She doesn’t write back: what to do when women don’t answer anymore?

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When you Chatting with women, there will always be this situation sooner or later:

She does not write back.

it doesn’t matter if you met the lady on the street, in a club or in online dating.

Sooner or later you will write with her and then it always happens sometimes that she does not answer anymore.

And then leave Questions go ..

If these are questions that are currently on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because in this article we will answer all these questions.

And show you exactly, what is the reason, that women no longer answer, what you can do then and how you but still get an answer.

In addition you get our best sample texts, that you can send, if she does not write back.

In this article we tell you .

But a warning beforehand!

Often it is already because your first message to the lady is not good. And that, according to studies, leads to women not even answering 10% of the first messages they get from men in chat.

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The question, why she no longer writes back, is not always so easy to answer.

Because it can of course hundreds of reasons have.

This list could go on and on.

Thereby you realize that reasons in divide two areas let:

  1. It’s NOT you , that it doesn’t write back, but has external causes you can’t control.
  2. It’s up to you , that she no longer responds because you make "mistakes" committed in chat.

That’s why the article is structured in this way first look at the reasons that are beyond your responsibility. This is extremely important so that you don’t keep worrying and taking it personally when the woman stops writing back.

Afterwards I will show you the Most common reasons why it’s your own fault , that she no longer writes. (And of course, how you avoid these mistakes.)

And finally, I’ll show you my best tricks and techniques, like you are prevent from the beginning, that she no longer writes. And give you dozens of ingenious text templates, that you can send if she doesn’t write back.


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What to do when she stops writing back?

I know exactly how it is ..

When a woman stops replying, you quickly start to think about it all the time.

Looking at my cell phone all the time.

To constantly ask yourself what the problem is and what you have done wrong.

Or just get pissed off and upset.

she does not write back

But do not do that!

Instead, you should just stay cool.

And ask yourself first, how long she has already stopped writing back.

Ask yourself how long it’s been since your last message

I am really always shocked ..

Because often in TinderAcademy desperate men turn to us because a girl doesn’t write back anymore and what they should do now.

And then when I ask, How long it’s been since the last message, then often comes something like "3 hours" or "she doesn’t answer for half a day already".

She doesn't write back: what to do when women don't answer anymore?

Everybody has a life outside of Tinder, WhatsApp and Co.

Or you see the message but want to reply later and then forget about it and remember it only at some other time.

Or you want to write a slightly longer answer and take more time that you haven’t had before.

Whatever the reasons are ..

It is quite normal that you sometimes do not get to answer for several hours or a day.

This is no reason to worry or think that she is not writing back on purpose.

Only when 1-2 days without answer have passed, you should start thinking, what could be the reason and whether you might have made a "mistake" and it is your fault.

Stay cool and don’t take it personally

The most important thing to do when she stops responding is to stay cool for now.

And above all, it not to take it personally and let it drag her down.

When a girl or woman stops writing back, you should always keep calm and realize that there can be thousands of reasons that don’t have to have anything to do with you.

Therefore, you should never take it personally, but simply remain calm and wait for the time being quite relaxed. And above all, don’t stare at your phone all the time and drive yourself crazy.

And it helps you enormously if you just go about your life and do other things.

Live your life instead of staring at your phone all day long

Seriously Dude ..

As a grown man you should not spend the whole day worrying why a woman doesn’t write anymore.

But you should have cool, exciting life have.

Using friends, hobbies, passions.

A life with a "Mission", with Goals and Things that bring you joy.

If you do not have that, then you should start immediately TO WORK ON IT. And not sit here and read an article about why she doesn’t text back anymore. &

And the best solution when a woman no longer responds is to simply go about your life as normal. And do things that are fun and enjoyable for you. Instead of being dependent on her.

Consider whether it is perhaps up to you

If a woman no longer writes back, you should first always do the above do 3 things:

Have you done these three things, then (and only then) you should also ask yourself at some point, Whether it is possibly due to yourself, That she doesn’t write back anymore.

