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What began almost 25 years ago with the founding of a small company for the construction of single-family homes, has very quickly developed into a steadily growing, modern and innovative home building company. The results of this development can be found everywhere in Germany today: More than 5.000 modern and individual homes. Accompanying construction families on their way to their own four walls has become our vocation. We at Elbe-Haus ® fulfill this claim with our employees and our independent partners every day anew with life. A happy future with your Elbe-Haus ® is as important to us today as it was to our founders almost 25 years ago. We do not want to simply satisfy you. We would like to inspire you! From the initial consultation to the groundbreaking ceremony until well after the house has been handed over.

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The most important topics at a glance

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

Your houses

Discover the houses of Elbe-Haus ® . Creative planning. Solidly built. High quality equipment.

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

Your advantages

At Elbe-Haus ® you get everything from one source. We accompany you from the idea to the finished house.

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

Technology& Quality

Innovative equipment meets modern energy concepts. For living comfort and lifestyle made to measure.

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®


Be inspired by realized house projects, customer opinions and builders’ diaries.

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

Advice& Service

The Elbe-Haus ® consultants are happy to assist you! Direct and very personal. At ten locations nationwide.

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

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Elbe-Haus ® in four numbers

Almost 25 years

About 5.000
built houses

Over 50 percent
New customer recommendation

100 percent

You can trust this experience.


Building your own four walls is a special event in life. We know this and are at your side in just as special a way. We advise you personally and individually if you want to build a solid house. We also invite you to our builders’ cinemas. With 3D views, we give you an accurate picture of your future home there. So that you can experience great things "in large", far beyond floor plans and blueprints.

In each phase of the house construction you have a concrete contact person with us. We know what we have in our partners – and you should profit from it. What we do, has hand and foot: We plan realistically, we calculate fair. For you everything remains permanently transparent. For us, solid house construction means down-to-earthness, expertise and quality control. For almost 25 years.


Our customers have the floor.

We are more than satisfied with Elbe-Haus and recommend you without any restrictions.

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Elbe-Haus for making our dream of owning our own home come true!

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

Very competent and individual advice. Very cordial support, any time again.

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

We have been living in our wonderful little city villa for 4 days now and can hardly believe it. Thanks to YOU, the whole team . YOU are simply SPITZE.

Solid house construction provider elbe-haus ®

Frequently asked questions about solid house construction

For the architect or. Civil engineer applies a professional code. This obligates him by law to always act in favor of his builder. So any advantage taking is forbidden. The architect serves as a trustee. He is usually much more expensive than a home provider, because he is bound by the fee schedule, among other things.

For a house provider/general contractor such a professional regulation does not apply. Therefore, it is important for you as a builder to find a reputable house provider. He will not be out for his own advantage. Rather he advises you honestly. This creates a win-win situation.

With Elbe-Haus ® all good things come in threes: We are a general contractor/house provider with our own architects and civil engineers.

If you want to build a house, it is a big project. It is understandable that you are looking for a reputable provider. How is the first impression? What your gut feeling tells you? Is the chemistry right? Feel comprehensively informed? Or remain questions – even quite obviously – unanswered? Also take a look at the information material. How extensive is it? Is the presentation professional? Are there certifications and awards?

So that you can gain initial trust. But control is better: check the building contract, the services and the building description carefully. Nothing should have gaps. Everything must be clearly defined. Let gladly a building expert look over the documents. A respectable offerer for house building will have nothing against it.

Also a serious house offerer would like to sell you something. This is the business. But you will feel if this is done "by hook or by crook. The supplier will talk you into a lot of things? Or does he ask critically about your needs? A solid provider will do the latter. Then he tells you honestly what benefits you. And he also advises against something if necessary.

A serious house provider will not put his good reputation on the line. He has you as a customer in mind and is not fixated on his profit. Feel free to contact us. Test us. You have a right to be. We would like to convince you of Elbe-Haus ® .

