Real estate

Whether you want to buy or sell a house or an apartment – our real estate agency will help you to obtain and professionally prepare all documents, to conduct sales negotiations and to take all further steps on the way to the transaction.

  • Excellent market and professional knowledge of the real estate consultants
  • Numerous contacts on the buyer and seller side
  • Seamless service from the first contact to assistance at the notary’s office
  • Optimal marketing for your property through our large bank network

Directly to our real estate offers

Buy a property

Buy real estate – our locations

BW-Bank offers you a comprehensive and varied range of properties in the Stuttgart metropolitan region and around Lake Constance. Our competent local real estate agents know the current real estate prices and market trends and help you to find your new apartment or your dream house. Your dream property is sure to be among them!

Real estate

Real estate

Real estate

Real estate

Real estate

Real estate

Current offer

Our current offer

Real estate

Free-standing 4-family house – rented out

Place: Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Special features: top location, 2 garages, 2 parking spaces, completely renovated and partitioned
Purchase price: EUR 1.995.000
Living space: approx. 390 m²

Selling real estate

Selling real estate – this is how you profit

For over 40 years, our real estate service has been helping clients successfully sell their properties. We support and accompany you throughout the entire process with our many years of market and professional knowledge.

In order for you to sell your property successfully, we determine a sales price in line with the market.

Optimal presentation of your property

We recommend your property to carefully selected customers and present it in an appealing way: in advertisements, on the Internet, in Expo-ses and in the branches.

No stress with viewing appointments

We coordinate the appointments for you and we accompany the interested parties during the viewing.

Support during the transaction

Benefit from a smooth process: We participate in the drafting of the purchase contract and accompany you to the notary public.

You place an order with us and wait relaxed until we have found the right buyer for your property.

Learn more about BW Bank’s real estate brokerage services.

Real estate

What is your property worth?? Find out for free in just a few minutes!

With the ImmoPreisfinder you receive an individual analysis of your property with just a few clicks. Simply enter the key data and within a few minutes a guideline value for your property will be determined.

Rent deposit

Rent deposit account

Real estate

A savings book for your deposits

You rent real estate? Did you know that you as a landlord must invest the rent deposit separately from your assets? Therefore, open a rental deposit account conveniently and digitally. This can be integrated into your online banking without any problems – so you always keep the overview.

Frequently asked questions

Knowing what matters:
Frequently asked questions about buying and selling real estate

The value of a property depends on many factors. To determine it correctly is often a difficult task for the layman. Our experts are at your disposal to provide you with expert advice.

For the arithmetical valuation, we usually use standardized procedures (asset/income/comparative value procedure). In doing so, we take into account various parameters such as the property conditions, location, building fabric or the further use of an object.

The size and room layout are just as important as special equipment for certain target groups: for example, a granny apartment can be a significant advantage or disadvantage depending on the target group.

When determining the price of your property, you can rely on our many years of experience. Our experts know the current market exactly and can estimate all factors competently. They will draw up a precise list of advantages and disadvantages for you in order to reflect the characteristics of your property as accurately as possible and to determine a price that is in line with the market.

You can determine an initial rough guideline value for your property using our Real Estate Price Finder.

A real estate purchase requires a whole range of documents. Our consultants help you to keep the overview. We will also be happy to take care of the "paperwork" for you and collect the missing documents from the authorities for you.

The following documents are required in any case:

  • Building application/plan documents
  • Area calculations
  • Land register excerpt
  • Declaration of division
  • Economic plan
  • if necessary. Development plan
  • Minutes of the owners meeting/resolution meeting
  • Excerpt from the register of building encumbrances

A good advertisement is the prerequisite for a good sale. And the famous first impression is decisive for success! Attractively designed offers with good photos and an appealingly formulated text attract a particularly large number of potential buyers. Also announcements of renowned offerers – like the BW bank – are evaluated over-average well.

To be successful with your ad, you should be represented on as many channels as possible: In addition to the Internet, the newspaper is still the main source of information for interested parties. And last but not least, the classic notice in the bank can be of great advantage – after all, nowhere is direct contact with the broker closer.

For private persons the professional marketing of a real estate is hardly to be created, particularly since with the listing of real estates also for private sales strict legal defaults apply.

Of course, we are happy to help you with this as well. With our marketing strategy you will always show your property from its best side. Our experienced experts select the appropriate media for your offer and support you with the professional preparation of your advertisements.

Negotiate or play poker? Skill is needed in sales negotiations. After all, there is a lot of money at stake. It is therefore all the more important to keep your nerve. Because small mistakes can quickly become expensive. If the seller gives the impression that he has to sell, or if he inquires intensively about the interest of an interested party, this can cost him several thousand euros.

With the professional support of BW-Bank, you are literally well advised: Our experienced real estate experts know what is important. You negotiate professionally and with a cool head. And achieve the optimal solution for both parties.

A contract is a contract: What has been agreed upon has a lasting effect. Therefore, care is particularly important in the formulation of a purchase contract. You should pay attention to the following points:

  • Correct indication of the contracting parties
  • Entries in section II and III of the land register
  • Entries in the land register
  • Auction notice/forced mortgage
  • Notes on encumbrances and contaminations (contaminated sites) on the ground of the property
  • Purchase price level
  • Specification of the handover and payment date
  • Transfer of ownership, benefits and encumbrances
  • Exclusion of liability for material defects
  • Special cases (sale by guardian, missing certificate of inheritance, hereditary building right, right of first refusal, re-transfer claims)

These are only a few examples of what is important when drawing up a contract. To ensure that in the end the contract contains exactly what both parties have discussed, it is best to let our qualified experts advise you on the preparation of the purchase contract.

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