St. Nicholas: history, traditions and st. Nicholas gifts

The celebration of St. Nicholas’ Day heralds the Christmas season for many people. Children shine their shoes, sing St. Nicholas songs, and look forward to being visited by St. Nicholas. This brings children and adults together again every year and spreads a festive mood. St. Nicholas Day goes back to a centuries-old tradition. Since then, St. Nicholas Day sweetened every year on 6. December children and adults with small gifts the day and is an integral part of the pre-Christmas season. But where does the story of St. Nicholas come from and what is behind the traditional festivities?? In this article, we will introduce you to the history and customs of St. Nicholas Day and give you inspiration for age-appropriate St. Nicholas gifts.

The story of St. Nicholas- What is celebrated on St. Nicholas Day?

The story of St. Nicholas is based on two figures, whose stories have merged into one over the years: Nicholas of Myra and Nicholas of Sion. Both come from the same region in Turkey. However, only one name is used in history nowadays: Nicholas of Myra.

There are many different stories about St. Nicholas, some of which are based on true events and others on legends. It is known that Nicholas of Myra was born in Turkey between the years 280 and 286. At the age of 19, his uncle ordained him a priest and later he became a Bishop of Myra Appointed. St. Nicholas of Myra was known as a merciful and helpful man, for he donated, among other things, his entire inherited fortune to the poor and needy.

Some legends tell of incidents in which St. Nicholas is said to have helped people in need and performed miracles. For example, it is said that he

  • Seamen rescued from a storm
  • The deceased brought back to life
  • ended the famine in the city of Myra
  • Innocent freed from prison

Traditionally, we celebrate St. Nicholas Day on 6. December, because on this day St. Nicholas of Myra presumably died. After his death St. Nicholas was canonized. With the celebration people commemorate the bishop and his charity.

If your child wants to thank St. Nicholas, he or she can put a plate of cookies or candy by the shoes. This is how St. Nicholas (or. his diligent deputy in the family) strengthen for his further journey.

If your child wants to thank St. Nicholas, he can put a plate with cookies or sweets to the shoes. This is how St. Nicholas (or. his diligent deputy in the family) strengthen for his further journey.

Santa Claus traditions- This is how St. Nicholas is celebrated in Germany

On St. Nicholas Day, children and adults have followed different customs for many centuries. Probably the most widespread custom in Germany is the shoeshine. The night before children clean their shoes thoroughly and put them outside the door. In the night then Gifts such as candy, nuts, fruit or other small items in his shoes distributes. On the morning of 6. The children can then look forward to the gifts of St. Nicholas on December.

This tradition goes back to one of the numerous St. Nicholas legends. So St. Nicholas is said to have passed one night by the house of a father and his three daughters. He overheard a conversation about the family’s financial worries and fears. To help the family, St. Nicholas threw a bag of gold into the house, probably through the window or the chimney. The family found the gold in the shoes. Based on this legend, even today children put their shoes outside the door to receive a gift from St. Nicholas.

At another tradition St. Nicholas "in person with the children past. At home, in kindergarten or at school, a relative or acquaintance dresses up and surprises the little ones. St. Nicholas typically has a long white beard. Depending on the region in Germany, he wears either a bishop’s robe with staff and mitre, the episcopal headdress, or a red cloak similar to that of Santa Claus. Santa Claus traditionally reads from a golden book. In it are written down good and bad deeds of children. At the St. Nicholas party he asks each child if they have been good and hands out small gifts.

In some regions of Germany St. Nicholas is accompanied by Knecht Ruprecht. He is a fearsome figure who carries a rod for naughty children.

In some regions of Germany St. Nicholas is accompanied by Knecht Ruprecht. He is a fearsome figure who carries a rod for naughty children.

St. Nicholas poems for St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas is also pleased when children recite poems to him. St. Nicholas poems you can learn with your child include:

Oh dear Santa Claus

Oh dear Santa Claus,

come once into my house!

I have thought of you for so long!

Brought me something too?

Is this the Nicholas?

Looking out of the window,

Search for Santa Claus.

Is that his Zipfelmutze?

No, that’s the church spire!

Looks like his knapsack?

No, it’s the tree in front of the house!

There his beard so long and white …

Is a cone made entirely of ice!

Just look at those boots!

They belong to the neighboring man!

But there is one waving to me!

Santa Claus, yes that’s you!

