Situation report of the canton:1626 new infections within a week

Situation report of the canton:1626 new infections within a week

Here you will find the latest case numbers and statistics on the spread of the Corona pandemic in Schaffhausen and throughout Switzerland. The Schaffhausen Health Office publishes the current case figures from the canton from Monday to Friday between 9 and 11 a.m., the Federal Office of Public Health follows with the nationwide figures between 1 and 2 p.m. No case numbers are published on weekends.

On Tuesday, the health department of the canton of Schaffhausen reported 200 new Covid 19 cases for the last 24 hours. The total number of corona infections in the canton of Schaffhausen since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 16,941 cases. The 7-day average is currently around 238 cases per day.

Sixteen Corona patients are being treated at Schaffhausen Canton Hospital – up from thirteen on Friday. Fourteen persons are in the isolation ward. There are six operable beds in the intensive care unit. Currently there are two people with a Covid 19 infection in this department. One person currently requires artificial respiration. In addition, four non-Covid patients are in the intensive care unit. The intensive care unit is therefore working at 100 percent capacity.

There have been no new deaths related to Covid-19 infection in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 105 Schaffhausen residents with Covid-19 infection have died.

Due to a Corona infection or contact with an infected person, 1386 people are in isolation or quarantine in the canton of Schaffhausen. Currently 731 Corona infected persons are in isolation. In quarantine due to contact with a covid-positive person are 625 people.

A total of 56,759 Schaffhausen residents have been fully vaccinated. 1188 other persons are at least partially vaccinated. A first vaccination has received five people in the last 24 hours. The second and final vaccination was not administered to any person.

Booster vaccinations are also progressing, with 145 people receiving booster vaccinations over the weekend. 36,328 Schaffhausen residents, about 41 percent of the population, have now been boosted.

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) reported 32,741 new Corona infections for the past 24 hours on Tuesday. During the same period, 167 new hospital admissions were registered. The utilization rate in the Swiss intensive care units as of 1. February to 74 percent. Figures on hospitalizations should be interpreted with caution due to reporting gaps and reporting delays. In the last 24 hours, 24 new deaths related to Covid 19 disease were added to the list.

According to the FOPH, 136,373 people are currently in isolation. 70,850 people are in quarantine because they had contact with an infected person. No figures are available on the number of people who had to be quarantined because of a return trip from a country at risk.

In Switzerland, as of 1. February 68.29 percent of the population had been fully vaccinated. 74.29 percent of people older than 65 have already received a booster vaccination.

In the latest 7-day average of the BAG (as at 28. January), 23.23 percent of hospitalized persons are fully vaccinated, and 16.61 percent have also already received a booster vaccination. 38.22 percent of those hospitalized with Covid are unvaccinated. The vaccination status is not known for about 21.93 percent of those hospitalized. At the peak of the fourth wave in August, more than 75 percent of hospitalized persons were still unvaccinated. When making this comparison, it is important to note that the number of vaccinated persons in Switzerland is about twice as large as the number of unvaccinated persons.

A look at last week’s situation report shows there were a total of 1626 infections. This is shown by the data of the Schaffhausen health office. Most cases occurred in the age group between 30 and 39: A total of 347 cases were registered in this age group. There were also a large number of cases among schoolchildren: according to the situation report, in calendar week 4 (of 24. Up to the 30. January) a total of 343 new infections. There were just eight infections in the 80+ age group during the same period.

On average, 783 Schaffhausen residents were in isolation in calendar week 4, in quarantine due to a positive contact were on average 685 people.

There were no further deaths in calendar week 4. A total of 105 Schaffhausen residents have died in connection with a Covid 19 infection.

The situation at the hospital

In the cantonal hospital, an average of 10 patients a day were in the isolation ward in calendar week 4. The number of cases remained the same compared to the previous week. On average, one intensive care patient was treated in the ICU in connection with a Covid 19 infection. This one had to be ventilated. On average, five noncovid patients were cared for in the intensive care unit.

The number of operable beds in the isolation ward can be increased if needed, but has an impact on operations and the remaining operable beds for non-Covid patients. The capacity of the intensive care unit depends primarily on the two factors of patient composition and available human resources. Therefore, the capacity of the intensive care unit can change at short notice.

Partial vaccination rates at 80 percent

Since the start of vaccination, 57,947 have been vaccinated at least once against Covid-19. That is 109 new vaccinations in calendar week 4. During the same period, 1007 "booster" vaccinations were administered.