Because even if there are a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with you, there are of course also a lot of "mistakes" that you can make in the chat with a woman.

Therefore, you should of course also at some point look at past chat history and you with the help of the Tips & Expert tricks ask here from the TinderAcademy if it could be because of you and your texts.

What you can look out for and what the typical mistakes are, we will show you later in the article.

Should you write again if she does not answer??

We often then get the question of whether you should even text again after she hasn’t responded for a long period of time.

And if you deal with this question, it can also quickly lead to uncertainty.

Because there are some who say you should definitely not write again, but ALWAYS wait for her to contact you of her own accord. And if she doesn’t, then she’s not interested and you should forget about her immediately anyway.

She doesn't write back: what to do when women don't answer anymore?

But that would be a huge mistake.

Because as we’ll show you later, there can be thousands of reasons why she’s stopped texting. And many have nothing to do with you.

And then it would be fatal to simply no longer contact you. Cause you’ll never get to know her.

Therefore we recommend, To write again in any case, When a woman no longer responds. However Timing and above all Type of text is crucial, as we will tell you later.

And the first thing you should do deal with the reasons, why it can happen that women do not answer in the chat anymore. Because that determines how and when you should message them again.

Why she doesn’t write back: these are the real reasons

Reasons, why women do not write back anymore, are a dime a dozen.

It can literally be thousands of reasons and causes have.

Especially when it comes to casual acquaintances, contacts from online dating or social networks.

The important thing is distinction, whether they are reasons that du have to answer for yourself or if it Causes beyond your control are.

In good German: Is it your fault that she doesn’t answer anymore or is it for other reasons??

Therefore, we will now look at some of the most common reasons and causes.

Let’s start with possible reasons that are out of your control. And then we’ll show you the most common reasons why women stop responding, which are your own fault.

Reasons out of your control

Maybe you are thinking to yourself now:

"Why should I even bother with reasons that are out of my control if I can’t change that anyway?"

Valid question my friend ..

But I can assure you that this will help you enormously.

Because it’s important to understand that there are plenty of reasons why she stops replying that have nothing to do with you at all.

Because only if you are aware of this and know these reasons, you will be able to stay cool and not take it personally.

And this is the basic requirement to deal with such situations in the right way and then make her respond after all.

So now we look at the most common causes on, the are out of your control.

She doesn’t write back because she doesn’t use online dating apps anymore

When it comes to her texting you on online dating apps like Tinder& Co no longer writes back, then this is often simply because, that she doesn’t use the apps anymore.

Because women often sign up to such apps simply out of curiosity and chat a bit, but are then eventually no longer active.

And this does not mean that they then immediately delete the app but often they simply do not use it anymore.

In fact, in the case of Tinder, for example, there are also studies that say that women only spend an average of one month on Tinder before they stop using the app.

So it may well be that you write with a lady and then she suddenly stops responding because she is simply no longer active on the platform.

Woman does not write back because your message has gone down

Women are bombarded with messages.

Just think how many chats we often have running these days …

There are dating apps like Tinder, standard chats like WhatsApp, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, etc. etc.

And texting is everywhere.

No wonder most women are drowning in a flood of messages every day.

Therefore, it can definitely happen that your message has simply gone down.

That she may have seen them and thought, I’ll reply later. But then "later" often means that she has 35 new messages again.

Therefore, it is completely normal that a message can also simply go down and therefore it has not written so far.

She doesn't write back: what to do when women don't answer anymore?

Girl does not write back anymore because she is not active often

Every woman is different.

Some are online all day and only chatting and texting.

Others are rarely active and live more in the real world.

And so, of course, a girl may simply not respond because she’s not active in chat that often.

I myself usually have several hundred chats with women running in parallel. Usually mostly 200-300 on Tinder, 70-100 on WhatsApp and some more on other social platforms.

So I experience every single day how different women are when it comes to chatting.

Some are online all day and always respond IMMEDIATELY. Others you almost never catch and they actually only reply once in a blue moon.

And that usually has nothing to do with the fact that those who constantly respond are more interested and the others are not. But simply with the fact that yes every person is different.

