Save money: the 29 best money-saving tips 2021

We can save money in everyday life, on vacation, on fees and on investments. The best tips for saving money have no disadvantage on our quality of life. The money saving tips are easy to implement and with most of them we benefit twice: we have more money and we live healthier. Whether as Frugalist through savings earlier into retirement at 40 or a dream you need money for: Get inspired by these money saving tricks and feel free to post in the comments if you have any other money saving tips to

Start by clarifying, why you want to save at all and which Requirements you can create so that you can to save money properly can. After that, you can jump right into the category where you’re looking for ways to save money:

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Saving like the Swabians – In which area do you start?







Saving tip #1: Know your expenses: Cash trick

For myself, a budget book was always too much effort. It is enough for me to know the amounts per category of expenses. Costs like rent, cell phone etc. Are aware of most, but what about the expenses that are not so easily tangible? Food/drink/leisure? To determine these expenses, a Simple trick helped: Estimate the costs for one month and withdraw the amount in cash at the beginning of the month.

This month you then consistently pay for food/drink/leisure expenses out of that money. If the money runs out before the end of the month, you fill with further Cash at. At the end of the month, however, you note how much was used in total for normal life. After 2 months do you know your expenses for this more difficult to grasp category.

Look at how Student Michael alone by the overview of its expenditures of " permanently broke " to 6.000 € on the account has come.

How can I save money while I’m still in college or a student??

Saving tip #2: Take advantage of discounts for students or trainees

If you’re a student enrolled at a university in Germany, in many situations you’ll get a Student discount . Back in the day, I made a habit of always looking for student discounts when making admissions or buying a new laptop computer. Even abroad it worked and I saved 20€ entrance fee in a museum in Mexico.

How can I save money in education? For Trainees Often the same applies: be brave and ask, it never hurts!

Money-saving tip #3: Use cash back for online purchases

There are many providers where you get cash back as reimbursement per purchase. One supplier is Widilo. For example, you book your trip online through a platform like, you would currently receive 4% of the net amount as credit via Widilo vouchers.

Cashback 4% on bookings via may well be worthwhile

From 15€ you can get your cashback from the platform. There are very many online stores listed.

Banks, investing money and taxes – here you can save money!

Save money, what is worthwhile? One lucrative area is the money itself. In the digital age, we have alternatives to the inappropriate monthly fees for checking accounts and transfers at branch banks.

Money-saving tip #1: Switch to a free checking account

A branch bank has no added value for me today. Direct banks respond to emails online quickly and can be reached by phone if there are any problems. That’s enough for me. In return, I am happy to get every month the Fees for the current account at a branch bank to save .

If you have found the right offer in the current account comparison, the Changing banks is also very simple : With my free checking account from DKB, I was able to send a letter to all people/companies at the push of a button after signing up to inform them of my new bank account information. That worked smoothly.

As a private current account I use the one of DKB, as a business account I use the free N26 current account.

Money saving tip #2: Avoid financial mistakes like consumer debt

Success in wealth accumulation is not only based on the things we do. Important are especially Things we do not do . Meant are typical financial mistakes: A New car , which will lose extreme value after 3 years, overdrawing the Dispokredites or Consumer debt .

These are just a few examples of decisions that many of us make without being aware of the bad effects on their assets to be conscious. If your overdraft facility is in the red? Get a quick overview of your finances and set your first goal: Debt free on your checking account !

Money saving tip #3: Daily money for the emergency reserve

Just in case, always have one Emergency reserve of money quickly available. This can be either as cash or in a call money account.

With most providers there is the possibility of a Savings Plan , so that you can flexibly deposit your savings amount monthly into your call money account.

By setting, for example, that from now on once at the beginning of the month you automatically make a deposit into your call money account, it works: Pay yourself first . The money earns interest at the current prevailing interest rate. If I save money, which account should I take? Popular for overnight money, for example, is a free account at comdirect bank.

Money saving tip #4: Money box and the 5€-Challenge

Make a fun of it and empty all of them every night Cent coins into a savings box . You hardly notice the small amounts and after a few months a nice sum comes together without you having noticed it.

Who has a little more money available, can also once the 5€-Challenge of motivation coach Christian Bischoff try out. The principle is the same as with the coins, except that every evening you save away the €5 bills that are in your wallet. Participants had after a few months several hundred euros saved.