Looking at the age distribution, we find that among the groups of people 80 years and older, 77 percent are now fully vaccinated and boosted. Uninoculated are in this age group only 5.4 percent. Higher is the proportion of boosted only in the group of 70-79 year olds: There, 79.6 percent of all Schaffhausen residents are doubly vaccinated and have already received a booster shot. Unvaccinated in this age group are still 8.2 percent.

The lowest vaccination rate so far is in the group of people from 0-11: There are so far 318 children partially and only 20 fully vaccinated. There is currently no approved vaccine for children between 0 and 5 years of age.

In total, in the canton, as of 1. February, 42.2 percent of the total population fully vaccinated and boosted, 25.5 percent have received two vaccinations, 1.2 percent so far one and 31.2 percent have not yet been vaccinated at all.

Mainly rapid tests

Due to the fact that repetitive testing at schools was suspended, rapid testing at pharmacies was most common during calendar week 4, totaling 2880. A total of 1180 PCR tests were performed.

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Comments (60)

Stop with these unnecessary, no one cares about numbers reports!
What is that? What can I do with that?
Who benefits? Only the politicians and the media.
To me it is, admittedly of course unpleasantly for the individual concerned, SCHEISSEGAL!
The life is now times dangerous. If tomorrow I cross a street at the wrong time and a car poser wants to get rid of his hormones gathered in the right foot at this exact time, it may be that he hits me with his Bolide. For him tragic in that the paint or the windshield of his projectile suffers something. He himself shows remorse, a good citizen. I am unfortunately in a wheelchair or in heaven. What statistic cares about this? Does this have any consequences for anyone? Sits down the "Dear God with hat" in Bern for a measure? If so, at most for a ban on pedestrians to cross any road without first showing a certificate, which automatically warns all autoposer and blocks their gas pedal, if this is valid. Those without certificates may have. Bad luck.

The were heroes are the hospital employees.
What measures will follow now,? Because there are new cases every day? Ab prppo distance I really look everywhere on distances even in the store, now eat alone in the warehouse and put the mask right back on FFP 2
but the SBB should also come up with something, at Stoss times 17.37 o’clock ZH HB – Schaffhausen the trains are always so full, how should one keep there distance, would like, there take me times the Black Friday the city was apparently well visited, whether mask obligation was kept, I can not say, only so many as I came from my work, I was at the station practically the some with mask, in the area where the mask obligation was, only an example. As yesterday evening I met by chance someone from contact tracing team in Schaffhausen, was an interesting conversation and the gentleman can confirm that with the mask obligation, We had distance and both mask on. From my point of view, there are still too many people on the road who do not have to, I hope that soon measures will follow in some way, the hospital staff to love, the people do a hammer job and are exposed to insane loads every day, think Switzerland still has a lot of potential of measures, you can see, yes already full gondolas here and there Zermatt Davos. I do not know whether the operators have understood it, do not think, after the motto everything purely, where goes, gives yes money. Think it can’t be and that we will become a 2 Sweden.
and We know how many died in Sweden and in Switzerland are also too many, 5 times higher than our neighbor. Freedom above all, and of course not to forget in Switzerland everything is self-responsibility, quite great. This is the home tukiste virus, unfortunately. Whoever in this world has developed it. We can be very proud of our hospital staff in Switzerland, the rescues day daily life. I mean it is also insane what you let people in shopping centers, Shoppi Tivoli bad, Sihlsity Zurich last free day Saturday was mega full whether there is a protection concept and partly again people without masks quite great without dispens, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Only the operators do not want to see this
Mr. Master it goes also in German or Mrs. Master

One has heite again seen that the apelle of the nursing staff and doctors are not perceived pity as long as vaults are open we will just sit around the Christmas season in crowded trains and will have far too many contacts. pity the patchwork continues, each canton somehow

Yes Boris that has what, that’s right the hospital Schaffhausen is already busy for a long time, you already had to place people elsewhere, now the USZ will soon reach the limits and that’s not good news where you hear. Den at the personnel one saved yes also in the last years, the Germans could go also the in the Lockdown and our go hospitals look great although in Germany per head the numbers are the lower, they are in the Lockdown, we in Switzerland think still of skiing who takes over then the Verunfalten? We are still the state where almost without fines acts, who regularly train rides and is honest can confirm how many wear the mask wrong or eat all the time, it is actually simple mouth and nose protection says yes the word, is not difficult. Who does not understand this must times in a hospital to help maybe he understands it better then. In the VbsH it has greatly improved, in the Germany Mayaern for example is from 21 clock exit ban and who is still on the road without good reason gives 500 euros busse, here you still insist on personal responsibility Toll are all excited about Friday. It would have to just times real estate owners give way and a rent reduction voluntarily enter, otherwise it will not go actually Logical

The lockdown light was like all light products: As soon as you consume it, you realize that it’s not enough and you need the right one right after it.

