Superscript 1: how to create superscripts in texts, documents and tables

Secretaries now work with Microsoft Office and other software on a daily basis. Nevertheless there is always something new to discover. The focus is on the superscript 1, which is to be created in a document under Word or in a table under Excel.

Superscripted numbers and characters are used frequently in correspondence, whether in business letters to indicate time or in invoices. Even if you are working for a craft company, writing a thesis or confirming an appointment in a letter, you definitely need to create superscripts. But how to write a superscript 1? In this article we show it step by step.

Following this article, you will know the definition of superscripts and superscripts of numbers. Know which superscript characters, letters or symbols exist. How to create a superscript 1 on the keyboard and what key combinations to use for superscript digits. Finally, we explain the difference between superscripts and subscripts.

Superscript – definition and application

Superscript means a number, character or letter written smaller and in the highest position ("superscript") next to the last letter. If a superscript occurs, the font size is already automatically adapted by most text processing systems and formula set programs, i.e. reduced in size.

If you create a superscript by using a keyboard code, keyboard shortcut or the dialog box, the character will be resized almost automatically.

Superscripted values, letters or symbols can be found in a variety of fields. Known are the superscript 1, 2 or 3.

In the following we show you the areas where superscript numbers, letters and symbols are used.

Formula mathematical and physical

Well known are superscript numbers from formulas – especially with exponents, where a power is calculated. If you specify values for areas, superscripted numbers also occur.

Calculating superscripts is rather rare in correspondence, but if you are typing a term paper or working in a profession where you come into contact with superscripts, it is important to know about superscripts.

Examples mathematical and physical

Example mathematical: 101 = 52 – where the superscript 1 represents the exponent.

Example physical: 1002 = 100 square meters

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Confirming or sending appointments, creating work schedules or other work that needs to be timed is very common in the office programs Word and Excel. Sure, you can indicate time by using a colon in a text, but it looks more professional when you use superscripted numbers.

Examples for time not superscripted and superscript

Example without superscript numbers: 16:00 or 16.00 Clock

Example with superscript numbers: 16 30

Further application of superscript letters, numbers or symbols in footnotes, endnotes or source references of a Word text or an Excel document. The copyright character is also applied as a superscript or subscript character.

Example Copyright:

Which superscript characters are there and what do they mean??

There is a whole range of superscript numbers, shapes, letters or ordinal characters. At this point we present you the most common numbers you need when setting up a text. On the one hand this can be done with the Word function of the ribbon or you can use a key combination for it. For professionals, the superscript of numbers and letters is also possible by means of a Unicode.

If you want to work with the Unicodes in a Word text or Excel document, proceed as follows. Enter the numeric value> enter a space then enter the Unicode using the numeric keypad> press the keyboard code Alt + C> remove the space between the superscript number and the number before it.

Example for a superscript 1 with Unicode via numeric keypad

Step 1: 202 00B9

Table with keyboard shortcut Superscripts and Superscripts under Microsoft Office Word

Designation characters or letters Keyboard code numeric keypad Unicode Superscript
Superscript 0 Alt + 8304 2070 ZERO
Superscript 2 also known as square sign Alt + 0178 00B2
Superscript 3 also known as cubic sign Alt + 0179 00B3
Superscript 4 Alt + 8308 2074 FOUR
Superscript 5 Alt + 8309 2075 FIVE
Superscript 6 Alt + 8310 2076 SIX
Superscript 7 Alt + 8311 2077 SEVEN
Superscript 8 Alt + 8312 2078 EIGHT
Superscript 9 Alt + 8313 2079 NINE
Superscript lowercase letter n Alt + 8319 207F LATIN SMALL LETTER N
Superscript lowercase letter i Alt + 8305 2071 LATIN SMALL LETTER I
Superscript plus sign + Alt + 8314 207A PLUS SIGN
Superscript minus sign – Alt + 8315 207B MINUS
Superscript equal sign = Alt + 8316 207C EQUALS SIGN
Left superscript bracket ( Alt + 8317 207D LEFT PARENTHESIS
Superscript bracket right ) Alt + 8318 207E RIGHT PARENTHESIS

The keyboard shortcuts are valid for all versions starting from Microsoft 2007.

