Removing permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is a special cosmetic tattoo on the face. It emphasizes the eyes with an eyelid line, thickens eyebrows or gives the lips a beautiful shape and contour with permanently durable color pigments. Permanent make-up also includes microblading, in which the eyebrows are emphasized with particularly fine strokes.

Microblading is especially popular in recent years, as full and strong eyebrows are in vogue. But trends are constantly changing. Now it can happen that your permanent make-up was poorly executed in terms of craftsmanship, does not have the shape and placement you had hoped for, it is no longer attractive after several years or you simply want a naturally beautiful look again.

The wrong color and changes in the skin with age can also be reasons to remove a permanent make-up and replace it with a better one if necessary. Rarely, intolerances also occur if high quality and hypoallergenic pigments have not been used. Especially in the face, the durability of tattoos is relative and the term permanent make-up is somewhat misleading, one could rather speak of a long-lasting make-up.

Removing permanent make-up

Since the skin of the face is particularly exposed to UV radiation, permanent make-up, unlike tattoos on the rest of the body, which are also usually more deeply stung, is more often subject to an undesirable color change or uneven color degradation and fading. If you don’t like your look anymore or the natural fading takes too long, you can remove the permanent make-up with the laser.

The removal of permanent make-up by laser treatment is usually uncomplicated and gentle to the skin. This method has been tried and tested in practice for a long time and has proven to be the best method for scar-free removal of permanent make-up and microblading. Other methods of removal, including acid peels, lightening creams, dermabrasion, camouflaging or even surgery are not recommended, as they often cause pain and can lead to unsightly side effects such as scarring.

Permanent make-up removal in Vienna

If you want to part with your permanent make-up, I will conduct a detailed consultation with you, in which I will inform you individually about the chances of success and risks. In addition, we jointly create a treatment and cost plan. Supporting I can refer you to competent permanent make-up artists I trust, if you wish to have your permanent make-up renewed.


Before it comes to a permanent makeup removal, you will be treated by me in a comprehensive Consultation informed. We clarify your questions and create a Treatment plan. I can also recommend reliable partners for refreshing or renewing your permanent make-up.


The to be treated skin areas are performed before the PMU removal thoroughly disinfected. A photo of the facial area is also taken to document the subsequent treatment successes. the permanent make-up is now treated with the special Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser.


Possibly occur afterwards slight redness or Puffiness on. For best results and healing I recommend the application of antiseptic creams. According to 6-8 weeks you will see the lightening of the permanent make-up and further sessions can be performed.

Permanent make-up laser removal- How it works

As with a normal tattoo, the color pigments in permanent make-up are located in the middle layer of the skin (dermis). The removal also works on the same principle as tattoo removal. The contours of the make-up are traced with a fine laser. The short, intense light pulses break the color pigments in the skin into small particles. The particles are small enough to be absorbed by the scavenger cells of the immune system, transported in the lymphatic system and excreted via the kidneys and intestines.

This process takes time, so it makes sense to have intervals of at least six to eight weeks between laser treatments. In these periods the tattoo fades away. With the help of current laser technology with lasers in several wavelengths tailored to the different colors, almost all types of permanent make-up can be removed reliably. I perform the treatment with the special NanoStar® C laser of the Asclepion brand.

The number of laser treatments required is determined by the depth of the stitch, the amount and age of the color pigments, and other factors. As a rule, 3 to 6 treatments are needed to completely remove the permanent make-up.

Removing permanent make-up

So how does the treatment work?

Beforehand, in a consultation, I will inform you about the procedure, explain the chances of success, answer questions and draw up a treatment plan. I will be happy to recommend partner studios for the successful refreshing or renewal of your permanent make-up.

Before the laser is used, the affected skin area is carefully disinfected. A photo will be taken to document your treatment success. Then the areas are treated with the special NanoStar® C laser. For each treatment, the entire permanent make-up is scanned once with the laser. Laser treatment is comparatively painless. A single treatment is finished after about ten minutes. Afterwards the skin is cooled for a few minutes.

After the treatment there may be slight redness and swelling. A good cooling of the skin makes it disappear quickly. The affected areas must be well cared for after laser treatment, which includes daily application of an antiseptic cream. This promotes residue-free healing. Usually the actual healing, for example in the area of the eyebrows, takes about 14 days. After 6-8 weeks the results will be visible and further sessions can be scheduled.

In addition, the skin benefits from a high level of UV protection during the first few days when you are exposed to the sun, and from avoiding sauna and solarium. If crusts or scabs form, they are part of the natural healing process. Please do not scrape off in any case, otherwise scars may appear. You are fit after the treatment and immediately ready to resume your daily routine.

Removing permanent make-up

What does the success of permanent make-up removal depend on??

Stitch depth of the
Permanent Make-Ups

Age of the PMU
(freshly stung or older)

Quality& Professionalism
(layman or professional PMU)

Color composition
and density

Colors of the PMU
(black and white or colored)

Body part and
Skin texture

of the body

Care during

A deeper stung permanent make-up needs more treatments, because it is less easily accessible for the laser beams. It is favorable if the make-up is not too old, relatively freshly stung tattoos are easier to remove. A positive factor is also the quality and professionalism in the execution, because high-quality permanent make-up has, for example, a uniform stitch depth and color density. The color used not only determines the success of the removal through the quantity, certain colors are also easier to remove. Especially with red, orange and brown color tones, an unwanted color change to green or black – so-called INK DARKENING – can occur. This can complicate the complete removal of permanent makeup by quite a bit.

In general, black colors are easier to lighten than colored ones. Dark colors absorb a particularly large amount of energy from the laser beam and are blasted most effectively. Using the NanoStar® C laser, which works with different wavelengths, even difficult colors can be successfully lightened. Body part and skin condition, for example skin thickness and keratinization, influence the effect of the laser. Last but not least, it is important to take proper care of the skin after the treatment so that it can regenerate properly and is well prepared for the next laser treatment.

Very freshly stung permanent makeup can not yet be removed, because here, too, the skin must first recover from the stress of the tattooing. The stitching of the permanent makeup you want to have removed should be six to eight weeks old before you start laser treatment. Color applied as permanent make-up in the area of the eyebrows can be removed excellently with the laser without permanently harming the skin or the hair roots. During the treatment, however, the density and length of the eyebrow hairs may be reduced.

When laser eyebrows and other laser treatments near the eyes, they must be protected with special glasses. Laser removal of permanent makeup, for example, on the eyebrows is done quickly, in one treatment the area is processed only once, more is not required. Even if the color is not one hundred percent gone, the eyebrows already look significantly more natural again.

Unfortunately, I must advise against the removal of a permanent eyelid line for safety reasons, as the risk of laser application so close to the eye is too high.

Removing permanent make-up

Permanent make-up removal: experiences

Read here what my clients report about their experiences with permanent make-up removal with the NanoStar® C laser.

Removing permanent make-up

"Mrs. Dr. Hirtler takes a lot of time for the consultation and the treatment result is very satisfactory. You feel well taken care of and the atmosphere is very pleasant. Prices are on par with other doctors in the area."

Removing permanent make-up

"The visit was very pleasant. Permanent make-up removal was painless. On time for the appointment without further waiting time. Advice top, was also competently advised on other requests! Clear further recommendation from me. More visits are already booked!"

Removing permanent make-up

"Very pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. Detailed explanation and step-by-step explanation of which step is currently being carried out. Needs/wishes are responded to, continuous inquiry about the state of health. Only recommended, competent& kindly."

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