St. Nicholas songs to sing together

The St. Nicholas tradition is also reflected in many songs that children love to sing every year in anticipation of the Christmas season. A familiar, cheerful St. Nicholas song that you can sing together at home on St. Nicholas Day, you surely remember from your own childhood:

Let us be merry and bright

Let’s be merry and bright

and rejoice with all our hearts!

Funny, funny, traleralera!

Soon it will be St. Nicholas Eve,

Soon there will be St. Nicholas Eve!

Then put I put the plate on,

St. Nicholas certainly puts something on it.

Soon St. Nicholas Eve is here,

soon St. Nicholas Eve will be here!

When I sleep, then I dream

now Santa Claus brings something for me.

Merry, merry, traleralera!

Soon it’s St. Nicholas Eve,

soon St. Nicholas Eve is here!

When I got up,

run’ I quickly to the plate.

Funny, funny, traleralera!

Soon it will be St. Nicholas Eve,

Soon it’s St. Nicholas Eve!

whom one cannot thank enough.

St. Nicholas is a good man,

Funny, funny, traleralera!

Soon St. Nicholas Eve is here,

St. Nicholas Eve will soon be here!

St. Nicholas gifts: ideas for big and small

Every year on 6. December children eagerly await the gifts of Santa Claus. In addition to the classic gifts, other small surprises can also provide great joy. We give you tips for imaginative Santa gifts for every age group.

Traditional gifts for St. Nicholas boots and St. Nicholas socks

From the St. Nicholas legends it is known that St. Nicholas, in addition to coins, especially sweet treats brings. Therefore, these things traditionally should not be missing in any St. Nicholas stocking:

  • nuts
  • Fruits like apples, tangerines and oranges
  • Chocolate

Add a few fir branches or pine cones as decorations to give the Santa’s stocking a special Christmas touch. But also homemade gifts can make the eyes of children and adults shine on St. Nicholas Day. A few homemade cookies, gingerbread, a homemade stollen or Christmas jam are an ideal gift for Santa’s stocking.

St. Nicholas gifts for toddlers

Toddlers are always curious and have great fun to discover the world and explore new things. With small Santa gifts, you can support this spirit of discovery and even encourage important developmental milestones:

  • With Finger painting or Plasticine your toddler can be creative and give free rein to his imagination under supervision.
  • Building blocks or wooden toys are suitable to promote motor skills. Your child can learn new shapes and test his or her dexterity by building towers.
  • Picture books stimulate the imagination and thinking skills of. You can also use the cozy pre-Christmas season to read aloud or sing together from songbooks use.

Toddlers are also happy about plush toys for St. Nicholas, which can become a loyal companion of their childhood. But also winter accessories such as cozy hats, gloves or scarves can be a practical gift for the cold season.

Santa gift ideas for elementary school-aged kids

By elementary school age, children often have developed interests- be it a hobby, a favorite movie or a favorite story. If your child’s passions are reflected in the gifts, the joy on St. Nicholas Day is even greater.

For children who are interested in handicrafts, for example, offer a Knitting dolly or a sewing kit at. Little soccer fans may be happy about a jersey of their favorite club. Bookworms can be rewarded with a new Book üSurprise them with something that will get them in the mood for the holiday season. You can also make Fan articles of the favorite series or comic book Give away your child’s handicrafts such as T-shirts, socks, backpacks or watches. If you take inspiration from your child’s hobbies, your child is sure to have a great St. Nicholas day.

In addition to the special gifts, children often enjoy these gifts in their Santa stocking:

  • toys, small play sets or play figures
  • Board or card games
  • Puzzles
  • Craft sets with Christmas motifs

This is how the little ones can pass the time in the run-up to Christmas in a meaningful way.

Tips for Santa gifts for teenagers

Although teenagers usually no longer believe in Santa Claus, they are also happy to receive small presents in their boots. If teenagers put their neatly polished shoes in front of the door, "Santa Claus" can can also give them a treat. Young people are often particularly interested in digital media, so for example a Vouchers for music or movie downloads or streaming platforms as well as a trendy Computer game go down well. In addition Technology gadgets such as headphones or a cell phone case are ideal as a small St. Nicholas gift for teenagers. In addition, for St. Nicholas Day, you can also make exciting Books for young people for bookworms or tricky Board or card games hide in the boot.

When buying digital gifts, make sure they are appropriate for your child’s age.

Make sure digital media gifts are appropriate for your child’s age.

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