Robert franz – what would he do against cancer?

At some point in their lives, every second person will develop cancer (malignancy). To avoid having to undergo chemotherapy in the worst case, which only makes ten percent completely cancer-free, it is recommended to take these Robert Franz products as cancer remedies for the following reasons.

What would Robert Franz do if he had cancer?

Vitamin D3

One of the most important processes of the body in cancer is natural cell renewal. To ensure this, Robert Franz advises taking 100 drops daily for the first 25 days and ten drops daily thereafter.

Vitamin K2

To this end, he advises the intake of ten drops of vitamin K2 daily. This is the right amount to enable the synthesis of vitamin D to the cells. With the two vitamins, the body gets a boost to create new healthy cells.


The body also needs good circulation, which is why Robert Franz recommends five grams of arginine daily. Arginine opens the arteries and thus all paths to the cells. This is how you take away the possibility of cancer hiding somewhere in the body. To prevent circulatory problems, he advises people with low blood pressure half the dose.

Furthermore, according to Robert Franz, one capsule of OPC should be taken daily during the week, whereby the dosage can be increased from the second week onwards. OPC promotes blood circulation, detoxifies the blood and cleanses it without attacking it in the process.

Vitamin C

The tissue must be strong so that the tumor cannot bite through the cells. For strengthening, Robert Franz recommends taking at least between 5.000 and 10.000 milligrams of vitamin C.


Even cells have a mouth. When this disappears, they degenerate. This is why Robert Franz advises taking two grams of carnitine in the morning and two grams in the evening, so that the cells remain receptive to the vitamins.

  • Scott Wilbertz (Author) – Alex Fischer (Speaker)

Furthermore he recommends Q10 as cell food. It is supplied through the cell mouth so that the cell does not degenerate at all but the cancer is inhibited. Many studies show that after taking Q10, patients lived about 200 days longer and the tumor only developed to half its size.


Quercetin can inhibit the tumor. Taking six capsules every day stops cancer growth.

  • GLASS RATHER THAN PLASTIC – Our products are delivered exclusively in glass containers or refill bags. We completely eliminate plastic. Glass does not release any substances to the contents (topic microplastic!) and is therefore also 100% tasteless. The brown apothecary glass ideally protects the capsules inside from harmful UV radiation.
  • MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY – Our Quercetin Extract capsules are carefully manufactured in Germany and each batch is thoroughly tested by an external, certified laboratory (u.a. also on ethylene oxide (ETO))
  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Quercetin capsules contain only high quality and tested raw materials. Our quercetin extract capsules are free of additives and fillers. Without magnesium stearate.
  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED – Each capsule contains at least 95% pure quercetin extract. This is extracted from the Japanese string tree (Sophora Janponica) and is therefore 100% natural.
  • 100% VEGAN – Our Quercetin capsules contain purely plant-based ingredients, without animal ingredients or genetic engineering. Therefore, the Quercetin Exkrakt capsules are ideally suited for vegan nutrition.

Vita Biosa

To defeat the tumor, you need a strong immune system. In order to keep this intact, Vita Biosa should be taken daily. Three times 25 milliliters a day will maintain the intestinal flora and protect it from damage during radiation treatment.

  • 100% certified organic – all the power of nature
  • 8 strains of natural lactic acid bacteria
  • Extract from 19 different herbs from controlled organic cultivation (kbA)
  • Vegan
  • Lactose-free, alcohol-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, histamine-free, free of preservatives and colorants

Nutrition and water

Not only the Robert Franz products mentioned, but also a balanced diet and plenty of water is very important. The body needs food, which should be more than 51 percent fresh.

What would Robert Franz do against cancer?


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