Mr. Leu good sayings at a bad time.

If the university hospital in Zurich is also at the capacity limit, then that’s bad very bad, should actually be the lockdown Logical, there are not only corona cases, just ski accidents traffic accidents that you do not switch there many do not understand.

and at Christmas many sit together

The advantage of a mask: If it is cold outside, the nose hides in the warm mask.

"We want to take measures where we know they will bring a benefit." . and then you let the tennis halls close, where 2 people with 20 m distance on 700 m2 drive sport, while the restaurants remain open. Since is completely incomprehensible, only an unnecessary damage and brings no benefit. An ill-considered snapshot of the government.

I think Michael di Caprio should be removed from the commentary list. It is yes hair-raising what this always lets out. Or is he a fake news commentator employed by the newspaper

Hello Mrs. Rahm, have you ever observed the people where many put on mask wrong or at the stations not at all, or are you only in Scaffhausen on the road I do not, in the SZU in Zurich many do not wear a mask despite duty at the HB Zurich comes the police not at all and this is a statement of a policeman and swimming pools is clear and swimming with mask and showers with masks probably hardly. Would not want to offend anyone but is truth came on Dienastag evening by chance with an employee of the Contact Tracing Team Schaffhausen in conversation at the station with mask and distance of course, was very interesting, but were almost the only with mask at the station where the buses arrive, who s not believe contact your the nice gentleman, The whole thing is stuck on the hospital staff and that is l not nice, unfortunately, the home is tuckischiste virus since 100 Jaheren.
We can be proud of this and the hospital staff who do a great job day and night, Sunday and holidays. how many were on the Black Friday weekend on the road, in Zurich in the center very many in Schaffhausen I do not know who has released the stupid virus on this earth only, or do you believe in the bat theory

I wonder why infections are still rising despite tightened measures and hygiene masks? Can it be that these are not so useful after all? And why are institutions closed such as gyms, swimming pools, gymnasiums, which are beneficial to health and the immune system, masks are worn and distances are observed? Restaurants, in which not even a mask must be worn, however, remain open? Makes no sense to me.

The joke in English speaking countries has always been that Switzerland and Sweden are pretty much the same thing. Well it turns out that both countries approach to coronavirus is. Basically, sit back and do nothing. Watch infections and deaths go up, and keep daily testing numbers low. Today’s 20% positive return rate (BAG website) is beyong apathetic.

What do you expect, that because of Corona the world will stand still, the economy will collapse, your jobs will become history?. The world must continue to turn and the economy also. Some comments are so naive, indescribable. I advise to think outside the box, in spite of Corona.

Unique in switzerland. The federal government has taken over the corona numbers have dropped
After that, each canton could muddle along as they pleased and the numbers went up like a rocket. Now the same people who criticized the federal council are coming out of the woodwork. I am sorry but it is always people from the swiss party who make us, the inhabitants of this country, look stupid. Something else also in connection with super achievement of the health personnel. Where have the better wages gone?? Unfortunately, the canton of schaffhausen does not do better than the canton of zurich. J. Green

Dear or dear Mrs. Meister

what does german mean

Swiss testing rates are an international joke. Nearly 5000 positives on 21000 test, is this the best you can do? After everyone gathers for Christmas this year, and infections between households runs wild, I predict a shocking result by January 8.

Hello S Meister what does that mean in German. a bit much in english

What the people in the hospital do is incredible, very good

Please excuse the English, although I know for most readers this is no problem.
Why has it become acceptable for such high positive test returns, and approximately 5000 cases per day with many deaths?. Yes the weekend shows a downward trend but the numbers don’t lie. Will the next 4 days show that it’s based in fact? The truth is that testing does not show your actual daily numbers. An undeniable local statistic is despite 5 people dying over the weekend, hospitalization still jumped to 22. Expect more of both.

In practice the government portraying an image of coping leads the people to believe the current situation is sustainable. Is the current output of healthcare workers sustainable though? They are only human. Are families going to cope being forced to send their children to school everyday, wondering when they are going to get the phone call "Sorry, but your family needs to quarantine now because a classmate was infectious"?? How can retail workers cope wondering if the next person who wears a poorly fitted mask will permanently damage their health and well-being??