Money Saving Tip #5: Learn the Basics of Investing!

Saving is a great lever for wealth accumulation. Who leaves the money however only on the savings book, makes from it in the long term not more, but less money, since the purchasing power sinks by the inflation. Therefore, everyone should familiarize themselves with the Basics of investing know. You don’t have to be a math whiz to do this.

Again, it helps to have your own further education , to learn from the mistakes of others. Once your emergency reserve is saved in the call account, you can learn how to invest in stocks or P2P loans how to invest Mintos.

Here is clear more return than on the daily money possible. If you have Risks and pitfalls know and work out a strategy for yourself, anyone can implement it. For this reason whole chapter in eBook only the topic " Typical investor mistakes " dedicated. Only those who know the effects of their financial decisions can avoid bad ones.

Be it by working through a eBooks , attending a seminar or researching on Financial blogs . Let your Make money work for you !

Learn in 6 weeks anything to build wealth over the long term.

Money saving tip #6: Make tax return

If you want it to be even more convenient, take a look at the smartsteuer* online service. Here you are led in interview form by the explanation in under one hour. With average repayments of 1.069€ it would be a pity if you miss out on this every year.

It is worthwhile to regularly compare car insurance for cheaper rates. Often a significant saving is also possible by changing tariffs without changing the insurer.

A tip to save money can also be the submission of the Tax return its. This is also worthwhile for people who are not yet earning, or only earning a small amount, because they are still in the Education or in study are. Meanwhile this can online be submitted via Elster.

Money-saving tip #7: Check your car insurance regularly

Enter your license plate number and check whether another insurer is more favorable is for you:

Money-saving tip #8: Compare supplementary dental insurance and take out if necessary

Depending on lifestyle and dental history, supplementary dental insurance can save costs. For whom it is worthwhile and who is better off without insurance answered a dentist friend of mine in an interview: Dental Insurance.

Saving money in everyday life: eating

Around the topic of food, there are many ways you can Save money you can. The good: Usually also our health profits. Sweets or fast food goes in the long run in the money. How this saves, automatically becomes fitter and healthier. Many things can be made easier with good planning.

Food-saving tip #1: Cook more often yourself

Fast food, restaurant visits and the occasional coffee-to-go tear a deep hole in the household budget in the long term. Spending that is bad for your health or happens out of laziness can be directly eliminated. Restaurant visits that bring joy to life and consciously perceived, can remain.

You can definitely ask yourself if you would like to cook a dish yourself sometime. The activity alone can Make fun , you learn new skills and your wealth grows faster. At the same time, you will tend to eat healthier if you cook yourself, which will benefit you for life.

Food saving tip #2: Save money on cooking

Two quick tips for cooking: If you use the Lid when heating If you leave the meat on the pot, you use less energy. If you additionally water first in the kettle heat it up, it is once again cheaper than on the electric stove.

Food-saving tip #3: Smoking and alcohol is cash

The great thing about unhealthy habits , is the double effect we have when we change something in our behavior: Our health rejoices and at the same time we keep more of our hard-earned money. Quitting smoking or cutting down on alcohol is a great lever for our health and in order to save money quickly .

You might also want to quit smoking* or at least reduce it. calculate how much money you could save in only one year. This would motivate me!

Food saving tip #4: Rethink meat consumption

Those who become aware of their expenses can also question, what eating habits have become established. High meat consumption not only leads to deterioration of our environment, but also eats up a lot of your hard-earned money. Although in the Discounter antibiotic cutlets are offered at not comprehensible prices, is Meat still a very expensive product .

Not everyone must directly Vegetarian but it’s worth questioning if your meat consumption can be reduced. If you eat meat less often, you save money, even though you then buy it even at the butcher in better quality you can buy from the region. It remains thus something special and the planet and your fortune are pleased.

Save money on shopping

What we buy, where we buy it and how we buy it is very important when we are save money in the long run and want to build wealth. This starts to buy food .

Shopping saving tip #1: Weekly shopping and kilo prices

If you make it a habit to make a weekly purchase instead of many small impulse purchases for food, this has two effects: You will healthier food shop and at the same time Save money . That’s because when you’re shopping for the week, you already have a rough idea of the dishes for each day. Spontaneous frustration purchases with unhealthy food after a stressful day became much rarer with me through this.

