in most cases. A time limit is even more important the more contributions are planned.

Speech for wedding

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Order: what wedding speech first?

Wedding speech

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Usually, the bride and groom (or one of them) will say a few words to the guests at the beginning of the ceremony – either before cutting the wedding cake or before the wedding buffet is opened.

The wedding speech by the father of the bride or best man could be placed after the hors d’oeuvres, and all other speeches later in the ceremony.

Of course, it depends on the rest of the planning, at which time the individual wedding speech fits best.

With a menu, it’s easy to slip speeches between courses; with a buffet, it gets a little trickier.

We are happy to hear about your plans around the wedding speech! Please take part in our survey about wedding speeches!

2. Writing the wedding speech

Preparation of the wedding speeches

Writing a wedding speech - comfortably on the sofa


Wedding speeches should always be well prepared and thought out. Think beforehand what you want to talk about. This applies to the groom, bride, best man, father of the bride or even the ordinary guest. It is a great honor to be allowed to give a wedding speech. Take it seriously. Because a good wedding speech can be one of the highlights of the wedding celebration.

Should it be a general topic like marriage or love or do you want to tell concrete stories from the life of the bride and groom?? Note in any case that the speech should be personal, feelings are desired! Make a bullet point collection of everything that comes to mind about this wedding, and then pick out the points from which the perfect wedding speech can best be crafted.

Be brief and do not get bogged down. Stick to one topic, even if you can think of a thousand things.

Formulate short, clear sentences so that everyone from the young children to the grandparents can follow you. A little humor is allowed. You are not speaking in front of the federal parliament, but at a happy family celebration.

Outline of the wedding speech

Good wedding speeches are best divided into four parts: Welcome, Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion.

Here it is sufficient to address the bride and groom briefly (Dear Anne, dear Peter / Dear bride, dear groom o.a.) and all guests in one (Dear guests / Dear wedding guests o.a.).

With the introduction you want to attract the attention of the audience. A suitable quote from a celebrity, a book or a movie, or a good saying could lead to the topic and arouse curiosity.

If you are a good joke teller, you can also use this as an introduction. Here, however, a lot of tact is required, so that you neither violate the style nor hurt anyone (so no mother-in-law jokes)!). An anecdote from the life of the bride and groom would also be a good start for a very personal wedding speech.

Wedding speeches


Now the introduced theme is further elaborated. So you can add your own reflections on the theme of marriage or love. Don’t forget to address the bride and groom directly from time to time (as in the case of you two, dear Anne and dear Peter; with you, dear Anne and dear Peter, it is of course quite different), in order to establish a personal connection.

It becomes even more personal if you tell something about the bride and groom; about your relationship with them, about their past, their common history, certain hobbies, peculiarities, professions because of which the bride and groom fit well together, etc. Of course, no embarrassing stories should be told, better are romantic, exciting, touching or funny words and anecdotes.

As a conclusion you can summarize your remarks in a short conclusion. Good wishes for the future of the bride and groom are also very suitable.

These wishes can be combined with a toast, for example, to raise a glass together with all the guests.

Avoid meaningless phrases like: "That’s it", "That’s all I have to say", or "Now you’re done, I’m done".

Wedding speech example sample

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What if you are not good writers??

Not everyone has the special talent to write profound and at the same time witty speeches. But there is a solution for this as well: let a professional agency help you!

This will cost a little money, but you will receive a speech written according to your wishes, which will be remembered by the bride and groom and the guests for a long time. Mostly this is especially for the father of the bride resp. the mother of the bride important. Professional speeches you receive z.B. at the speech service.en – order speeches online now!

3. Delivering the wedding speech: Practice makes perfect

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When the speech is finished writing, it’s practice, practice, practice! Read them over and over until you can deliver them by heart. Then try to recite the wedding speech in front of the mirror. Pay attention to the body language as well:

  • Don’t stand there stiff as a stick, but don’t wave your hands around wildly either.
  • Stand up straight and keep looking for eye contact with the audience.

If you feel confident, give the speech to a good friend who will give his honest opinion about it. If you pass the test, nothing more can happen. Everyone knows that you are not a professional speechwriter and speaker and will forgive you for small weaknesses. Some stage fright is quite normal.

10 tips for giving the wedding speech

  1. Beware of getting "brave" before the speech. First of all, you don’t need to do that and secondly, it can go badly wrong. Drunken wedding speeches are rarely good. After all, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself as a wavering and/or slurring speaker.
  2. It is best, of course, if you keep your speech free. Index cards with keywords can help you not to lose the thread. But this is not for everyone. You can also read. But then take special care not to formulate too long sentences and not to speak too fast.
    Mark exactly where you want to pause to look up and what to emphasize. But even if you read off, you should not stick too tightly to the paper. Always look around and finish the sentence by heart. If you have prepared your speech well, this should not be a problem.
  3. Speak slowly, clearly and loudly enough so that everyone can understand you.
  4. Keep eye contact with the audience during the wedding speech.
  5. Don’t be afraid of hangs or errors. You are not a professional speaker and no one expects you to be one. Ask rather the listeners for help, if you z.B. you can’t think of a word.
  6. Admit that you are excited, the other guests will feel with you. If you are very nervous, focus only on the bride and groom for now and try to forget about the other guests. Then when you get quieter, you can always take a look at the others.
  7. Also pay attention to the reactions of the audience. If you notice that whispers are coming up, speak a little louder and more clearly – you may not be well understood. Just ask in the round whether you can be understood well.
  8. If you have the feeling that the audience is bored and not listening? Maybe you can still shorten the speech for the wedding. If you are spontaneous enough, you can also address a guest directly (Or what do you think, Dieter?). This will draw their attention back to you.
  9. If your audience laughs, please allow enough time for it before moving on – even though you might not have expected the laugh at this point.
  10. But don’t get too carried away either. There will always be people who can’t or won’t listen to wedding speeches. This does not necessarily say anything about the quality of your speech.