The topic is very extensive. Here are some important key points. We will be happy to explain this to you in detail in a personal meeting.

1. Plot of land

Pay attention with the choice of the property whether it fits to you – on a long-term basis. Check the infrastructure and surrounding buildings. Also consider, for example, whether there are bodies of water nearby. In such areas, building a basement is often not possible.

Check the land register. It may be that rights of way are registered or the municipality has a right of first refusal. What you should know. Check the property also with regard to the vegetation. If there is an old tree population, it is probably protected. Surely you also want to know what is going on in the depths of your future ground. A soil survey therefore makes sense.

Let’s move on to the development plan: This specifies what shape your house may have. You will also find out how many square meters of floor space are allowed in relation to the total plot size. You will find answers to the questions: how many floors are allowed? How large must the distance to the neighbor be? and much more.

Other keywords that we will gladly explain to you:

  • Paragraph 34 of the building code (important if there is no development plan)
  • Development of the land (concerns z. B. the connection to the public road network)
  • Official site plan (important for the building application)
  • Real estate transfer tax (varies depending on the federal state)

2. Planning of your solid house

If you have chosen a solid house, you build a home with value stock. Your dream house is built stone by stone. The type of house you choose is up to you. For example, should it be a bungalow, detached house, town villa or semi-detached house? However, the type of house must fit the development plan. Finally, the type of house will certainly result from a good conversation about your needs. Elbe-Haus ® stands for competent advice. We discuss with you for example:

  • Advantages and cost of a basement
  • the use of modern building services
  • Which heating system suits you
  • which standards you have to comply with in order to save energy
  • which material we use for good reasons
  • Which floor plans really mean living comfort for you

Our building centers help with the planning. Here you will find a wide range of equipment. And we will show you in our builder’s cinema in 3D how your future home will look like.

If you are building a house, an exact calculation of the costs is an absolute must. This provides you with security. You will get an exact overview of what you will get for your money from a reputable building contractor. And you will also find out what you can actually afford.

Many builders are looking for ways to save money. An important point is the question: Do you want to build turnkey?? Or you can also plan your own work? The latter are certainly a means to reduce costs. Other options are:

  • Opt for a smaller plot of land
  • Take advantage of subsidies
  • Think about less square meters
  • Get along also without cellar?
  • Choose a simpler equipment
  • an open living space instead of many walls
  • Hinged doors are usually cheaper than sliding doors
  • Install shutters only on necessary windows
  • Do without a balcony
  • Decide on skylights instead of dormers
  • Find out about efficient building services

If you want to do it yourself, then for example like this:

  • Cut down trees (with appropriate permission) and earthworks
  • Drywall work
  • Laying the floor / tiles
  • Painting and wallpapering
  • Create your own garden
  • Build your own carport or terrace

Building massively means: Here is built stone on stone. This offers three advantages:

  • You as the builder can plan individually.
  • The heat storage is very good. So you save energy.
  • The home is durable and retains its value.

If you are still renting and want to move into your own four walls, you want to plan. Finally, financial double burdens (from rent and initial loan payments) should be short-lived.

Basically, one assumes a construction time of 7 to 8 months for a simple solid house. Nevertheless, the specific duration is as individual as your dream house. Elbe-Haus ® therefore plans with you transparently and reliably. We guarantee a start of construction within 3 months, after all prerequisites (e.g. the building permit) have been fulfilled.B. Building permit and financing) are available. You also benefit from a contractually agreed short construction period.

A prefabricated house is assumed to have an average lifespan of 80 to 90 years. A solid house lasts an average of 100 years. This favors a sale. This plus in stable value is also appreciated by banks. You usually prefer to finance massive houses. The conditions for it could be thus more favorable than with another building method.

The resale value of a massif house lies up to 30 per cent higher than with a finished house. Overall, however, the value stability also depends on the location and the developments on the real estate market.

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