Skin irritations after shaving:things to know about shaving pimples

Shaving pimples

Shaving irritates the skin. Depending on individual skin sensitivity and hair quality, people tend to experience more or less severe skin irritation after shaving. People with curly hair are affected more often than average. The reason: the regrowing hair pushes itself under the skin instead of following the hair canal in its growth direction.

Even the smallest skin lesions caused by improper shaving, which are barely visible to the naked eye, can lead to shaving pimples and thus to gateways for germs of all kinds.

Face, armpits, groin.
Affected body regions.

The small red pustules, some of which are filled with pus, can appear on any hairy region of the body. If the areas of inflammation join together to form larger areas, this is known as razor burn.

In men, the face and neck are not infrequently affected, as daily shaving can have a severe impact on sensitive skin. Ladies often complain of shaving pimples in the groin and intimate areas, which are encouraged by tight-fitting and abrasive clothing after shaving the bikini area. In addition, shaving pimples and razor burn often occur on the sensitive skin under the armpits.

Expert Tip: People who are prone to skin irritation after shaving should prefer a wet shave instead of a dry shave. Warm water and the use of gentle shaving foam swells the hair and makes it easier to cut, and also allows the razor to glide better on damp skin.

Care for irritated skin.
Prevent shaving pimples.

Targeted skin care after every shave helps to avoid unpleasant skin irritations. Gentle aftershave lotions or balms care for stressed skin and prevent the development of shaving pimples. ilon Bodyshave Balm protects stressed skin in the intimate area, on the upper body, arms, legs and armpits after every hair removal. Shaving-related skin problems such as pimples, irritation, redness and razor burn are reduced by the high-quality herbal ingredients. Eucalyptus, thyme, jojoba oil and shea butter soothe the skin and provide soothing moisture. The disinfecting and antibacterial properties of ilon Bodyshave Balsam can prevent skin inflammation.

What to do?
Treat acute shaving pimples.

If pimples and pustules have already formed, ilon ointment classic can help quickly and effectively against the unpleasant after-effects of shaving. With its disinfecting active ingredients, ilon ointment classic fights inflammation and thus promotes the healing process of acute shaving pimples – in a gentle way with herbal ingredients. Essential oils of larch and pine ensure that redness and swelling subside and pus can drain away gently.

Shave correctly.
The small shaving 1 x 1.

Always use fresh, sharp blades for wet shaving and avoid used disposable razors. Blunt razors require a higher contact pressure. This will pluck rather than cut the hair and increase the risk of injury.

The razor is the most important thing when shaving. Refrain from cheap razors and rely instead on good system blades. Depending on the brand, these have an indicator strip that shows when the blade needs to be replaced based on its fading color.

Prepare the skin for wet shaving by moistening it well and applying a little shaving foam or shaving gel.

Always shave in the direction of hair growth. When working "against the grain", the risk of shaving pimples increases considerably.

Rinse the freshly shaved skin with plenty of cold water. This causes the pores to contract and the last remnants of foam are washed away. Then pat the skin thoroughly dry with a clean cloth.

Use an antibacterial lotion or balm after each hair removal to counteract the formation of razor burn and razor pimples. Shaving-related skin irritations can be prevented with the plant-based ilon Bodyshave Balm. Special ingredients ensure soothing of stressed skin and reduction of inflammation and redness.

Treat shaving pimples

Apply ilon classic ointment against shaving pimples specifically to the reddish pustules. ilon ointment classic has an antibacterial and disinfectant effect, the focus of pus recedes or. Pus can drain off.

Active principle, properties, ingredients:

You ask.
Experts answer.

Can I get purulent skin inflammations from shaving?

Yes. If pathogens enter the skin through an injury caused by shaving and infect sebaceous glands, purulent skin inflammations or minor abscesses can occur.

Can shaving pimples also be caused by epilation??

Yes, small skin inflammations can also occur during epilation, as the epilator "forcibly" tears the hair out of the skin and thus irritates the skin area where the hair grows out of the skin. To avoid this, soften the skin and hair with a warm bath or massage before epilating. This opens the pores and the hair can be pulled out more gently.