At the same time you can Weekly shopping doing it at a store like ALDI, which may be a little farther away than more expensive grocery stores (for the same quality). When shopping yourself, you can Compare kilo prices . With vegetables like peppers, it’s often amazing how marketing tricks try to get us to pay twice as much for the same goods. A comparison of the prices per kilo can help here.

It is also advisable to only shopping with a full stomach : this reduces the inhibition threshold for useless and unhealthy things.

Cross Sell Book

Real conversion tips, IMMEDIATELY.

Do you often ask yourself, where your money has gone again at the end of the month? Gain an overview of your finances! Increase your enjoyment of life as money is less and less of an issue and invest your savings monthly in the long term and wisely!

Shopping savings tip #2: Bend and stretch produce

Those who buy Grocery shopping wants to save, can try not only to look for the products at eye level, but also to do a little gymnastics: By bending and stretching we often find cheaper products of the same quality.

Also it makes sense to Offers to pay attention and seasonal to buy fruits and vegetables. Then there are just once no strawberries in winter, in summer they taste all the better for it.

Shopping savings tip #3: 30-day rule against impulse buying

Through online shopping at Amazon etc. Buying has never been easier. However, it often tempts us to buy things that we find superfluous again after a short time and thus burn money. To prevent here and To avoid impulse buying , helps 30-day rule : Wait 30 days for major purchases before you strike.

The example is also in Galileo article to see about frugalism when the team of Pro7 visited me in Stuttgart. I bought a Sodastream to lug less and avoid plastic, after 30 days of consideration of course&

If you still think the purchase makes sense, you can make it with a clear conscience. The probability that you don’t need the item after a short time has become much less.

Shopping saving tip #4: Who buys cheap, buys twice

One advantage of making new purchases more thoughtfully is that you don’t have to buy things as often. With that you have more money at the same time available when you really need something. In this case, you can ask about tools, shoes or clothes provide better quality , that lasts longer.

You do not buy thereby in two weeks a new screwdriver, because the old one broke already again, even if it was nevertheless a bargain. I also get more pleasure from higher quality products to handle.

Shopping savings tip #5: Repair instead of replace

In today’s throwaway society, we tend to buy new things quickly when something breaks. However, many things can repaired with little effort Will. My beach volleyball for 60€ had a hole. Instead of buying new, I discovered a repair store that fixed the whole thing for 8€. My Cell phone battery was no longer usable after 2 years, but the device was intact.

Providers such as ifixit provide a remedy. With a few handles you have also with iPhones the possibility to save the Battery replacing the old ones and practicing manual dexterity. If that’s too much for you, you can have the battery changed on site in just a few minutes by providers like reparando.

Shopping savings tip #6: Used, B-goods and display items

Who in the save money in daily life If you want to make a purchase, you can make a habit of considering whether it would be disadvantageous to buy the item before you buy it buy used . Often remember we after one week use of the bicycle or trailer no longer, whether we bought it initially as new or used.

The big Advantage is that we extremely save money , because we have to spend less money at the purchase and we can save money at the Resale less loss or even make a profit. My racing bike, which I bought used, I could after 2 years of infrequent use for some resell more money . This also saves money.

Shopping savings tip #7: Borrow instead of buy

I could often save money and time by borrowing and lending items. My good impact drill comes gladly with friends to use. Not everyone needs to own one, with a maximum of two drills a year. Before we purchase items, it is worth looking for offers to borrow or in the circle of acquaintances to ask once.

In hardware stores larger tools, such as a jackhammer or circular saws, can be borrowed for a small fee. A Savings trick , which also saves space in your own home or basement.

save money in the household and the apartment

There are also many ways to save money when it comes to housing costs. electricity or gas Often differ significantly in price depending on the provider. The Rent makes up a large part of the expenses. Reason enough to look at how money can be saved here.

Apartment saving tip #1: Cheaper rent

In the last few years, in large parts of Germany, the Rent prices have risen sharply . In an international comparison, it is nevertheless favorable in our country, if you compare the proportion that the rent makes up in our country of the income.