The decision to protect the economy relies on a lot of sacrifice of regular people. The saddest part is that the Cantons of Switzerland have forgotten that people are the economy. By normalising infections and death, you have given up your humanity. Stop pretending things are going well, and start making tough decisions that will actually help everyone who is forced to participate in the economy through no fault of their own.

Yes our BAG is questionable and frestikt itself in the statements, before Karantane how do they imagine that for people who work, and not in the<Homeoffice are. Yes and the foreign countries Germany and Oesterreich look strangely on us and also the WHO, who We according to 10 before 10 5 times as many dead as Germany count, per head of course one wonders somehow and is somehow frightening

Yes our BAG is questionable and frestikt itself in the statements, before Karantane how do they imagine that for people who work, and not in the<Homeoffice are

Again I was allowed to be present at a BAG fairy tale hour to Bern online. Ohhh, what I would give if Trudi Gerschter could still be among us. You would have in your incomparable way the topic "pre-quarantine" for Christmas more humorously brought under the people.

small addendum I meant, why has one saved in the health service so much and now whom one needs them, have all in the health service a large praise deserves
Another question why actually goes each canton in Switzerland individually in the lockdown, that’s a wewar, the people commute e rum

Only wen one sees that in certain cantons many intensive care units are full, should be reason enough for the policy to trigger the lockdown that one does not understand exactly and why one has in Switzerland eigentlch so little in health care saved for years, and now?

To those where fireworks in the air shoot would have there a super suggestion donate the money and buy with it the nursing staff what nice, because these are the people who now work and save our lives and not only at Corona times, that would be weng show solidarity

A good word, Mr. Harald Beutler ware word

Would be nice if the graphic would also be adjusted to the latest figures!

It would also be interesting for the population to know where the infections take place. Since the vacations are mentioned again and again, you could ask very simply. Been on vacation? Yes/No? In Switzerland? Yes/No. Should not be difficult with these numbers actually to determine.

Beautifully more and more vaccinated! And when do I come? Since one month registered 59 years old and without complaints in the registration! Others I have registered even with only one complaint (high blood pressure) have already been vaccinated once! Was I too honest? And therefore it is not yet my turn.

According to the latest Stanford study (Prof. Ioannidis) lockdowns are of no use and stricter or more lenient measures have not changed the positive test and mortality rates worldwide (ex. Germany). According to the BAG, 3-4 million people in Switzerland. people test positive for antibodies and are thus immune (most have never actually been sick), 1 million. people are vaccinated twice and ca. one million. once vaccinated and thus protected, which together 6 million. Protected, so epidemiologically already results in extensive population immunity.

According to the latest Stanford study (Prof. Ioannidis) lockdowns are of no use and stricter or milder measures have not changed the positive test and mortality rates worldwide (ex. Germany). According to the BAG, 3-4 million people in Switzerland are infected. People positive antibodies on and are thus immune (most of them were never really sick), 1 million. People are twice and ca. one million. once vaccinated and thus protected, which together 6 million. Protected results, thus epidemiologically already a far-reaching population immunity means..

According to the latest Stanford study (Prof. Ioannidis) lockdowns are of no use and stricter or milder measures have not changed the positive test and mortality rates worldwide (ex. Germany). According to the BAG, 3-4 million people in Switzerland are vaccinated. people have positive antibodies and are therefore immune (most of them have never been really ill), 1 Mio. People are vaccinated twice and ca. one million. once vaccinated and thus protected, a total of 6 mio. Protected results, which epidemiologically already means extensive population immunity!.

Schaffhausen is considered a fast vaccination canton. How can it be then that u50 without previous illnesses in all surrounding cantons ZH, TG and SG receive vaccination appointments and Schaffhauser not?? Does the federal distribution key take into account that we are a canton with many cross-border commuters??

Do Langwiesen/Feuerthalen also belong to the Schaffhausen communities?. Since, me personally acquainted, likewise in the Schaffhauser inoculation center can inoculate themselves.

Figures Key figures in the SN not consistent:
In the issue of 6.3.2021 I read on page 3 that 10% of the Swiss are vaccinated. On page 6 it says that in Switzerland 300 568 are vaccinated. With a rule of three I have calculated that in CH approx. 3 million people live. My suggestions: 1 Please always indicate what you understand by the key figure (very good in the graph "Percent vaccinated" online). 2. Add on page 6 at swisswide first and second vaccination analog SH
Greetings Beat Honegger

Corona numbers in SN inconsistent (6.3.2021)

The title of the comment is not visible.

