Slim and fit: these hobbies are real calorie burners

These hobbies burn the most calories

Germany is divided into two parts. Half do sports, the other half don’t. The current movement study of the Techniker Krankenkasse shows that lack of fitness leads to more and more civilization illnesses.

Source: Die Welt

G leet it said at the outset: exercise alone is not enough to lose weight. Many factors play a role in this. Sport usually only works in combination with a balanced nutrition plan. And of course you should know your ideal weight – determined by your doctor. So you know exactly where the journey should go.

Chubby man resting on sports equipment

Which sports are suitable for me? Well, that depends primarily on you. The most important thing: You have to enjoy it. Only then can you stay on the ball and motivate yourself again and again to become active instead of sitting comfortably on the sofa.

Of course, it’s perfect if your favorite sport also burns a lot of calories. The Mayo Clinic has compiled a handy list of 36 sports, from aerobics to canoeing, yoga to volleyball. The data for this comes from a study of the "National Institute of Health".

These are the top 10 sports that burn the most calories

The ranking lists itself after ascending calorie consumption per hour and is exemplarily for three starting weights computed.

Note: The numbers are approximate values. Actual calorie consumption varies depending on age, gender and physical condition – to name just a few of the influencing factors.

X. High Impact Aerobics

One hour burns 522 (73 kg), 664 (91 kg) resp. 796 (109 kg) calories.

Whether dance, step, classic aerobics or Zumba to Latin sounds: Your body really gets going in classes like these. But make sure you have a well-trained trainer. If you do it wrong or not at all, you can quickly harm your body.

IX. Inline skating

One hour burns 548 (73 kg), 683 (91 kg) respectively. 818 (109 kg) calories.

We wouldn’t have thought so, but our favorite teen sport actually made it into the top 10 – provided you step on the gas a little bit. The good thing: Compared to jogging, the harmonious movements are easier on your joints. This is a great advantage especially for overweight people. However, a fall at high speed can be dangerous. Therefore always think of protectors.

A sports enthusiastic woman inline skating in the big city

Don’t be surprised: The next spot is shared by three sports, so we’re jumping right to the sixth spot.

VI. Basketball

An hour of playing burns 584 (73 kg), 728 (91 kg) resp. 872 (109 kg) calories.

Don’t worry, contrary to all preconceptions, team sports are not just for giants. The main thing is that you enjoy the movement and have a bit of team spirit. In the best case, endurance and coordination come on their own.

VI. (Flag) Football

One hour also burns 584 (73 kg), 728 (91 kg) resp. 872 (109 kg) calories.

Flag football is a ball sport that is very similar to American football. However, it comes without the sometimes brutal physical contact. This significantly reduces the risk of injury. However, the sport is just as intense for our body as "normal" football.

VI. Tennis

Again, one hour burns 584 (73 kg), 728 (91 kg) resp. 872 (109 kg) calories.

Chasing the ball with a racket and keeping your opponent on his toes is not only fun, but also lets your body burn calories. Sure, as a tennis newbie it won’t be that many in the beginning, but practice makes perfect.

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