In fact, I’ve had plenty of great dates with women who were almost never online and always took days to respond. (And who then told me on the date that they just aren’t that into texting and chatting.)

And also the other way around there have been a lot of cases where the women have always answered immediately and it never came to a date.

So it has little to do with whether she is interested or not, but rather that every woman is different when it comes to writing with men.

Therefore it can always be good that she does not answer, because she is just not so often active in chat.

She doesn’t answer you anymore, because she only uses the chat for entertainment and "ego boosting

The fact is, there are many women who use chat with men simply for entertainment or to boost their own ego.

That’s just part of the game.

You will always come across women who never plan to meet and have no real interest in you, but just chat with you because they are bored. Or because it makes them want you and feel more valuable.

Especially on dating apps like Tinder, this is even quite a large portion of women.

So could Studies show , That 40% of women on Tinder actually never plan to meet.

And that is just super important to always keep in mind. So you don’t go crazy and take it personally when she doesn’t write back sometimes. But it’s just part of the game.

She doesn't write back: what to do when women don't answer anymore?

She doesn’t write to you because she has a life too

Not every woman is on her cell phone all day.

While this is the case for many, especially the younger ones, it is not the case for all.

There are also a lot of women who have an exciting life and are extremely busy.

And who have 100 other things higher on their priority list than chatting with a man.

You should always keep this in mind, because it is one of the most common reasons why she doesn’t answer anymore.

To find out, you can simply ask her about it.

Maybe by writing something like ..

"I can tell … an extremely busy lady what … :-)"

"You are probably extremely busy and don’t spend the whole day on your cell phone. I find really good …"

Through such texts you will very quickly find out if she belongs to these girls.

And as a result, it can then also quickly happen that you prefer to meet in person. Because she agrees and says something like that she doesn’t have so much time and desire to chat but prefers to meet people in person.

She doesn’t write because you are too different

Often it’s simply because she doesn’t write anymore because you’re just too different.

And this is also out of your control, because you don’t want to bend and pretend for someone else, just to please her.

So if there were moments in your chat where you noticed that you are just very different, this can also lead to the fact that she does not want to continue writing with you and no longer responds.

"I am totally into action. Need the adrenaline kick and adventure regularly. I really want to go bungee jumping soon."

"Bungee jumping? Crass, I already have a fear of heights when I look at me in the 2. Look out the window."

If there were such or similar situations in the chat, then it’s of course not surprising that she doesn’t write back anymore. Cause she probably feels that you’re just too different.

She doesn’t write back because she’s hard-to-get

She doesn't write back: what to do when women don't answer anymore?

Especially through "women’s magazines" and Hollywood movies, many women have been fed this misconception that they have to make it hard for us men on purpose first, even if they actually like us.

This then often leads to these typical "hard-to-have games", which can also show up in texting.

So it can definitely be a reason that she doesn’t answer anymore, because she’s just one on "hard-to-get" makes. And just play with you a little bit.

And this is just another reason why you should never worry your head but just go about your life. And then after some time simply write to them again with a casual, humorous text, as we will show you later.

She only wants to test you

For similar reasons to the "hard-to-get" games, it may well be that a woman just wants to "test" you by not writing back right away.

Because if you are just chatting, then she probably doesn’t know you that well yet.

So mostly she can’t know yet what a great man you are.

Accordingly, women HAVE to test us every now and then to see what kind of man we are. Whether we’re really the cool, confident, contented, self-assured man they want us to be.

And that works best when they test us, when they put us under a little pressure or surprise us with certain situations.

Such tests in chats are then messages like ..

"Maybe I don’t want to meet with you …"

"Interesting, so you think I am interested in you?"

"What makes you so special? Why should I meet with you?

"Do you write this to every woman?"

Women do not write such things because they are mean and bitchy. (At least most of the time not …)

But simply, Because they want to test you.

Because they want to find out, whether you’re really the cool, confident guy she wants you to be. Or if you get insecure when she puts a little pressure on you and start explaining, justifying or apologizing.