Greetings Beat Honegger

In the issue of 6.3.2021 I read on page 3 that 10% of the Swiss are vaccinated. On page 6 it says that in Switzerland 300 568 are vaccinated. With a rule of three I calculated that in CH ca. 3 million people live. My suggestions: 1 Please always indicate what you understand by the key figure (very good in the graph "Percent vaccinated" online). 2. Add them on page 6 at swisswide first and second vaccination analog SH
Greetings Beat Honegger

It would be interesting to know how many people under the age of 70 and not belonging to the risk group have been vaccinated.

Ware words but the mask obligation should be eingahhalten where it applies and respect for others also and solidarity, and the protection concepts should also be adhered to and implemented and there is unfortunately very haprt .
Economy yes we are all dependent on it but always so that our nursing staff and health system comes after. It can’t be that difficult to eat nothing for 38 minutes – that’s the Zurich-Schaffhausen train route – no one starves in that time

The philosopher and fortune teller Mr. Kerzenmacher. After a longer breather, pessimistically active again.

By opening schools, stores etc. the situation will quickly get out of control again. With an incubation period of up to 14 days, no hygiene concepts will help. We will learn the hard way and in a few weeks we will be in lockdown again.

The strongest remedy for Corona would have been to cripple the economy and everything as completely and simultaneously as possible. As long as that doesn’t happen, you can’t get rid of the epidemic.

Is it really allowed to wish a long and painful coronary death to all those who refuse the protective measures and thus want to put their fellow citizens in mortal danger?? And in the own four walls, in order to keep the intensive care beds free in the hospitals.
Corona is still so far away for these people. Where would we be today without the protective measures that have been taken??

D.Trump is gone, the Greens still don’t get anything done in all of Europe, the AfD is becoming a suspect in Germany and the infection numbers are dropping in Switzerland.

Government Councillor Walter Vogelsanger claims: "I have Covid under control, not least thanks to the very great daily effort of the employees."Unfortunately, the fact is that it is rather the other way round, COVID HAS BIRD SANGERS IN THE HANDS. I hold the government council personally responsible for the illnesses and deaths around Covid. How can it be that many people are still infected in old people’s homes?? Vogelsanger ducks away and does not think it necessary to face criticism. Walter Vogelsanger is no longer acceptable as a member of the government. I call on Vogelsanger to resign.

When all the Corona crap is over, have a few nice days at home.

The discussions what would be good or purposeful are obsolete. The real question is, why do we accept 500-1000 deaths every week to keep our economy going?. This is an ethical and societal issue that needs to be clearly defined by policy makers from the federal to the local level. If there were a vote on it, an overwhelming majority would decide against the dead and do everything to make this mendacity disappear from the world.

Very nice it goes tipp Topp Mr. Count a good evening

I’m worried about Mr. De Caprio, he hasn’t written anything for a few hours already.

Mr. Hauser perfectly written, dozens of deaths the whole of Switzerland with different measures, stands yes straight in today’s Schaffhauser news, 3 countries 3 strategies, that is so stupidly Switzerland, records the most deaths per capita, of the 3 countries, it can not be honest, even Germany with 85 million inhabitants, is lower, the hammer, so long the lockdown does not come, people will die and the numbers will decrease minimally but not where you want to see in our canton the weekend well and Monday and dan comes again the hammer with 59, at least something has Mr. Maurer times well proposed, the Masjkenverweigerer can be fined by the police now it must still by the National Council, actually illogical, not even that you can decide in such a situation would have to be feasible, can tell me in the situation no one that in Schaffhausen, the sales of the restaurant at the time are correct, or in the retail trade, from so her would be a lockdown as in Austria Logical, thus also less on the road fewer contacts and fewer infections and then slowly Loosen but Slow not as one had done this time,,, and now one wonders really how the FOPH would like to bring the numbers down to 500 daily where is the plan for this and the strategy, there must be a plan B there, I hope that one reacts not the still many die and one like Sweden in the first wave and so many dead then recorded.
Oh again the question where in the city does the mask requirement apply except the stores and the train station? who can, a week ago they threatened that yes in Schaffhausen me answer and who controls this duty, as in Italy or Germany a week ago they threatened that yes in Schaffhausen the closure of the stores

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