Depending on my goals in life and what I want to do with money, it may be worth looking for a more favorable dwelling Look out for. Possibly this means that the new location further outside the center is. Thanks to bicycle or public transport, this may not be a big problem at all.

Who would like to save in addition monthly money, can examine whether a smaller apartment – used efficiently – maybe offers the same quality of life or even more. It’s all a matter of priorities and what’s important to us.

Apartment saving tip #2: Save electricity and gas costs

Electricity costs accrue monthly, which is why it has a great effect here if we can reduce costs. First our consumption and then the price we pay for our electricity. Through the Switch portals like Check24 it is no effort more and I do it once a year and save a lot of money by doing so. Preferences such as green power and other settings can be made. Pay too much? Take the test!

Who like me, a Gas heating in its dwelling has, which can likewise select its gas offerer independently of the current offerer and save additionally:

Apartment saving tip #3: Sell unnecessary clutter

All items that you find in your apartment or house and nothing to your Quality of life t contribute, can go away. Another is pleased and you receive money for it.

Through apps, items are posted on ebay or other platforms in minutes. My trick: Mostly I put the things on ebay classifieds online and then move them directly into the basement . This way they don’t bother me anymore in the apartment and I don’t have time pressure with the sale. So I do not have to give in my desired price and can wait patiently , until someone accepts my price.

If you want to sell your used car, you can also increase your profit by small tricks.

Apartment-saving tip #4: Check costs for Internet and telephone regularly

The costs, which are debited monthly or transferred by standing order, are the Most dangerous . We do not have them on the screen, they run automatically. also we shy away by the alleged expenditure from a Provider change often back. The change expenditure is however no longer high at all and the money we from then on save monthly, it is often worth the time ! In addition to savings, there are often Premiums , we receive when we switch. My tip : Save you at the conclusion of the contract directly the termination date, so that the contract can terminate in time, if you want that. Can you still save a little each month on your rate?

Dwelling savings tip #5: Apply for construction child benefit

In mid-2018, a subsidy was introduced for families who want to buy their own home. The Baukindergeld is a government subsidy that goes to families with at least one underage child is awarded.

The purpose of the "Baukindergeld" is to enable more families with children to afford their own home. Due to the fact that the Baukindergeld over a Period of ten years guaranteed paid out it is added as equity in the case of real estate financing.

More information is available at Baukindergeld.

How to save money on vacation and leisure time?

Quickly costly can Vacations and travel are. What you can look out for, which Money saving tips there are, I have compiled here. If you have any other good recommendations, feel free to let me know, and I’ll add them.

The way we Leisure can be decisive for how fast we Save money . If instead of a monthly gym in the park jogging I can save money extremely quickly. Also smaller savings on books or Magazines have a positive effect in the long run.

Leisure saving tip #1: Outdoor sports

We humans struggle greatly with our inner piggy . In January motivated by New Year’s resolutions the monthly subscription in the Gym completed. In February we go already more rarely and in the warm summer we have then often completely lost the motivation.

Why instead of paid monthly subscriptions do not use nature? jogging in the park , pull-ups on the trim trail and push-ups on the lawn: it costs nothing, you breathe fresh air and the opening hours are continuous whether day or night!

I completed my first marathon this year, the training before that was free of charge in nature.

Leisure saving tip #2: Books, magazines and education

With many magazines, such as the Handelsblatt, a Digital Pass offered, often for much less money , than for the printed version.

If you prefer to hold classic books in your hand, you can get a pass for little money in the Library exhibit. For about 20€ annual fee I borrow many books in Stuttgart and sometimes work in the newly built City Library or write a book. The also saves money , without a disadvantage for me.

Leisure saving tip #3: Receive money in case of flight delays

It often happened to me that my plane was delayed. However, after once arriving several hours late at my destination, I found out more about what I could do. I found what I was looking for: With providers like you get in many cases from a Flight delay over 3 hours 200€ – 600€ back.

Save money with flight delay refunds, source: flightright.en

I tested it: Entered flight details, a month later I had a Reimbursement of 200€ on my account. Working time: 20 minutes, good hourly rate!

Leisure saving tip #4: Withdraw cash for free on vacation and abroad

If you vacation abroad, you can get a nasty surprise: High Fees for withdrawals abroad . To save money, you are well advised to find out in advance whether your bank charges fees for foreign withdrawals.

