Sports management wanted in vienna?

Full-time Sports Management in Vienna – Your study guide

You want to study sports management full time in Vienna? We have researched for you 3 universities in Vienna, where you can study sports management full time. We present some of the university offers in detail below. You will easily find all 3 offers of a university of applied sciences in Vienna in our database of universities and colleges.

3 universities offer sports management as a full-time program in Vienna

Here waiting info& Colleges to more degree programs at your prying eyes.

  • eSports
  • Soccer Management
  • Sports Teacher Training
  • Sport and nutrition
  • Sport and technology
  • Sports and Event Management
  • Sports Journalism
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Economics
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports tourism
  • Sports Science


Who speaks of a study, refers as a rule to a full time study or a study in a university. Classroom study. Here, students attend classes from Monday to Friday to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The average duration of study for the Bachelor is 6-8 semesters, for the Master 2-4 semesters. Often, a full-time study program comes along with a relatively free time management and the possibility to set individual focal points that correspond to your interests

At the same time, full-time study in the sports industry offers you numerous career opportunities, as this field can be combined with a wide variety of fields due to its versatility. So you can learn everything about sports science, but also take a position as a teacher, or even orient yourself towards media.

Sports Management

You are looking for a sports management degree? Then you are right here! Study is the best and most detailed study guide for your study choice.

This is what you learn in sports management studies

During their studies, students learn everything about planning, organization, leadership and controlling in the sports industry. The basic course lasts three semesters. Here, the fundamentals of business administration, law or mathematics are covered.

Building on this, the main course of study (fourth to sixth semesters) consolidates what has been learned and teaches content from sports economics. These include sports facility management, sponsorship, sports law, sports journalism or international sports management. You can also set your own focus, for example, sports marketing, association management or event management.

Career opportunities after graduation

The study program Sports Management prepares students for a career in the sports industry – an industry with great economic importance. A sports manager is an all-rounder who knows the interrelationships and can be deployed in a wide variety of operational areas.

Possible employers for graduates are, for example, the sporting goods industry, sports media companies, sports and club associations or commercial sports and leisure facilities. The sports management course is designed for aspiring sports managers who want to combine business studies with expertise in the economics of the sports industry. Sports managers are found in the management of clubs, associations or professional sports clubs.

In our detailed article on sports management studies, you will find everything you need to know: We inform you about study contents, prerequisites and what you can do professionally with a sports management degree. Plus: In our large database we list all universities that offer sports management studies.

Sports Management in Vienna

Vienna, the federal capital of Austria, located on the Danube, has a population of just over 1.8 million and is considered a recognized international congress and conference venue. In addition to world-famous sights such as the Hofburg, St. Stephen’s Cathedral or Vienna City Hall, the city has a whole range of attractions to offer that are not so well known but are nevertheless among the highlights of the city. This includes, for example, the State Hall of the National Library, the Leopold Museum built of white shell limestone with its exhibits of Viennese Art Nouveau, or the baroque Belvedere Palace with the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection. In addition, Vienna is a city with extensive green spaces, the largest of which is the Vienna Prater. An equally popular recreational area is the Danube Island, which is over 20 kilometers long. It is home to Europe’s largest music festival every year in June.

Studying in Vienna

But Vienna is also a city where education plays a very special role. After all, no other city in the German-speaking world has more students than Vienna. About 190 students study here.000 students at more than half a dozen state universities and four private universities, as well as at various universities of applied sciences. The imposing main building of the University of Vienna, founded as early as 1365, can be admired on one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world, the Vienna Ringstrasse. The Burgtheater, built in 1888, is one of the oldest theaters in Europe.

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