In Windows, for the superscript 2 and 3, you can find a command on the keyboard. For the superscript 2 press the keyboard code Alt Gr + 2 and for the superscript 3 press the keys Alt + 3. For the superscript 1 there is no own key combination at the moment. How to get the superscript 1 in your text is described below.

How to create a superscript 1? Step-by-step

In times of digitalization it becomes more and more self-evident to work with MS Word – Therefore you surely know that many ways lead to Rome. This is also the procedure for superscripts in a document. In the case of superscript characters, there are three ways that anyone can master.

Superscript 1: how to create superscripts in texts, documents and tables

These are the three options you have to superscript numbers in Word © workingoffice

Step-by-step – How to superscript characters by keyboard code?

To use this option of a superscript 1, select the number to be superscript. Then press the key combination Ctrl and +.

To superscript several letters or combinations of letters, place a space after the last letter. Then press the keyboard code Ctrl and +. Now the superscript function is inserted. Write everything that needs to be superscript. To override this function again, press Ctrl again and +.

Step-by-step – How to superscript characters by button?

Not quite as fast, but just as effective is a superscript 1, 2 or 3 using the ribbon in Word or Excel. To do this, select the character or letter, symbol or number that you want to superscript. Now go to the menu ribbon tab Start> Font group> and select the x2 next to the symbols bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough and the x2, which stands for subscript.

superscript 1 character button superscript Word, 1 superscript in Word

In the Font group under the Start tab, the Superscript and Subscript fields are stored © workingoffice

Step-by-step – How to superscript characters by menu?

Option 3 to create a superscript 1, 2, 3 as well as n or x is a bit more elaborate and is only recommended if you want to do more formatting at the same time.

To do this, select the path via the menu ribbon tab Start> Font group> click on the small box with the arrow on the right. A dialog box opens. Here you can set all field functions for formatting at the same time, after you have marked a word or a sentence.

In the Effects section of the dialog box you will find "Superscript" and "Subscript. All you have to do is check the box and click on the "OK" button confirm the formatting.

superscript 1, subscript 1, formatting superscript, formatting subscript, superscript numbers, superscript characters, subscript numbers, subscript characters

In the Font dialog box, in the Effects area, you will find the Superscript and Subscript formatting © workingoffice

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Secret tip superscript 1 and all other numbers and letters

If you know exactly where you want to insert the superscript number, use the following trick.

Example: You write "The living area is 220 m²." Before you write the ², click on the keyboard> Ctrl and + (next to the Enter key) and then the number 2. This is now superscript. If you want to return to the normal font size, press the keys Ctrl and +. This combination works with any number.

How do I proceed if texts appear inadvertently superscript or subscript??

It can happen that you have forgotten to switch off the Superscript or Subscript function. In this case, the following typed text will no longer appear normally, but scaled down at the bottom or top of the line. Then simply select all the characters you want to use with the key combination Ctrl + Spacebar. Afterwards the text will be written in the normal formatting again, because this keyboard shortcut resets all character formats to the given default.

How can I insert or format a superscript 1 and other numbers on macOS step-by-step??

To format a superscript 1 via macOS, there are two possible ways to do it. Either format the digits as superscript or adjust the font line.

Format digit as superscript

  1. For example, select the 1 that you want to format as an apostrophe from.
  2. Click on "Format" in the sidebar and then "Brush to. This is located on top of the "Style" button.
  3. Next, click in the "Font" section click on the "cogwheel, then on the pop-up menu "Fontline. Then select "Superscript from.

With macOS you can also insert numbers as superscript with a key combination. For this press ctrl + shift + plus sign.