I myself use the free Visa card from DKB. foreign withdrawals are here worldwide free of charge . Hereby I made best experiences with money withdrawals abroad. I’ve tested it in Argentina, Spain, France, Italy and Mexico. If, nevertheless, once fees on the account statement have accrued (1x happened in Argentina), these were refunded to me immediately after a short e-mail to the DKB support.

Leisure savings tip #5: Cheap accommodation on vacation with Airbnb

When I travel, I book almost only Airbnb accommodations . These are private homes or apartments that are rented from private people , renting a room for a certain period of time to people living in the city. The advantage: Often the prices are significantly cheaper than in hotels . On the other hand, one usually has with the host a local contact on site , which could give me already often valuable Tipps, what it in the city to discover gives.

I have used Airbnb in countless countries and cities, the experience has been consistently positive. In most cases, the private hosts put a lot of effort into furnishings and on-site support, as Reviews on the platform by us guests are dependent.

Why save money at all? Know your savings goal!

I want to save money! But why? Being aware of what is the reason to save money is the most important thing. A great savings goal will keep you motivated and help you if you ever have a harder time. What is your savings goal?

Saving tips for Stingy : The term miser is of course not meant seriously. There’s a big difference between saving and being stingy. When we save, we are always more efficient with our money. In our normal Everyday life we can often already Saving money , because we make habits every day.

Saving for a car, vacation or retirement at 40

The Savings goals are quite different. One person is saving for their first car, the other for a vacation. Frugalists, these are people who live very consciously and can usually save a lot, often retire at 40 or earlier if they want to.

Strictly speaking, it is not saving if we spend the money directly on a car or a vacation again. Better not to touch our savings at all, but to invest them. By investing the money it generates current yields for you.

No matter what your savings goal is, the basic rule is simple: Spend less money than you take in!

How much money do Germans save on average?

In Germany, according to Statista, we save on average around 10 percent of our income. How about you, can you put something aside every month, or do you not have an overview of your finances yet to be able to say it for sure?? – No problem, we will look at that in a moment.

How much money should you save?

There is no rule how much you should save. The you decide for yourself . There are people who earn well, spend little and have a savings rate of over 50 percent. If you earn less, you might save less – the important thing is that you save at all.

All the expenses you can save and your Quality of life even not deteriorate , are perfect. The amount is different for everyone. Some get by with 5€ a day, like Anna in expensive London, others need more money for a happy life. The idea here is to figure out what we can our quality of life really need and how efficiently we can achieve that.

If you have an overview of your money and the Savings tricks month by month, you can increase your savings Assets build.

How much money to save for retirement?

The savings goal of many is the old-age provision, that in the pension a good life is possible. How much money do you need? This depends on how high your state pension will be. Since no one can say this today, it is worthwhile to, privately To save money for retirement .

Frugalists are guided by 25 times their annual expenses. Once these assets are saved and invested, just from the the assets and investment income to make a living.

Who knows his To top up your pension would like, can calculate with the help of a compound interest calculator, how high his assets will be at retirement age: provided that the majority of the money is reasonable invested .

How can I really save money?

Let’s get started! How can I save money? Some are just naturally frugal. Others find it a little harder and say to themselves "I want to save money, but how?"

The best way I was able to save money was to first get a Overview of my finances procured. Only if I know how much I spend and how much I earn each month can I improve and save more. You can use an Excel template or a budget book as an app or classically with pen and paper.

It is important that you as a start know exactly how your money currently stands. Write down all your expenses for one month. If this step is taken, you can get started and see in which area you have Optimize costs and save can.

I do not want to save money – what alternatives do I have??

The amount we can save each month is influenced by two components: our income and our Spending . If we don’t want to cut our expenses any further, we still have one alternative: we can save our Increase income .

There are no upper limits to income. Today, with the internet and the offers of accessible knowledge, it’s easier than ever before. On platforms like Udemy, you can use your cell phone to make a video course record about a topic in which you know well. If there is a need and you offer added value, people will buy your course and your income will increase.

You can work on Participate in surveys , visit Continuing education or write a book. Much is also possible at the end of the day or weekend. You could start learning how to invest wisely in stocks or P2P loans to earn monthly returns.