And such a test can just be that she simply does not answer for a while.

Simply because she wants to see if you then immediately become insecure and keep texting her why she’s not responding.

Or if you stay cool and confident, seemingly have a great, exciting life so you don’t need to chase a lady and seemingly don’t depend on her validation to feel good about yourself.

So sometimes that can simply be the reason why she doesn’t respond anymore. Because she wants to see how you react to it. And whether you are really the cool, confident and relaxed guy she wants to have.

So now you know the most common reasons why women don’t reply anymore, which are OUT OF your control.

You see, there can be any number of reasons why she no longer writes back and much of it has nothing to do with you and you can also not change.

But at the same time there are a lot of things that have something to do with you.

Because just as often, it’s because of you and the "mistakes" you make in chat that women stop responding.

And while you can’t do anything about the previous reasons, you can do something about the following ones.

Therefore, we now look at the most common reasons On why women don’t write back anymore, that you can control in any case and are in your own hands.

She doesn’t answer in chat because you make these mistakes

Everything we have discussed so far are reasons over which you have hardly any influence. And which you simply cannot change.

Nevertheless, it is important to know these, so that you do not constantly worry and sink into self-doubt, just because a girl once does not write back.

That women just don’t get in touch anymore is just part of it. It’s part of the game.

And as many external reasons as there can be, for which you can’t do anything, there are of course also many reasons for which you are to blame yourself.

And at this point, of course, it gets really interesting ..

Because of course those are the things that you can influence and control.

So now we look at the most common reasons and causes why women don’t answer anymore, that have to do directly with you and your writing behavior in chat.


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❌You write too boring, factual& rational❌

This really is one of the most common mistakes and reasons why women eventually stop writing back. Because many men just text way too boring, factual and sober.

Often in the chat just rationally exchanged information, instead of triggering emotions .

Often they just write back and forth normally, nice small talk, always answering questions nicely and logically without any emotional "spikes". No flirting, no teasing, no humor. Nothing whereby the chat could be in any way interesting, exciting and thrilling for the lady.

Him: Hey how is your day going?

Her: Quite well, a lot to do at work. With you?

He: Also quite ok. Just finished work and now finally couch and Netflix. What are you doing today?

You: still meet me with a friend for dinner.

Him: ah cool, where do you like to go out to eat most?

You: Och quite differently. But I actually like Asian best. And you?

Him: I really like Asian too. Or Indian … even if that is often too spicy for me&

Blah blah blah blah

No one is up for such boring, logical chats.

Just exchanging sober and factual information is a huge mistake.

And quite often leads to the fact that the women play along out of politeness (or boredom) for a while but then at some point no longer answers.

Because women function more on the level of emotion and NOT information.

You want something SPEAK, When they write with you.

Women are attracted to Fun, entertainment, humor, excitement, challenge ..

You can find out how to do that specifically, as well as 10 of our best techniques for making chat interesting and fun, in our article flirt properly in chat . And should you be on Tinder and just don’t know what to write with her or how to keep the chat going, then be sure to check out our article" Tinder chat " by.

❌You talk about too serious topics❌

Many men understand at some point that they should not write too soberly and factually. And then they often start talking about extremely serious and deep topics.

This is also a big mistake and often leads to the fact that she does not write back any more.

A chat with a lady should be mostly locker, easy, entertaining, be "flirty. Save most of your deep thoughts about God and the world for real life and dating.

Of course, now and then you can write something "normal" and do not have to be all the time just super funny and flirting. But it should never get too serious and deep in chat.

And above all there are some Topics you must avoid at all costs, When you’re texting with a woman.

Avoid these topics in chat with women:

Such topics have no place in chat. Such things are possibly topics of conversation for real life when you already know each other better. But certainly not in the first moments of getting to know each other and especially not by text communication.

❌You put the woman on a throne❌

She doesn't write back: what to do when women don't answer anymore?

Unfortunately, this also happens in 95% of interactions between men and women.

Many men put the woman on a throne, shower her with compliments and would do ANYTHING to make her like them.

