Software fails: can anyone unlock my smartphone now??

Are smartphones really safe? Why a pin won’t protect your sensitive data

/>by Arabella Mba Mombe 2.02.2022, 12:23 2.02.2022, 12:23

Has Apple failed in security and we now have to worry a lot about our sensitive data?

iPhone code unlock

Unlocking the iPhone code is annoying. So you get in anyway. Credit: Getty Images/ Oliver Rossi

For many, the smartphone has become a kind of digital diary. This is how we store not only photos and videos in our phones, but also important documents, banking information as well as passwords. This is exactly why software companies advertise the security of their Smartphones. But now it came out that you can unlock a cell phone without any code at all. What this means for security and whether you can really unlock any smartphone now.

Disclaimer: Unlocking a cell phone without consent is punishable even if it is your own partner. This is the result of a recent ruling by the Federal Supreme Court.

Thanks to the calculator: How to unlock your smartphone without a code

A video on TikTok shows one way to be iPhone to unlock without code. In less than a minute, the TikToker „imnotjs3" his or her cell phone without activating the code or facial recognition. The first step is to turn off your wifi, bluetooth, and mobile data and turn on flight mode.

The next step the calculator opened and that iPhone rotated in landscape mode. In the video you can see how the TikToker now clicks the decimal point key, located at the bottom right of the keyboard, and then the "In in the middle.

Thereupon should an error message appears in the calculator. If you then press the "Wheel" button, which is at the bottom left and swipe up, the iPhone is unlocked and can be used normally.

Übrigens: You really want to try this trick, but you don’t have an iPhone yet? With the new iPhone 12 pro Max from o2, you can test the iPhone hack right now.

But does the trick really work?

Almost 40 million TikTok-Users have already watched the video and confirm that the iPhone Hack works. This is how one user writes: "It actually worked for me". Another is very insecure since the hack: "It really worked on my phone. Now I am a little worried about it, that I am not as safe as I thought from someone searching my smartphone.“

woman on smartphone with dating app

How secure is our data if anyone can access the smartphone? Credit: Kseniia Perminova via

Others notice that the TikToker the face recognition is not covered all the time and probably unlocked his phone over it, and even the calculator can’t actually be rotated to landscape mode in lock mode.

Of course, I didn’t miss the chance to try the trick on my iPhone to try it out and am actually got into the phone twice without a code. But at the other three attempts my cell phone did not turn at the calculator either.

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