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Actually, it is much too hot to blog today, but I have of course prepared something, although the following text has probably become more warning than full-fledged review.

You again

You Again, USA 2010, 105 Min.

You again | © Walt Disney

© Walt Disney


Scene image from You again [© Walt Disney

© Walt Disney

In her high school days, Marni was always ostracized and ridiculed, whether because of her pimples or glasses or her general clumsiness, with head cheerleader Joanna in particular targeting her. Years later, Marni has overcome all that and is a confident, top-styled and successful PR consultant, recently beckoning her next promotion. First, however, she is invited to her brother Will’s wedding and returns to her old hometown, only to be horrified to discover that Will has become engaged to, of all people, the hated Joanna, who doesn’t even seem to remember Marni! Marni’s mother Gail doesn’t fare much better, because Joanna’s aunt is Ramona, an old schoolmate of Gail’s, of all people, although some things from the past remain unresolved and lead to a more or less subtle catfight..


Again I succeed, this time with you already again , to pick up unerringly a further, worthy representative for a bad-movies-Thursday, even if I would have wished myself naturally that this would not be so. Meanwhile, the cast of the Disney comedy seemed promising and it doesn’t always have to be the most profound or spectacular entertainment, which is why I was prepared for a nice little comedy. It may be that Andy Fickman intended exactly that, but if already retort product, it is nevertheless at least valid to arrange the set pieces new or at least charmingly, which was here, unfortunately, also in the rarest cases the case. Already the opening with an exaggeratedly trimmed to ugly Kristen Bell in the role of Marni is rather semi-convincing, but after the jump to the present time – Marnie is no longer an ugly duckling – it doesn’t really get better.

Scene image from You again [© Walt Disney

© Walt Disney

The simple premise that on the one hand Marni meets her tormentor from school days, on the other hand Gail and Ramona revive an old feud, isn’t very innovative or productive, but it becomes even more unbelievable when Marni, who is supposedly so self-confident and successful, feels like she’s back in her old high school days within a few minutes, at least according to her behavior. This is not only dramaturgically far-fetched, but also badly directed, because it tries to cover up with cheap slapstick that neither the so-called plot nor the characters acting in it are really convincing, let alone have something like depth. While the characters can basically still be called sympathetic – at least the ones you’re supposed to find sympathetic, because of course there’s acute black-and-white painting going on here – the emotional engagement falls by the wayside for the most part and it’s hardly of any concern what happens to whom or why here or not.

Kristen Bell ( The Good Place ) and Jamie Lee Curtis ( Knives Out ), respectively as their "adversaries", are of no help Oddette Annable ( And Soon the Darkness ) and Sigourney Weaver ( Seven Minutes Past Midnight ) don’t manage to make the whole thing entertaining, while the men in the group – including the groom-to-be – don’t play any role at all and only Victor Garber as Mark is allowed to shake his head at least sometimes because of the crazy behavior of the women surrounding him. Unfortunately, this also joins the long queue of jokes that don’t work and so you might get bored even expecting a shallow comedy, because if it’s not even funny or invites you to be ashamed, the entertainment is quickly gone.

scene from You again | © Walt Disney

© Walt Disney

And there again the thematically grazed genre becomes your undoing, because the boredom and disappointment are soon joined by the firm knowledge of knowing exactly where and in what form the thing will develop, so that perhaps only a gag around Betty White’s Grandma Bunny in the final minutes of the film could surprise for a short time, but at this point it is of course much too late, especially since in the last third one is once again so unreservedly poured over with kitsch and brawn that one longs for the credits anyway. Apart from that, even the message of the film is rather striking and those who would expect something even remotely feminist with the strong focus on so many strong female characters will be disappointed as well. Because the exaggerated hysterical behavior doesn’t show them in a good light either, even if they surely only meant well to enhance the overly generic, unspectacular and unimaginative script.

Conclusion& Rating:

It is difficult to find something like qualities in Du, because apart from the top-class cast, hardly anything is convincing here, and while hardly any gag is able to ignite, the well-known actresses are mercilessly wasted in this otherwise completely uninspired work of art.

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