Secretly in love: these 7 signs betray a woman

When you feel a tingling in your stomach and you are not sure if it can be love, then you ask yourself if you are secretly in love. Are you secretly in love? The secret crush on a man can be as new to a woman as it is to the man. As a teenager, we all know those signs when we secretly like a boy but don’t dare tell him. But in the past everything was easier. With a small piece of paper on which a simple cross was to be made, the first bonds between boys and girls were established. Today, however, as an adult woman, it’s different. Especially for the man it is difficult to recognize the love of a woman, especially if the lady behaves overcast.

However, there are quite clear body signals and signs that speak for a secret infatuation. Dear men, get out your pens and write down the most important facts. Because with these signs you find out whether the dream woman is secretly in love.

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What does it mean to be secretly in love

Not only men have problems to recognize a woman whether she is secretly in love or not. Even we ourselves have a problem with it from time to time. But what does it mean now to be secretly in love? Is it all in your head? To be secretly in love means first of all to be interested in another person, to develop romantic or deep feelings for this person. However, the other person does not know about his happiness. Most hide their emotional development and do not want under any circumstances that the other person notices it. Especially women tend to hide themselves.

Secretly in love: these 7 signs betray a woman

The reasons for being secretly in love are many and varied, but often have something to do with the past and experience.

Women are secretly in love because:

  • they are shy and afraid to show their feelings.
  • she has not yet found the right words.
  • a friendship stands in between.
  • inner conflicts about marriage are present.

How the body reacts when you are secretly in love

From their own experience, most women know how you feel when the secret love exists. To be secretly in love means not only to develop the feelings, but also the body reacts to this change. The rose-colored glasses are a part of this body feeling. We see everything with different eyes and with a lot of friendly contemplation. Not noticing the other person’s faults and quirks. However, our body has other clever ways of showing us that it is in love. For example, each of us knows the feeling of floating on a cloud. We are flooded with happiness hormones that make our day and especially our everyday life more beautiful. The Tingling in the belly, when you see your crush is also no imagination, but with very many reality. But our body reacts in other ways as well. We get sweaty hands, a smile appears and the pupils dilate. But these signs are difficult to see if you are not paying attention to them.

7 signs that women are secretly in love

If you have desired your crush for a long time, then he may simply not have seen the following signs yet. If there is a suspicion that a woman is secretly in love, then very strange behaviors show up, which we will now describe. So dear gentlemen, please keep your eyes open for your best friend in the near future.

  1. There is a shyness: Women who are secretly in love are very shy with their partner. They seem to behave differently than before. It’s especially noticeable in women who have previously been open about it. If a woman behaves shyly towards you for unknown reasons, she may well be in love with you.
  2. The woman always comes perfectly styled: Also a sign that a woman has secretly fallen in love with you. Most ladies generally always come neatly to a meeting. If you also notice a change here, then it may well be that the lady has fallen in love with you.
  3. Jealousy: Jealousy can arise not only in a relationship, but also in women who have secretly fallen in love. Especially in the presence with other women, the secretly in love show clear signs of jealousy.
  4. Steady contact: It increases the contact. By WhatsApp, Facebook or through other messaging services.
  5. Blush on the face: Women become, as soon as they are secretly in love, not only partly bitchier, but they blush fast. Especially if you compliment the lady, it can quickly cause a blush on the face.
  6. Frequent touches: It seeks your proximity and tries to maintain physical contact. For this reason, regular touches may occur very quickly.
  7. Long eye contact: Women who are secretly in love, seek eye contact with the gentleman. So if she looks at you long and hard, you can be sure that she is thinking about a future together.

Secretly in love: these 7 signs betray a woman

Women who are secretly in love usually show their feelings unconsciously. With a little attention and empathy you can recognize the signs very quickly.

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