Rihanna has two younger brothers and three half-siblings on her father’s side, all from different relationships with her father.

Rihanna’s world hit "Umbrella" was allegedly written not for herself at all, but for Britney Spears. But also Mary J. Blidge announced that she was the first choice for the song.

For her fans a shock: In November 2012 Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown get closer again, clear Twitter photos of Rihanna suggest a love comeback.

Rihanna makes people cry: For the video shoot of "Umbrella" the singer was painted from top to bottom with silver paint – the result was so good that it moved one employee to tears. Director Chris Applebaum describes the incident as follows: "I had one eye on the camera and one was closed. I heard such a strange noise, so I opened the other eye, looked down and the camera assistant was crying. After the take I asked her if she was okay and she looked at me and said, ‘Chris, that’s so beautiful. I can’t believe I’m in it.’"

The relatives were not very enthusiastic: at a family party, where she was also supposed to sing, Rihanna had chosen a chic blue dress, but it was a little too tight. All those who had positioned themselves to the side of the singer could catch a glimpse of Rihanna’s bare breasts! "She should have been more inconspicuous, dressed appropriately. There was an exchange of words with her aunt and her mother and she was asked to leave.", said a relative of the singer.

Oh la la, the little one has fire! Rihanna didn’t let her older brothers bully her as a little girl and didn’t shy away from fisticuffs. "Today we talk to each other all the time, but we used to fight – and when I say fight, I don’t mean arguments, I mean physical fights. I hit the older of my brothers in the face with a glass bottle. My mother was pretty pissed."

And has the most beautiful legs: Rihanna! The razor manufacturer "Gilette was looking for the "celebrity legs of a goddess" in the summer of 2007 and was found with the woman from Barbados. As a reward, Rihanna was allowed to go on a search for "America’s most beautiful legs" I went and found her in a cheerleader of the Miami Heats.

And departure! She must have had her eyes elsewhere: at a concert, Rihanna missed the edge of the stage, fell into the photographer’s ditch and broke her foot. But that didn’t stop her from continuing to perform – with a useful walking stick as a chic accessory.

This is how to make them flee: Rihanna is afraid of fish. And that, even though she grew up on the Caribbean island of Barbados. "I know that sounds weird . But when I was a kid I used to go swimming and all of a sudden I was chased by a lot of mini fishes. They even nibbled on my feet! Since then I have a total panic about fishes."

How do young singers gain their first performance experience?? Of course in front of the mirror at home! Because little Rihanna was passionate about practicing her voice long and, above all, loud, not only her family was annoyed – the neighbors also complained regularly.

Rihanna and her Chris Brown: for a long time the two were considered a dream couple. But in February 2009 the shock: Chris beat his girlfriend in a fight hospitalized.

Rihanna deserves it: she’s an icon. Even officially: in 2013 she was honored as a music icon at the American Music Awards, and in 2014 she was recognized as a style icon by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for her distinctive style.

Where Rihanna takes her inspiration from? The singer says, "I look up to Mariah Carey all the time. I adore her as an artist. To meet her was for me the most beautiful moment in my life, I will never forget this moment." But she has also said that she started singing after seeing none other than Beyonce Knowles perform with Destiny’s Child. It’s probably the same for many.

Biography of Rihanna

Barbados has a lot to offer: Dreamlike white beaches, clear water, exotic plants and animals. But all these things fade away when probably the most famous daughter of the vacation paradise steps into the light of the spotlight. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as Rihanna, is storming the charts around the world with her hits, thus doing her compatriots all the credit.

Big steps of a little girl

Rihanna not only comes from a paradisiacal country, she also has the exotic in her veins – her mother Monica is from Guyana, father Ronald from Barbados. Even in school, little Rihanna stood out: Because she liked to sing, she formed a musical group with two classmates. Because she was also pretty, she became the 2004 "Miss Combemere School" voted. Not bad for a young girl. But how do you make the leap from tiny Barbados to the wider world?? Quite simply: through a vacation guest!

A special vacation guest, Jay-Z and the first albums

This special vacation guest was called Evan Rogers and was a music producer. He was enthusiastic about the 15-year-old Rihanna and made it possible for her to record a demo tape in New York with his colleague Carl Sturken. Several record labels were sampled with the material, but one boss was particularly taken with it: Jay-Z, at that time fresh CEO of "Def Jam Recordings", invited the excited, trembling Rihanna – and wouldn’t let her leave. After twelve long hours, the rapper had persuaded the new talent to sign the contract. Not a bad decision, as it soon turned out. The very first Single "Pon de Replay namely was voted the hit, Rihanna’s album "Music of the Sun" sold millions of copies in 2005. Since then, Rihanna has been churning out hits like a conveyor belt: Barely six months after "Music of the Sun" the singer started with "S.O.S", a soft-cell sample from the second Album "A Girl Like Me, and the ballad "Unfaithful" more chart successes after. The third Good Girl Gone Bad" album and all those that followed sold excellently.

