Real estate financing for cross-border commuters

Real estate financing for border crossers

You are looking for a property in the Aachen area? Unfortunately, real estate prices in the Aachen region have risen sharply in some cases in recent years. In the three-country corner you are fortunately not limited to Germany. You want to finance a house in Belgium or Holland? In the near abroad around Aachen there are many interesting houses in great locations at attractive prices.

If the leap across the border is to be dared, however, first the Real estate financing be clarified. The EUREGIOFINANZ from Aachen has specialized in the Real estate financing for cross-border commuters Belgium and Holland specialized.

Which bank finances a property abroad?

You have the option of both a German bank and a Bank in Belgium or Holland to choose. We check for you which bank makes the most sense. Key questions here are the amount of equity, your own credit rating and the value of the property. In addition, there are some country-specific differences when granting loans. Below we have listed the main features of real estate financing in Belgium and Holland

Real estate financing Belgium

In the case of real estate financing with Belgian banks, a fixed interest rate is also agreed as in Germany. At the same time, however, an interest rate cap is set for the entire term, which is usually 2% above the agreed interest rate. This interest security must be paid by the customer through an interest surcharge. In addition, at the beginning of 2020, the requirements for equity have been tightened. In addition to the additional costs, up to 20% of the value of the property must be financed from your own funds. The Belgian system is advantageous in the case of prepayment penalties. For 3 months interest, you can get out of the fixed interest rate at any time. In addition, some Belgian banks require that with the loan agreement certain insurances such as z.B. Residential building and death insurance can be taken out. This tie-in indirectly increases the cost of the loan. A K redit from Belgium for Germans is therefore possible, but should always be compared with the offers of German banks.

In the case of real estate financing with German banks for a Belgian property, a fixed interest rate of a maximum of 15 years is possible. Interest rate hedging over a longer period is then only possible through a combination with a building savings contract. If you would like to exit the interest rate lock early, this is regularly possible after 10 years. If you want to get out before, you have to pay an early repayment penalty. An obligation to take out additional insurance is not permitted.

Attention: Since 2020, Belgian banks must have at least the incidental acquisition costs and an additional 10% of the purchase price as equity capital.

Real Estate Financing Netherlands

The real estate financing is possible in Holland with Dutch banks and with German banks. So you can apply for a K redit in Holland also as a German. Prerequisite is that you are an employee. If you are self-employed, the income is not recognized by the Dutch banks. In the case of financing through Dutch banks, the interest rate is fixed for a fixed period of time, just like with German banks. The term may be a maximum of 30 years, as in the Netherlands a mortgage expires after 30 years.

In the case of real estate financing with German banks for a Dutch property, a maximum fixed interest rate of 15 years is possible with an annuity loan. For interest rate hedging over a longer period, the loan must be combined with a building savings contract. If you would like to leave the fixed interest period early, this is possible after 10 years. If you wish to withdraw before 10 years have elapsed, you must pay an early repayment penalty.

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