Russian christmas

Russian Christmas

Here you get some exciting information about how to celebrate Russian Christmas.
Russian Christmas is completely different from that in Germany, for example.
You can find out why this is so and what the main differences are in this article.

When is Christmas celebrated in Russia?

Unlike the Catholic Christmas, where Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24. December, the Russian Orthodox Christmas begins in the night between the 6. and the 7. January. In the Catholic Church this is at the same time the feast of the Three Kings.

Russian Christmas is the most important date and the most important service of the church in Russia for the believers, next to Easter. This holiday celebrates the divinity of Jesus Christ, because on this day he became man.
Thus, the 40-day fasting period of the Russian Orthodox believers ends on this feast as well. Factually, however, the fasting period is observed nowadays only by strictly religious people.

After the October Revolution, Christmas as well as other festivities of the Church of Russia were officially banned, but in the background the church continued to be tolerated.

Nowadays, the Russian Orthodox faith plays an important role in Russia and the holy holidays are celebrated officially and with full devotion.

Do you go to church on Christmas in Russia??

In Russia there are countless churches and in each of them there are celebrations on the holy night of 7. January and on the following Christmas Day there are beautiful and long church services.
They are visited in large numbers and so you can always count on a particularly large number of visitors in each church on these days.

The Holy Mass is celebrated in an especially festive way, with many fir branches as church decorations, various candles, lots of gold and beautiful lighting.

Russian Christmas candles in the church

Candles in the Russian Orthodox Church

If you ever have the opportunity to be a part of such a service, you will certainly be amazed by the beauty of this festive event.

If there are no presents for Christmas in Russia?

Here you should clearly distinguish between Christmas in Western countries and Russian Orthodox Christmas in Russia. Gifts are given in Russia on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Eve. New Year, because this is the celebration that could be compared to Christmas in this country.

At least there are certain parallels like the decorated Christmas tree or Father Frost – the counterpart to Santa Claus in Russia.
Russian Santa Claus is called Father Frost and brings gifts not on Christmas, but on New Year’s Eve.

For this there is another article from me, in which I tell about the Russian New Year’s Eve.

Gifts under the decorated Christmas tree

Gifts are given in Russia on New Year’s Eve

There are no presents at Christmas in Russia. In recent years, however, there are also more and more new customs and so the parents give the children on 7 January a present. January also a little something.
The most important gifts were already given on Christmas Day. January to the New Year.

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How to spend Christmas?

At Christmas, people in Russia are generally free from school and do not have to work, except for the system-relevant professions.

There are official Christmas vacations set by the government for young and old, and from 30. December until 8. January. Then the celebrations begin with New Year’s Eve and the New Year and go over to Christmas.
It is elaborately served up and eaten for days and relaxed.

Russian Christmas is eaten comfortably after the attendance of the holy mass and the families go with pleasure in the snow for a walk. The children have fun in the white splendor and the adults are happy with.
Russian Christmas is rather cozy and quiet compared to New Year’s Day.

If you are ever invited to a Russian party, you can look forward to lots of food and happy people.

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I wish you a lot of fun and merry Christmas!
No matter where and when you celebrate Christmas! &

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