And also, if the ladies find that for a time quite sweet and dear and nice, but at some point it bores them. Because it’s exactly what she experiences every day and what all men do.

You put them on a throne and thus make yourself uninteresting by behaviors like …

As I said, this is the kind of behavior most women find "totally sweet and nice". And will often feel flattered and play along for a while.

But at some point they will no longer answer, because it bores them and they then meet with a "real" man.

A man who confidently goes his own way and doesn’t need to kiss some lady’s ass in chat, put her on a throne or be available all the time.

A man who offers her fun, entertainment, excitement and excitement and does not butter her up all the time.

Who is a challenge for her, where she is not quite sure yet if he is really into her.

How you communicate these things in chat and broadcast what makes them curious, for example, you can also find out in our article with our 29 best Tinder tips ever .

In the middle part of the article we have some really awesome techniques for chatting like "qualifying" or how to keep your messages surprising and exciting for them.

❌Your texts are too schmaltzy and exaggerated❌

She doesn't write back: what to do when women don't answer anymore?

As a result of the phenomenon of putting women on a throne, many men then write much too exaggerated and schmaltzy texts in chat.

Often, some super exaggerated compliments are made or it is written totally exaggerated romantic, as if you have found the love for life.

And as said above, maybe that flatters the ladies for a while and they might write something like "aaw, you’re sweet. Thank you very much." And that is then really dangerous, because one is then inclined to think, it comes well and makes then simply in such a way further.

But that’s a mistake.

And it will either lead to her getting bored at some point. Or possibly feeling too pressured because they get the feeling that you seem to care way too much.

❌You’re too scared and insecure❌

A common problem with men in chat is that they seem way too scared and insecure.

And of course, this is extremely unattractive to women.

Fearful and insecure you seem when you are …

All these things convey that you don’t seem to be very confident and don’t have much experience with women. And make you thereby rather uninteresting for her and often lead to the fact that she has no more desire and no longer responds.

❌You’ve never made a "move"❌

This fearful and insecure behavior often results in the next problem: that many men simply never make a "move". So that they never "get down to business" in the sense of Exchanging numbers or suggest a date.

And that is also extremely unattractive to women and often causes them to lose interest and stop replying.

Because women EXPECT that from us, that we make the first step. They expect this from us, that we can confidently and dominantly lead the conversation and move forward.

It’s masculine and attractive to take the lead and be bold.

And if you write her back and forth for ages without getting to the point and advancing the conversation, then she will often have difficulties perceiving you as an attractive, masculine man. And thereby eventually lose interest and no longer respond.

So be brave, take risks, take charge of the conversation, set the tone, move the chat forward and don’t just randomly text back and forth. And don’t wait too long to exchange numbers or suggest a date. (Because otherwise she’ll have long since decided on the other guy who has more balls in his pants.)

When is the right moment for it and what you should write exactly, we show you here in this article .

❌You ask too many questions❌

There is nothing worse than bombarding someone in chat with questions.

Especially when it is these standard questions like are "What do you do?", "How was your day?", "What do you work?", "What are your hobbies??" etc.

This is something you should avoid at all costs when chatting with a woman, because otherwise at some point she simply won’t answer anymore.

It’s much better to formulate assumptions instead of asking too many questions.

Because basically you can express almost every question as an assumption as well.

Instead of asking "What kind of music do you like to listen to" you can also say something like ..

"You look like a real me-dancing-through-the-night techno girl, right? . "

Or instead of asking "What do you do for work?" you can say something like ..

"Your scarf is so colorful … let me guess, you must be studying art …"

Such guesses are always more interesting than just asking someone questions all the time. And there are also automatically much funnier conversations afterwards, because you are usually wrong with the assumption.

Of course you can ask questions from time to time. However, this should not happen too often and if it does, it should be really interesting and creative questions and not the ones she has heard a thousand times already.

By the way, you can find a collection with our 102 best questions ever in our article " the best Tinder questions ".

