Sick leave: how long may it be issued at a stretch?

Who in Germany ill through no fault of his own is also not required to appear for work – this fact is probably known to every employee. Uncertainty usually arises only when it comes to when exactly the employer must be informed about the illness and when employees are obliged to see a doctor.

How long can you be sick in training?

How long are you allowed to be sick in training?

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To prove that they sick and accordingly Unable to work are, it requires finally a Certificate of incapacity for work (AU), the This is also colloquially referred to as sick leave. You will usually receive one from your family doctor, after the latter examined them. But how long can you actually be on sick leave?

Short& short: sick leave – how long can you take it?

Basically, it’s up to your doctor’s discretion how long to put you on sick leave. According to the incapacity for work guidelines (AU-RL), a period of two weeks (or. one month in exceptional cases) in the case of a certificate of incapacity for work, however, will not be exceeded.

If the illness is still not over after that, you will usually get another sick leave after a new examination.

As a rule, your employer will continue to pay your salary for six weeks if you are ill. If you are still not healthy after that, the health insurance will step in and you will receive sick pay.

In the advisor we dedicate ourselves completely to the topic Sick leaveHow long may one be on sick leave? Which Duties sick employees have to comply with so that their Salary continues to be paid even during illness? What rights do doctors have? Here you will find out!

Sick leave: How long do employees have to do this?

Sick leave: how long is it possible?

Sick leave: How long is it possible?

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, in employment law a general distinction must be made between a sick note and a sick note: The latter is the document that certifies your incapacity for work due to illness proves; the former describes the Communication to the employer, that you are ill.

This must § 5 of the Continued Remuneration Act (EntgFG) according to Immediately so that you, as an employee, can Entitlement to six weeks’ continued payment of wages in case of illness have. Also about the expected duration of the illness you must inform your boss. The same paragraph tells you how long you have to submit a sick note and when you need it:

If the inability to work lasts longer than three calendar days, Does the employee have medical certificate about the existence of the Incapacity to work as well as its expected duration to be presented at the latest on the following working day." (§ 5 EntgFG)

Consequently, the sick note must be submitted to the employer no later than on fourth day of the disease present. Should the Employment contract provide a shorter period, this is decisive. This would clarify when you need an AU and when it has to be handed in. But how long are you actually allowed to be sick with an excuse?? Is there a duration for a sick note, how long it may be issued at the maximum at a time??

How long you can take a sick leave?

There is no question that some illnesses take longer to heal than others. Basically, therefore, the doctor decides, how long he will issue the sick leave. However, the employer must still adhere to certain guidelines, which are set out in the so-called "sick leave" regulations Incapacity for work guidelines (AU-RL) are fixed.

How long can you be on sick leave?

How long may one be on sick leave?

§ 5 paragraph 4 AU-RL describes in terms of sick leave, how long it may be issued at most:

The expected duration of the incapacity for work is not to be more than two weeks be certified in advance of the period. Is it due to the illness or a special course of illness If the certificate is appropriate, the incapacity for work can be continued until the expected end of the leave Duration of one month be certified."

However, this does not mean that you have to be healthy again after a maximum of one month at any price. Here it concerns only, how long a sick leave at a stretch may be issued before a new examination is needed. If you are ill with this still sick, you will usually get another sick leave. How long this is issued afterwards is again up to your doctor.

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