Saving money therefore does not always mean just thinking about costs. You can also save more by investing Income page increase . Good luck!

Frequently asked questions about saving

If you need motivation on saving money: reader Michael was constantly broke. Until together we break down exactly its ins and outs. This gave him the insight. He stopped smoking, drank beer less often and was able to save a whole 6 in one 000€. Click here to read Michael’s reader story.

According to Statista, Germans can save an average of 10% of their net wages in money. Do you know your savings rate? Find out why your savings rate determines when you’re financially free and whether retirement at 40 is attainable.

If you know your expenses and what makes you happy, you can quickly increase the amount you save each month. In my white-collar job, I saved as much as 62% of my net salary – without any sacrifice or restriction. Find out about the best money saving tips here – maybe there’s something new for you here!

We’ve rounded up the best ways you can save money among our money saving tips. In my opinion, the greatest potential for saving money lies in creating an overview of your finances. When you see where your money is actually going, you may want to quickly change your behavior. Maybe the Finanzexcel will help you to get your overview to see where you can save money.

Especially the monthly fees make up a large part of your costs in the long run. If you’re still paying fees for your checking account, you can easily switch to a free checking account and save money. At DKB, for example, there’s a service that automatically sends postal notifications to all places about your new bank account.

Today it’s easy to regularly change your electricity provider or insurance company to save money. It is worth doing this regularly to avoid paying unnecessarily high costs. Take the simple test to see if you’re paying too much, and which provider to save with. Browse our best money-saving tips here!

What are your best saving tips?

This was an excerpt possible saving tips , that can make life better and your wealth bigger. Which tips do you already implement?? Do you have other tips that will make your life better and increase your wealth at the same time? I look forward to your Comment .

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32 thoughts on "Saving Money: The 29 Best Savings Tips 2021"

Hello money mustache,
Tip No. 7 I hear often, but in my experience it is not true. At lunchtime my friend and I usually go to the Mensa. In the evening and on weekends he eats almost exclusively ready meals or sandwiches. Cooking pasta and making a ready-made sauce I also add to that. I, on the other hand, cook often and "properly" and I would bet that I spend significantly more on groceries.
Ready meals often contain inferior ingredients and are therefore cheap. For example, when I make a pizza myself, I already pay more for the bunch of fresh basil or the good salami than a supermarket pizza would cost. Sure there is some left over, but z.B. some spices you need only once a year and others go bad. With other dishes it is similar and above all one develops with cooking fast a certain requirement at its meal and wants to eat no more 0815 noodles with tomato sauce. Also, you often buy ingredients more expensive than necessary because you don’t want to run to 3 different supermarkets to compare the prices and get it at Aldi& Lidl just a lot of things are not there. That goes then in the money and that with the expensive meat is unfortunately also true. Is probably also the reason why in ready meals always little of it is contained, my Bolognese for example contains much more minced meat than the ready sauces.
Of course it is healthier to cook by yourself. But my boyfriend is even slimmer than I am, maybe just because he is not so much concerned with food, so you should really not overestimate it.

Hi Hicksi,
thank you for your comment!
Your comment about convenience foods is certainly true in some cases. Have replaced it with fast food, here the advantage (money) in addition to health is namely clear. BigMc menu etc. cost 8€ and more – you are much less expensive if you prepare it yourself and it has much better nutritional value. Also one must distinguish with the self-cooking. Of course a good piece of organic salmon is expensive and will not be on the table all the time. In our case a meal in the company canteen cost 5 – 6 € incl. Dessert. I often made a big rice pan with vegetables the night before. Here was the cost per serving< 1€. Nevertheless, unlike the canteen, I knew what ingredients I used and therefore the dish was free of flavor enhancers. Fresh herbs I have planted on my balcony, so I do not have to buy a fresh basil every 2 weeks, which is convenient and saves. So I think that of course some home cooked meals can be more expensive than the frozen pizza – most "simple" ones dishes are cheaper than fast food like BigMc, kebab etc. Have a good week and enjoy your home cooking, lg money mustache