Adjust font line

  1. Select a digit or whole sentences you want to superscript.
  2. Click on the "Format" sidebar and then "Brush to. This is located on top of the "Style" button.
  3. Next, click in the "Font" area on the "cogwheel, then click on the arrows next to the value for "Font line offset", to superscript the selected text.

Step-by-step inserting superscript and subscript numbers in Microsoft Excel

Not only in MS Word can you superscript or subscript numbers. This function is also available in MS Excel. To get superscripted digits, lowercase letters, or symbols, do the following.

  1. First of all, enter the letters or numbers.
  2. Select the desired numbers or the like. Make sure, however, that you select only the desired area and not the entire cell.
  3. If you click with the right mouse button in the selection a menu window opens. Select the "Format Cells" section from this list.
  4. With a check mark in the "Effects" area you can choose between superscript and subscript.
  5. Finally, confirm your input by clicking the "OK" button.

Superscript digits, subscript digits, superscript lowercase letters, subscript lowercase letters, superscript symbols, subscript symbols, Word, Excel

Superscript or subscript numbers, lowercase letters or symbols in Excel © workingoffice

How to create superscript numbers on the smartphone?

First, on your Android smartphone, tap where you want to insert the superscript number. This will open the keyboard. On the next page of the keyboard, hold down the 2 until the superscript appears above it. You can proceed in the same way with numbers three and four.

How do I create superscript or subscript numbers in Power Point??

There may be times when you need to use superscript or subscript numbers in a PowerPoint presentation. First select the text or character you want to superscript in PowerPoint. Then click in the tab "Start" in the section "Font" on the small arrow in the lower right corner. Then, under Effects, place a check mark next to "Superscript.". Save the selection with "Ok."Optionally, you can use the "Distance" input field to specify how high or how small the text should be. low the formatted character should appear in the text.

Superscript or subscript numbers using a keyboard shortcut in Power Point

You can reach the superscript or subscript text even faster by using a key combination. The combination "CTRL + SHIFT + Plus sign" makes PowerPoint superscript the selected text. With "CTRL + Plus sign" the text will be formatted as subscript. To set the default formatting again, use the key combination "CTRL + Space".

Difference between superscripts and subscripts?

The two terms Superscripts and Subscripts are the translations of Superscript and Subscript.

As you have already experienced, there are different ways to superscript numbers next to numbers and to superscript numbers next to lowercase and uppercase letters. For all these possibilities there are Unicodes, which again in combination are called Unicode Superscripts.

The same applies if you want to subscript numbers, letters or symbols. The use of subscripts can be found in formulas, sum formulas from chemistry or in mathematical expressions.

Example subscript digits after lowercase letters mathematical

Example Supscript chemical:

Example Supscript physical

T0 = absolute zero

Conclusion about superscript 1 and the different applications

You have now become acquainted with all the possibilities for quickly and easily superscripting or subscripting numbers, lowercase letters or symbols. The terms Superscripts and Subcripts are the translations of superscript and subscript.

Whether Word or Excel, Mac or Windows – there is always a suitable key combination or menu path for the respective program or computer you are using. In practice, the use of the ribbon has proven to be the most effective way to do this. Should you be good at remembering the combinations, the use of keyboard shortcuts is very useful. Try out individually for yourself, with which method you get along best.

FAQ: Superscripts in Word

How do I create a high number in Word?

You can write the superscripts ² and ² with "AltGr + 2" or. "AltGr + 3" write. All other updos you must first write normally and then mark: First mark the number or letter to be superscripted. Then press the key combination "Ctrl". Hold the "Ctrl" key and tap on the plus sign to the right of the "u".

How to create a low number in Word?

For example, use the keyboard to enter the string "CO2" and highlight the 2. Click on the "Start" tab and click on the "Button x2" in the "Font" group."

How do I create a superscript or subscript in Word with a Mac Book??

Select the number or letter. Then go to "Format"> "Font"> "type line" and choose "high-set" or "low-set."

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