Many awards and even more talent

A ditty about the Germans’ favorite utensil in the rainy summer of 2006 then catapulted Rihanna definitively into the pop Olympus. The worldwide R’n’B No.1 hit "Umbrella (Umbrella) spent ten weeks at the top of the charts in Great Britain alone. The 128 awards she has won through 2016 alone show just how successful Rihanna is. Of which four "World Music Awards", nine "American Music Awards" and eight Grammys. Like all successful, pretty women, marketers discovered Rihanna as a promotional face. She signed Deals with Nike, J.C. Penney, Clinique and P&G’s and sang the commercials for all the commercials as well. Rihanna even tried her hand at TV, guest starring in several series. And even landed roles in movies: in 2012 she played the Officer "Raikes" in the action movie "Battleship, the main character of the animated film "Home – A spectacular trip" she also lends her beautiful voice. 2017, the singer is represented in two films: "Bates Motel" and "Valerian – The City of a Thousand Planets". And it seems that Rihanna has now created a second leg for herself as an actress as well. In 2018, she landed a role in "Ocean’s 8" her first leading role in cinema and also in the 2019 released Musical film "Guava Island" the multi-talent is in the front line.

Rihanna as a designer

Rihanna also has her finger in fashion again and again: so she already designed collections for the British Brand "River Island, brought with "MAC" her own cosmetics line out, was in March 2015 to the first black advertising face of "Dior and shortly afterwards became the worldwide Ambassador of the "Women’s Training" line of "Puma – and also the creative director of the brand. On 13. April 2017, she also opened a pop-up store in our beautiful capital Berlin, where you could buy the black and white pieces of her new collection for one day only. For all who missed this date: No reason to be sad. How about jewelry designed by Rihanna instead? In May 2017, her jewelry collection "Rihanna loves Chopard", which she made together with the French luxury jeweler "Chopard" designed, available worldwide. So it seems that not only Barbados, but also Rihanna herself has a lot to offer.

Rihanna becomes a megastar

But despite all her talents, Rihanna’s heart clearly belongs to music. After her third album "Good Girl Gone Bad" it goes on big for the singer. On her fourth Album "Rated R" she co-wrote for the first time, even the concept of the album was not developed by her record company, but by herself. And then it really took off: Rihanna managed to release a new album every year – and for four years in a row, her seventh Album "Unapologetic will be released in November 2012. The first single: "Diamonds". The song reached the top of the charts in over 20 countries, including Germany, Austria, France and the UK. And with it she set a new record: Rihanna is at this time the first non-German artist who could climb with a total of five singles at number 1 in the singles chart.

After a few years’ hiatus – and presumably hard work nonetheless – Rihanna, along with Kanye West and Paul McCartney, released the joint Song "FourFiveSeconds – her eighth studio album is on the way. The unusual mixture of styles and minimalist production of the song is highly praised by critics. Then in March 2015 the next banger: Rihanna released the Song "Bitch Better Have My Money – written by a Berlin woman. In early 2016, Rihanna and Drake released the hot single "Work" one day later shoots the unannounced eighth album of the singer "Anti", through the ceiling. Even if she is not blessed with an extraordinary voice – Rihanna knows how to skillfully embrace different styles. R’n’B, soca, reggae, dancehall, pop – the girl from Barbados seems to fit every music genre.

Scandals, criticism and love

Critics accused her of being too superficial and too slick. That sat: She remains shy, but laces herself in ever harder, freakier outfits of lacquer and leather, as if she were taking on a spiky shell against ridicule. She needed those, too, when she had a very public separation from her boyfriend Chris Brown went through – who had hit her in a car during an argument, the photos of Rihanna with the black eye went around the world. Despite massive criticism that came down on her, it seemed like she was trying to save the relationship with the racket. It took a little time before Rihanna finally finished with the hip-hopper. The symbolism for their youthful fan audience was of course not to be underestimated, the young singer in a responsibility that perhaps overtaxed her. In 2012, however, the two were seen together again more often – it became known that they were a couple again, which caused massive criticism of Rihanna. But already in May 2013, Chris Brown admitted in an interview that the relationship had come to an end again. Since then, there have been many rumors and wild speculations about Rihanna’s love life: She reportedly dated rapper Travis Scott, hooked up with Lewis Hamilton and has also been spotted with Hollywood cutie Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition, with baseball star Matt Kemp and also about the relationship with her colleague Drake rumors were hot. Even if it didn’t work out with love at the time – the career has always been going well. So it’s no wonder that in honor of Rihanna in Barbados, 21. February has been declared a holiday: the so-called "Rihanna Day".

New love happiness for Rihanna

And in the meantime, the sexy singer can also be happy about a new love in her life again. Since 2017, the man at Rihanna’s side has been the filthy-rich Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel. For a long time, the two lovers played a tangled game of hide-and-seek before the singer made their love public in Vogue in the summer of 2018. And who knows, maybe Hassan is the first man to "tame" Rihanna can and will sail with her in the port of marriage. It remains exciting about Rihanna and her exciting life!

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