My tips:
1. If possible no car. I ride my bike, take the train and now and then the Flixbus. If a car is needed, then a Dacia for 10k or a yearly car is enough. If you can’t repair anything yourself, I wouldn’t buy an old used one.
2. Used furniture& Household goods: A few things you can buy quiet new, but times a chest of drawers or dishes from grandma does it also.
3. Compare prices: Insurances, supermarket shopping.. I usually buy "the cheapest". Flour, pasta, sugar, carrots, kitchen roll.. rarely buy organic or branded poducts because I rarely see the added value. Except with animal products, there darffs also bio be.
4. Buy few clothes/accessories. I wear t-shirts even in winter, I always walk in jeans& sneakers around. 1 backpack instead of 20 handbags. A fancy wristwatch. Only when it is broken, there is a new one.
5. Don’t throw everything away: shoe boxes make good storage boxes, ice boxes for keeping food in the fridge, leftover nails& Store screws. Even gift decorations (z.B. I keep the bows in case I want to decorate something.
6. Don’t buy anything for the closet or basement. Functional instead of just looking nice. I’d rather spend a long time looking for the "perfect" household item than bother with it.
7. Borrow and lend (z.B. tool)

There are certainly a few more, but these are roughly the most important ones. By the way, I pay for everything with a card to keep track of things.

thanks for your comment!
Super tips, there is certainly something helpful for one or the other, thank you very much!
Especially tools lend I find good. When I purchase tools, they are high quality, they will last for 30 years. As a DIYer you do not need everything all the time – so lending is great.
Thanks for your input and have a great week,
lg money mustache

Borrowing tools is great! There are so many people who own a hammer drill but only use it once every few years (fathers and fathers-in-law are often candidates).

Lending tools can also be worthwhile. By renting out a good device uses itself, z.B. my blue Bosch Flex (angle grinder) hardly ever comes off, but I regularly get the used but no longer used grinding or cutting discs as a gift when I get the part back. I haven&#128521t bought any consumables for the Flex in a long time;

Hi Micha,
absolutely. In your case even more useful, if you regularly get some accessories. Many things are just not used efficiently when they come to use every once in a blue moon, that can be solved more cleverly together. Good example,
lg money mustache

Sorry ex-student, but when I ca. once a month on a quiet day in the office I read various finance blogs, I always notice your comments. You might want to think about working more at your age instead of saving the 5€ on used shoes. To this behavior there is only in Germany a term, namely: Scheingenauigkeit. You try to optimize the costs, although the potential is minimal.

Great tips for my bosom friend, thanks! It wastes money so easily sometimes. She lives on borrowing and doesn’t lift a finger to pay back her rental costs. The sword of Damocles hovers over them. She should read this article for sure, thanks!

Hello Helga,
thanks for your comment. Your friend will certainly benefit in terms of her quality of life and satisfaction if she sets up her own finances so that they no longer rely on "borrowing". If the tips help, perfect! Lg money mustache

What has happened with the "swap instead of buy" groups ? Are they always active ? You could sometimes trade them things you don’t even need yourself for something else&

Every evening all change in the money box. Consistent – always. It’s a nice habit that can add up to several €100 per year. And that without any costs like closing commissions or the like.

yes that’s a good thing because you don’t have a restriction and it’s not noticeable – at the same time it reduces the purse weight. Good tip!

A note on your advice regarding

Of course they take a commission for their service. If you claim your passenger rights directly against the airline, you also get the full amount set by law.

Many greetings& keep it up!

Hello Joh,
thanks for your hint. I will add to that. Yes, they deduct 20-30% commission from the refund in case of success, so you also pay nothing if the refund should not work out, which is good. Since the lawyers of flightright do all the paperwork here, it was worth the commission to me in any case, since I would have spent more time with research if I had claimed the right myself with the airline – I suppose. Have you ever done it yourself with the airline? How elaborate is it, is there a template and did it work out? Looking forward to your feedback.

I mean something like flightright is now also available for rail, if I didn’t get it wrong the other day. Is perhaps also still quite exciting, in order to get a few euro back – delays are to occur there also times. &

yes that’s right& I recently had 120min. Delayed by train, then there was a railroad employee running through the train with stamped refund certificates. I took them to the post office and they gave me 50% of the fare.

A very good lineup. Surely one or the other can do something with it. I think it’s important to always look at different options. Thus everyone finds something suitable&

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