Side parting for men: who the mad-men style suits and how to style it

Side parting

T he neat side parting is anything but old-fashioned and is back in full fashion. But as with many men’s hairstyles is also true here: The side parting of today is clearly styled more naturally than in the past. We show you how to wear the hairstyle and who it suits.

What is a side parting?

The classic side parting has been worn for generations. It is characterized by a clearly visible crest from which the top hair separates from the side hair. The longer part of the top hair is treated with the help of Gel or wax put to the side, with the shorter part and the side hair is also fixed to the side of the head with the help of styling products. This creates the classic sleeke Madman look with a visible dividing line of the two areas.

Side parting from the front

However, if you think that this is the end of the line, you are wrong. Current are Different styles the hairstyle in trend. This includes, for example, a combination of side parting with long top hair and short shorn sides in the form of an undercut. Optionally with a slight transition to the top hair or stronger contrast. Even a striking fade cut on the sides is possible. This type of hairstyle also looks neat, but the undercut adds a fresh and youthful component to the cut.

In addition to the sides, you can vary the men’s hairstyle especially with the length of the different hair areas. Today, the side parting is seen in the younger generation especially with quite long top hair and the sides are not "pasted" to the head with a lot of hair gel as in the past. This seems much more natural and not so strict.

Who does a side parting suit?

The different variations of the hairstyle allow you to wear it with any age.

Older successful business men should rather choose a classic side parting with medium length hair, medium short sides without any special features. An undercut here would simply look too juvenile, and thus would take away from the neat and dominant style Undercut. You should use a light wax or paste instead of a lot of sticky hair gel, because otherwise the hairstyle will quickly look very severe.

Side parting from the side

If you are younger, then you can try out much more. Leave the top hair a little longer and also the sides can be either shaved short or longer. The long top hair provides more volume and looks fresher. This style is known especially by the actor and singer Justin Timberlake.

Undercut with side parting

As for the shape of the head and the hair, you don’t have to worry much about the side parting. Even with thin hair, the hairstyle can look good on older gentlemen. However, it is important to note that Geheimratsecken are particularly emphasized by the crown. However, this does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, because it is precisely through this that you radiate self-confidence, as you stand by your little "flaws". Next to the receding hairline is on Swirl because they can make sure that the hair does not stay in place as desired.

Side parting for men: who the mad-men style suits and how to style it

How to style a side parting?

As already mentioned, today’s side parting is usually done with Wax or merely a little hair gel shaped. Too much gel makes the hair look rather "sticky".

Style side parting: step-by-step instructions

  1. First decide on which side to draw the parting. Whether you choose left or right is up to you and you should just try the whole thing out. Mostly a preferred side crystallizes out fast due to the hair structure.
  2. Next take wax or some hair gel in your hands, rub it and work it into the hair.
  3. Now use a coarse-toothed comb or brush and part the hair slightly above the temple into two different areas.
  4. Make sure that the side parting is straight and the hair is neatly separated from each other.
  5. If the hair still doesn’t hold perfectly, you can add in a little more of your chosen styling product.

If you want to make the side parting with much longer hair, then a hair dryer helps immensely to put the top hair naturally on one side. Alternatively, you can wash the hair beforehand and style it while it is still slightly damp.

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