School is scheduled to start normal operations after the vacations

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Saxony’s schools are to restart in normal operation under pandemic conditions after the summer vacations.

This was announced today by Saxony’s Minister of Education Christian Piwarz. All schools have been informed about this at the end of last week.

"From the start of the 2020/2021 school year, all types of schools and all grades are to resume regular classes five days a week. The students will be taught as usual in their classes and courses according to the applicable timetables and curricula," says Minister of Education Christian Piwarz. This means that school attendance will once again be compulsory for all pupils.

The minister recalled that students faced very different teaching and learning conditions in recent months. "It is therefore particularly important to determine the catch-up requirements for each student and to take the identified deficits into account in the lesson planning for the new school year," emphasized Minister of Education Christian Piwarz. Compulsory education has the highest priority in the coming school year. "School closures will only be the last resort. The right of children and adolescents to education and participation and equity of opportunity must not be lightly compromised in the balance with infection control measures," the minister clarified.

Home learning time and digitization

Schools would still need to be prepared for temporary local or regional closures with temporary learning times for students at home. What to look for in home learning time, schools received information on this last week (Information on home learning time and digital offerings). "The organization of home learning time must be taken into account from the outset when planning the school year so that the students can be comprehensively supervised and accompanied," says the Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs. This includes arrangements for communication channels with students and parents as well as offering attendance office hours. Each school is to establish uniform solutions in electronic communication and distance learning.

Selected hygiene rules for school operation after the summer holidays

When organizing regular operations under pandemic conditions, a whole range of hygiene measures must be observed (action guide for organizing school operations). Compliance with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters will no longer apply to schools and school events in the coming school year. School administrators may determine, within the scope of their authority, in which situations mouth-to-nose coverings are to be worn in the school building and on school grounds. Those working at the school need to be documented on a daily basis to better track chains of infection. A health certificate, as was previously necessary in the limited regular operation at elementary schools, will no longer be required in the future. Anyone entering the school must immediately wash or disinfect their hands. Persons infected with the Corona virus or showing symptoms will not be allowed to enter the schools.

Vocational and academic orientation

Career orientation measures and projects can be implemented. With the transition to regular operation, student internships are possible again in the school year 2020/2021. However, the internships may only take place in the Free State of Saxony.

Visit of extracurricular places of learning

Visits to extracurricular places of learning, such as theaters, museums, and libraries are possible. Events with external partners, such as theater workshops or readings, are also possible.

Student competitions

Student competitions can be held again. Participation in competitions within Saxony or in other federal states is possible. Multi-day participation in competitions outside Germany, on the other hand, are prohibited until the end of the first school semester 2020/2021, including the winter vacations.

All-day programs

Schools should make greater use of all-day programs to provide additional educational opportunities and individual support for students. Support services should be needs-based and student-centered. The same applies to additional educational offerings. They should be designed to complement lessons and the curriculum.

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