❌You don’t know where you stand in the interaction❌

Another reason why women don’t write back in chat is that you don’t know exactly where you stand in the interaction and thus write the "wrong" thing.

What do I mean?

For example, if you don’t have a sense of when the right moment is to exchange numbers or when you should ask her out, etc., then this will also often lead to the fact that she does not answer anymore.

For example, if you ask for a date too soon, before there is enough interest, connection and attraction, she often just won’t write back.

The same goes for exchanging numbers. Are you on Tinder or any other dating platform or on Facebook, Instagram etc?. and ask for her number at the wrong time, then that can also lead to her simply not answering anymore.

Therefore, you must always be careful to get a sense of where you stand in the interaction, that is, when she is ready to exchange numbers or meet up.

This is how you know that a woman is ready to exchange numbers or meet:

Many more tips and tricks on how to recognize that she is ready for a date or to exchange numbers and what exactly you should write then, you can find also here in this article .

❌You have not made yourself interesting enough❌

Women nowadays have an incredible number of options with men online.

Through apps like Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. most pretty women are bombarded every day with messages from men who want to meet them.

So why should you stand out from the crowd?? Why would she pay attention to you and respond to you?? And not to the 35 others who also write to her ..

When you don’t know each other personally, it’s normal that she doesn’t yet know what a great guy you are. She doesn’t know you yet.

And if you don’t manage to show your personality in the chat and make her curious, then it’s clear that she doesn’t know yet if she finds you interesting at all. And then it can be well that it first no longer writes back.

This is how you make yourself interesting in chat:

With which texts you can implement this in the chat and lots of examples can be found in our articles on the Tinder tips and on the topic Flirt in chat.

And if you use the "shortcut you want, just use our revolutionary "Match to Date" chat system, which always spits out the perfect text for every situation in the chat.

❌You didn’t establish a connection with her❌

The chat serves in itself rather not On how to build a deep connection and rapport.

A minimum confidence and connection should then be built up.

Because otherwise it may well be that at some point she simply no longer responds. Especially when it then comes to exchanging numbers or dating.

Therefore, you should also always make sure to provide at least a little bit of confidence and connection in the chat.

You can do that by, for example, now and then sending a Send a voice message or a photo from your life. This immediately makes you much more "real" and tangible for her and she feels directly as if she already knows you a little better.

Or you just try to find out and emphasize similarities in the chat as often as possible. Because common ground also makes you feel a little more connected to a person right away.

❌You’re writing to her at the wrong time❌

Yes, there is indeed a wrong time for writing.

And that can also be one of the reasons why women don’t write back anymore.

Because imagine that you often write to her when things are just not right with her.

For example, if she has a job where she is busy from 8 am to 5 pm every day and can’t chat and you write her exactly during this time, it’s obvious that she often won’t reply.

Many also make the mistake of checking their cell phones first thing in the morning and then answering messages or sending texts right away. But many people tend to be stressed in the morning and don’t really have the time or inclination to chat. And so she may well see your message but then think to herself "oh, I’ll reply later" and then later forget about it.

Therefore timing and the timing of writing With a woman quite important.

So, as a rule, you should write to her only when you know with a high probability that she will have time to answer as well.

A good rule of thumb for chatting is to keep his News Send mostly only in the evening. Because that’s when most people have the most time to reply to text messages. (Unless you know that she always has to work in the evening, for example.)

And now you know the most common reasons why women don’t write back in the chat.

You have seen that there are plenty of reasons for which you can do nothing at all. But that there are just as many causes that you can very well control and are in your hands.


There is a simple method you can use to prevent women from writing back:

Just use our revolutionary "Match to Date" tool Chat system!

This is something you should NEVER do when a woman stops replying

Allright my dear ..

Up to this point, we’ve looked at plenty of reasons and causes why women stop texting back.

In the second part of this article we will now talk about what you should do, or rather how to do it. what NOT to do when this happens.

So for now, let’s start with what you’re should absolutely avoid, if she does not answer anymore.

❌You ask why she doesn’t write back❌

That would be the very worst thing you could do.

Asking her why she doesn’t answer more.