The epilation technique also determines whether skin irritations occur or not. As a general rule, you should always pull the area of skin to be epilated taut and apply the epilator perpendicular to the surface of the skin. Then epilate against the direction of hair growth. To prevent germs and bacteria from entering the pores and causing inflammation, it is important to close the pores again after epilation: Run cold water over the affected areas of the skin for a short time. For optimal skin care to prevent pimples and redness, we recommend our ilon Bodyshave Balm.

Red spots on the legs: Can this be a normal rash or does it come from shaving??

If the red spots appear directly after a shave, everything points to the fact that it concerns skin irritations by the shave.

To exclude allergy, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

After intimate shaving I have pimples all the time. What am I doing wrong?

The skin in the intimate area is very sensitive. Particular care must be taken here. Soak the skin before shaving with warm water and mild shaving foam and use only suitable and high quality shaving equipment!

After shaving, it is recommended to use a care product that simultaneously cares for and protects the sensitive skin in the intimate area. ilon bodyshave balm is ideal for this purpose. Its herbal ingredients soothe stressed skin and provide sufficient moisture for a pleasant skin feeling. Thanks to antibacterial and disinfecting properties, inflammatory skin reactions such as shaving pimples, razor burn and skin redness are avoided.

Can it be due to the razor if skin irritation occurs?

An old or unsuitable razor can severely irritate the skin. Old blades cut the hair poorly, and not every razor is suitable for every skin type. Here one must be advised and possibly try out some razors.

How to shave properly?

Shave properly – minimize dangers to the skin:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before shaving
  • Shave calmly and carefully
  • Do not shave with blunt blades
  • Apply shaving foam or shaving gel to achieve a better gliding effect of the razor
  • Use razor in the direction of hair growth
  • Do not press the razor too hard
  • Take special care when shaving intimate areas
  • For intimate shaving use razor with oscillating head and at least one double blade
  • Do not share razors with other people – bacteria and germs lurk here!
  • Apply mild shaving foam, shower gel, hair conditioner or olive oil to the hairs as a lubricant and softener before shaving
  • Use a mirror when shaving
  • Always stretch the skin to avoid cuts
  • Use long hair trimmers or comb and scissors to trim hairs
  • After shaving, apply a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory ointment to prevent irritation and pimples from forming in the first place

What should I pay attention to in the future when shaving, if I have already had purulent skin inflammation?

If small pustules often form on the skin after shaving, disinfect both the razor and the skin with medical alcohol. Instead of oil-based skin care products, which can promote the regeneration of hair follicle congestion, switch to non-opaque, well-absorbing skin care products.

ilon Bodyshave Balsam is ideally suited for the care of stressed skin after shaving. The skin is provided with sufficient moisture and pleasantly soothed. Thanks to disinfecting and antibacterial properties, typical skin reactions and inflammatory processes can be avoided.

If the skin is already irritated and inflamed, apply ilon ointment classic overnight in the initial stages. Never squeeze pustules, as this will push bacteria deeper into the tissue.

Can you avoid red spots when shaving?

The formation of small red dots after shaving is a common problem that affects almost every person who shaves their face or body. The reason: shaving "forcibly" tears the hair and irritates the area where the hair grows out of the skin. The red spots are therefore signs of irritation.

It is helpful to avoid skin irritations to take a warm shower or bath before shaving, this softens hair and skin. In addition, mild shaving foam and good shaving equipment should be used.

Note: However, bathing or showering also opens the pores and can thus promote skin inflammation because pathogens can penetrate more easily.

To avoid unpleasant skin reactions after shaving, the use of mild aftershave lotions or balms such as z.B. ilon Bodyshave Balm has proven its worth. Its disinfecting and antibacterial properties can prevent typical skin irritations and inflammations, and the skin is provided with soothing moisture.

How can I prevent skin inflammation when shaving??

Hygiene is the top priority – for prevention and even more so during treatment. Always wash your hands thoroughly. razor and towels should always be used by one person only.

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