4. Wedding Speech Examples

Touching wedding speeches

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If you’re giving a speech at a wedding for the first time, you’ll want to see wedding speech examples for free to get some ideas. Although we promised (and have here) such an example, however, we discourage examples of Speeches at the wedding read through. Sounds stupid? But has a good reason:

Pre-written speeches may prevent you from saying what you actually want to say. Instead you may say what you have read, because it is temptingly easy – but the individuality will be missing! Don’t rely on the wedding speech examples and write something of your own, especially as the father of the bride or best man: a really personal speech for the bride and groom. Take the wedding speech templates at most as a starting aid.

If you still want to read an example of a speech for wedding and wedding guests: Here’s the professional sample of a wedding speech.

5. The speech from the bride and groom to the guests

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A short wedding speech from the bride and groom is more unusual and rarer than the typical father of the bride speech, but it is also nice when the main characters of the wedding say a few words to the wedding party. Such a welcome speech at the wedding often takes the groom, but also about some words of the bride are all happy.

The bridal speech – ideas and examples

Bridal speech


Of course, it strongly depends on the character of the bride if she wants to give a speech. Whoever likes to be in the limelight anyway, will certainly want to stand out especially on this day. After all, the wedding is considered the day of the bride.

If you have decided to give a bridal speech or if it is expected of you, then the question naturally arises as to what you should say at all.

This question will take you professional speechwriters off or you try it yourself.

What to say at the bridal speech?

Actually, this speech is hardly different from those given by the best man or the father of the bride. So stick to the already mentioned tips.

In addition, you should of course thank your guests and mention special people who have helped you in the preparation of the wedding (e.g. the bride, the groom, the bride’s mother, the bride’s father, etc.).B. your maid of honor).

A funny anecdote from the time of preparation is also sure to go down well. For example, what were you in disagreement about or what was difficult to decide on?

Finally, a few loving words to your loved one are a nice ending. What are you most looking forward to in your life together??

Quotes and sayings are usually very well received and add a certain elegance or humor to the bridal speech, depending on which quote is chosen.

Short wedding speech

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Tip for the groom:

Sebastian, ex-bridegroom and author of a terrific wedding speech, gives in his 60-page Ebook quite great tips, suggestions and examples for a memorable groom speech.

Very entertainingly written and the optimal preparation for your own speech: Read more about the guide "Your wedding speech" here.

Speech wedding


6. Funny and touching wedding speeches videos

Groom speech

Sung best man speech

7. Symbolic objects suitable for the wedding speech

It always goes down very well with the bride and groom if you have an object to give to the bride and groom as a gift to match the wedding speech.

In this way, the speech (and the congratulations associated with it) is once again symbolically emphasized and the wedding speech takes on an even more personal character.

Here we show you a few ideas:

  • Perhaps the parents of the bride or groom still have the old baby romper from back then and you could give it to the bride and groom as a symbol of rich child blessings and long-lasting family ties. Similar goes of course with other objects from childhood.
  • Wedding lantern wedding gift

    When you z.B. Talks about the light of love (which should never go out), then you could present a custom wedding lantern to go with it. You can find suitable suggestions, sayings and ideas for the speech in our article "Wedding lantern with engraving".

  • Close friends of the bride and groom can also create a photo album with many shared pictures. But the photo album should be pasted only up to about half. Then you present the gift to the bride and groom, symbolically thanking them for the years of friendship together and pointing out that the friendship will hopefully last for a long time and the photo album can be decorated with great souvenir photos in the future as well.
  • If you recite a self-written poem (or story) in the wedding speech, it would be great if the poem is written on a nice piece of paper and given to the bride and groom as a memento. To this you could z.B. the Gift bottle with cavity use. A few congratulations on that – done!
    Money gift bottle
  • As a lucky charm for the wedding or. for a happy marriage, the following items are also very popular: four-leaf clovers, areal shooting star, have a silver/gold Lucky horseshoe or deco ladybug. If you use a certain quote or saying in the speech, you could use it as a great reminder on a personalized picture printed.
  • As parents, you can hold up a large poster or sheet at the end of the wedding speech that says: "Welcome to the family" and thus warmly welcome daughter-in-law or son-in-law into the family with a big round of applause.
  • A very great and still quite unknown ritual is also the "Joy" party Dispute box. It serves for the reconciliation with first marriage quarrel and can flow wonderfully into the speech.

Read more..

More info for special wedding guests we still have for you here:

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