In a long-term friendship or committed relationship, it’s a different story.

Since it would be quite surprising if someone simply no longer responds and therefore quite legitimate to ask why this is so.

But when you’re just getting to know each other and texting, a question like that is completely out of line.

Because women quickly get the feeling of being pressured, that they owe you something and they have to meet some expectations.

And there is no one on it.

Therefore, you should ask such questions as "Why don’t you answer?" or "Is there a reason you’re not answering more?" or even worse: "It’s really rude that you don’t write back" and refrain from any variations of this.

❌Calling you❌

Likewise, you should definitely not call her after she has not responded to your messages.

Because that would put a lot more pressure on her than asking why she doesn’t write back.

As said above, this would also be different if you have known each other for a long time and are important to each other. Then it is often even recommended to call briefly and clarify things in person rather than texting forever, which often leads to misunderstandings.

But when it comes to getting to know each other and you don’t know each other well yet, you should definitely not call her after she hasn’t texted you back.

❌Write to her on another platform❌

Also, you should definitely not contact her on any other platform.

If she hasn’t texted you back on WhatsApp, for example, then you should definitely refrain from messaging her on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder or anywhere else.

Because this makes women feel very quickly harassed or even "stalked" and it will only lead to her distancing herself even more and even more not writing back.

❌Think about it all the time❌

If a woman stops answering you, you definitely shouldn’t be thinking about it all the time.

I know that’s not so easy sometimes.

But it just doesn’t do any good.

Because you’ve already seen above in the article that there can be thousands of reasons why this happens. And that many of the causes have nothing at all to do with you.

Therefore, there’s absolutely no point in racking your brains and letting it get you down.

Because when you do that, not only do you feel bad emotionally, but you often just make the situation worse.

Because if she has not written more because you were too needy or insecure in the chat, then you will only radiate that all the more if you worry and worry all the time.

So just do not worry too much. Live your life, write with other women, work on yourself and your goals, whatever you like to do. And then rather look at how you can prevent her from not answering in the future instead of constantly thinking about the past

Here’s how to prevent her from texting back in the first place

So now you have seen what you should NEVER do when a woman does not answer anymore. And in a moment, we’ll also show you what you should do instead and what texts you can send her in these situations.

But before that, it’s still important to understand how you can prevent her from writing back in the first place. Because that should of course always be your first goal.

Of course, it can’t be completely avoided and, as described at the beginning of the article, it’s also partly just part of it. But how often it happens can be influenced quite strongly.

And it makes a huge difference if this happens to you all the time, that women don’t answer you anymore or it happens only once in a while. You will never be able to prevent it completely. But with the right knowledge and some tricks you can still do it greatly reduce.

Therefore, we now give you our best tips and tricks on how you can prevent women from not writing you back in chat in the first place.

And basically, it’s not as hard as you might think. Because there are actually only three crucial things, that you have to pay attention to:

  1. Your inner attitude and your mood when texting
  2. Whether you can do it, To trigger emotions in it
  3. Whether you can get her to she invested in the chat

What exactly is meant by this and how it works, we’ll take a look at it now.

Have the right mindset BEFORE you write to her/be in the right mood

Everyone knows that emotions are contagious.

If you have to deal with extremely negative, bad-tempered people, this will quickly rub off on you and drag you down. And the other way around, positive vibes, laughter, etc., can also be a good thing. be extremely contagious.

This phenomenon is well known and has been studied in psychology explored in depth .

But not only in real life, but also when texting, one’s own mood has a massive impact and leaves a lasting impression on the chat partner.

Be in the right mood when you write with her

Therefore, you should always be in "the right mood" and have the right mindset BEFORE you send a message to a woman.

Write with her when you actually feel like crap and are in a bad mood, it comes across that way, no matter how funny and easy-going you try to be.

And then it can easily happen that she notices this and then simply doesn’t feel like writing back when she receives these negative vibrations. (And believe me, women have very fine sensors to recognize such things.)

Therefore, you should generally only write to women when you are in the right mental and emotional state.

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