Smoking with wood, which types of wood are suitable

Smoking is often done with wood. But with which type of wood can be achieved the best result?

Which wood to smoke

G. Choice –

When smoking, the selection of the right wood is the be-all and end-all. Each wood has its own character and this aroma is transferred to the smoked product during smoking. If you choose the wrong or completely unsuitable wood, this can spoil the pleasure of a nice smoking evening. Also not every wood fits to every smoked food. Real experts are able to mix certain types of wood with each other and in this way create very exotic flavors. But even the beginner, can smoke in a very simple way at this high level, by resorting to so-called chips or also called chunks. There are also ready-made smoking mixtures, which come in the form of flour or fine chips.

What types of wood are the right ones for smoking?

Basically, all types of wood that have a low resin content are suitable. Whereby hardwoods are clearly to be given priority. If a wood contains too much resin, the smoke will be much too intense and the taste will suffer considerably. In addition, the burning resin is still deposited as a film on the smoked product, with conceivable consequences.

Therefore, it can be said that all fruit woods tend to have a mild and sometimes fruity taste. Whereas the other hardwoods are more for an intense and hearty aroma.

By mixing these two basic types of wood, you can, for example, smoke your fish very mildly and add some hardwood just before the finish. As I-tuppfelchen so to speak. Of course, this also works very well in the opposite way.

Within the two above-mentioned groups of wood for smoking, there are naturally also sub-types, which have the basic characteristics of their upper class, but each of them brings even more special aromas.

Here is a short list with examples:


Walnut is very rarely used pure. The wood has a very heavy aroma. Here one is fast in the area of the bitter taste. It is best to mix walnut with fruit woods. The ideal area of application finds walnut in the smoking of red meat.


Beech is, so to speak, the all-rounder in terms of wood for smoking. The aroma is very smoky, but still balanced. Beech is very suitable for both fish and meat as well as vegetables or even cheese. Due to this universality, beech is the most used wood for smoking.

The aroma of alder is rather something for people who appreciate the fine taste. The aroma is very subtle and has a rather sweet note. Who likes to smoke light meat, such as poultry or fish, is very well advised with the alder.


Similarly popular as the beech is oak wood. However, oak is not known for balance, but rather for a strong aroma. You can use oak conditionally for fish. Here, however, only fish with a very high fat content, such as eel, should be used. Oak, on the other hand, is ideal for smoking red meat or pork.


Birch is very mild in aroma and has a slightly sweet note. Birch is best suited for pork or poultry. With birch, make sure not to use bark for smoking.
Ash Ash is the first choice when you want to smoke red meat or fish. However, when smoking with ash, you should make sure to have a sufficiently large supply of smoking material, because ash burns down comparatively quickly.


The trend to smoke with hickory has spilled over from the United States to us. And since smoking is not known in America in our sense, it is used there, as well as here, rather at the barbecue. The aroma of hickory is very smoky and comparatively spicy. Hickory can be used for smoking all kinds of meat. It is not suitable for fish.


The aroma of plum wood is very close to that of hickory. However, the plum is a lot milder. When smoking, plum can be used for all kinds of meat.


The aroma of the cherry is light with a fruity and sweet note. Cherry is basically suitable for all kinds of meat. For fish it is better to use a different wood.


Apple has an intense fruit aroma of large volume. Apple is also in the group of all-rounders. With this wood you can smoke everything. Only very fatty fish is only suitable to a limited extent.

On the Internet you can find a variety of dealers who specialize in smoking supplies. In this way it is very easy to have everything necessary for smoking simply sent to the house.

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