Schalke striker niklas dorr wants to become german champion

Schalke striker Niklas Dorr wants to become German champion

Goal scorer on 12. November in Hanover against Turkey: Schalke’s U-17 striker Niklas Dorr.

Photo: Martin Rose / Getty Images For DFB

Gelsenkirchen. "We already know roughly what something like that feels like," says Niklas Dorr, striker for the Schalke U-17 team. Victory in the NRW League Cup over BVB.

It’s been a year and a half since Niklas Dorr moved to FC Schalke 04 as a 14-year-old from the tranquil village of Schweinberg with its 700 inhabitants, a district of Hardheim on the northeastern edge of the Neckar-Odenwald district in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. In the meantime, the striker is an U-17 national player – he played on his debut on 12. November against Turkey (2:1) in Hanover also scored directly – and may dream with his royal blue teammate of becoming German champion. Before heading to Spain with the DFB selection, Niklas Dorr spoke to the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung during his Christmas vacation at home.

In this interview, Niklas Dorr, who has already scored eight times this season for the Schalke U-17 team (five times in the NRW League Cup as well as three times in the B-Junioren Bundesliga), tells us that he quickly got used to getting along far away from home at the Knappenschmiede boarding school. Nevertheless it was a giant step.

Victory in the final of the NRW League Cup over Borussia Dortmund

"I never knew training twice a day before," says Niklas Dorr. "At the first training camp, I immediately had eight blisters on one foot. But my body quickly got used to the strain and the unfamiliar training intensity and frequency, so I was able to cope well after a short time: My coach at the time, Jakob Fimpel, also let me play right away, and I scored a few goals."

As is well known, this also applies to the current season, in which coach Onur cinel’s team is in third place in the West Relay and has excellent prospects of reaching one of the top two places and thus the B Juniors semifinals for the German Championship. "My personal goal is, quite clearly, to become German champion," says Niklas Dorr. "We are in good shape and have a good chance of reaching the final round and taking the title. We already know what something like that feels like: In September, we won the NRW League Cup against Dortmund!"

Niklas Dorr: "After the U17s, the U19s will hopefully be waiting for me from the summer onwards"

Of course: Like so many talented players, Niklas Dorr also dreams of becoming a professional one day. And along the way, the 16-year-old is soaking up a lot at Schalke. "Technically and tactically, I learned the most," he recounts. "I have also improved in terms of game intelligence. As for the special skills of an attacker, I have also learned. This is where the extra training with striker coach Martin Max pays off."

For now, however, Niklas Dorr, who is advised by Kevin Kuranyi’s Stuttgart-based agency "Twentytwo Sportmanagement," looks at the current situation. "I just look from game to game and try to constantly improve," he says. "After the U17s, I hope that coach Norbert Elgert’s U19s will be waiting for me in the summer. Then I have to assert myself there. But one thing is clear: Schalke is a first-class address for talents. At hardly any other club have so many homegrown players been given a chance in recent years as at Schalke. But as I said, that’s up in the air for now." (AHa)

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