Protein shake to gain weight: how to succeed in building mass

Why fitness shakes and gainers are suitable for healthy weight gain

Advisors and tips to lose weight can be found numerous. However, there are also many people who at Gain weight Problems have. Often suffer from underweight and can eat a variety of meals without putting more weight on the scale. These people are also called hardgainers among strength athletes, which means they have a hard time gaining weight.

Who would like to gain weight, should above all on the Muscle building focus. As a rule, it is healthier to gain most of your weight in the form of muscle rather than fat. A normal body fat percentage should be maintained. It should be noted that each person and each body has different needs. This means that it does not work for everyone to consume as many calories as possible through diet and increase their workout. Although diet and exercise are important for building muscle, can be Food supplements such as protein powders also help by providing calories and protein, for example.

Our guide deals with the questions, whether protein powder resp. Protein shakes are suitable for gaining weight and what properties protein shakes should have so that they work as gainers.

Bodybuilder at the gym with a weight plate in hand

How to gain weight properly?

To gain weight healthily and effectively, it can be helpful to eat a lot of protein. A diet with plenty of protein can help, Muscles Build and no unwanted fat accumulate in the body.[¹] Experts recommend for the development of muscle mass 1.4 to 2 grams daily Eat protein per kilogram of weight.[²]

Since not all people succeed in integrating so much protein into their diet, protein as a powder or in a shake can be relied on to gain weight. In addition, every person has a individual need for Calories. This requirement is influenced by one’s weight, the muscles in the body and daily exercise. In order to successfully gain weight, you need to eat more than you consume to ensure a calorie surplus provide.[³]

Every person has a certain Basal metabolic rate of calories, which the body consumes at absolute rest – depending on factors such as gender, age and body size. In addition Power metabolism, through physical activity: Sports, as well as general exercise while doing household or everyday things, are included in personal calorie requirements. After it is clear how many calories the body needs, the calorie intake from food should then be looked at, because the amount will be often under- or overestimated. Remedy can be the tracking calories over a period of several weeks.

By the way, it is also not useful to build up a calorie surplus by eating fast food like burgers or pizza. These meals have no good Nutritional values and are not the solution. Because you also need sufficient Vitamins and minerals, to gain weight in a healthy way. To do this, you should prefer a balanced diet that covers all nutritional values and consists of foods that are as unprocessed as possible.

Beside the calorie need and the correct nutrition plays also the Strength training an important role in gaining weight. Because the body needs Muscle stimulants, to use the excess energy from the calorie surplus – without the muscle buildup stores it in the form of fat deposits.

Some people go with the weight increase exactly after recommendation, it would like to succeed it however nevertheless not so correctly. For these hardgainers protein powder is suitable for gaining weight – often these people simply take too little Calories over their meals on or are "bad eaters".

What are hardgainers?

Hardgainers are usually thin, lanky people with a general low body fat percentage and narrow shoulders and hips. Often they have a low feeling of hunger and thus become full faster than other people. That is why it is difficult for these people to build body mass and muscle.

Individuals who tend to be underweight should definitely be healthy diet and for example enough proteins ingest. So you contribute something to maintain the existing muscle mass and stimulate muscle building.

A diet plan for hardgainers can help to eat enough meals with sufficient nutritional values throughout the day. Since hardgainers usually take in fewer calories than they consume, for gaining weight a high-calorie fitness shake be the solution. These so-called Weight gainers are useful, to achieve a calorie surplus.

Also for petite women, who have difficulty achieving a calorie surplus, gaining weight with protein shakes in combination with a healthy diet can be a healthy and effective solution.

You are looking for a weight gainer with a delicious taste that will help you gain weight?

Weight gainer for gaining weight

Does a protein shake help you gain weight?

Protein takes a significant role in muscle building and supplying the muscles. Only those who consume enough protein can effectively build up Build muscle mass. For this reason, protein supplements in the form of shakes or powders can provide useful for gaining weight its.

A protein drink for gaining weight is also fast self-prepared. It is important that right ingredients selected and, for example high quality protein powder combined with healthy foods – so you can create your shake according to your personal taste.

The shakes can so diversify your diet be integrated. Another plus point is that many people often find it easier to keep the calories in liquid form to take than to constantly check the nutritional values and the amount of meals.

Protein shakes for gaining weight: Prepare yourself or buy?

In the meantime, countless protein and fitness shakes are available to. Whether a purchased or homemade protein shake for gaining weight is suitable for you personally, you must decide for yourself.

Both variants have Advantages and disadvantages: Purchased shakes save time and are quickly available, but have these ready-made weight gainer shakes not always the best nutritional values, contain, for example, a lot of sugar. If you resort to a ready-made protein drink, you should in any case make sure that this high quality proteins and No added sugar contains.

With a homemade shake for gaining weight on the basis of a high-quality protein powder such as Whey protein, you may have to schedule a little more time, but know exactly what is in it. The ingredients can be adjusted at any time and the taste can be individual be put together.

Healthy weight gain: The right ingredients for the protein shake

A high quality protein drink for gaining weight should be preferably all macronutrients and the most important micronutrients cover. This sounds more complicated than it is! The ingredients you need are only healthy and high quality foods.

A healthy Protein Shake for the Weight gain should contain:

  • Carbohydrates, for example from oat flakes, bananas or berries
  • Protein from the right protein sources, such as Whey protein, vegan protein, milk and dairy products like curd or adequate plant-based alternatives
  • Fats, for example from nuts and nutmeal, coconut oil or seeds
  • vitamins and Minerals, such as from nuts and fruit, depending on the desired flavor

You should also pay attention to the form of the nutrients. For example, complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal do not let the blood sugar shoot up so quickly and still provide enough energy.

Designer Whey Protein as a delicious protein shake for gaining weight

Protein Shake recipe for weight gain

A protein drink for gaining weight is quick to prepare, but some beginners are overwhelmed with the selection of the right ingredients for the shake.

For all those who have some difficulty with the preparation of a homemade shake, we have here a easily modifiable Recipe:

  • 400 ml milk, preferably organic whole milk (or vegetable milk alternatives)
  • 75 g of oatmeal (alternatively, de-oiled nut flour or melting flakes can be used)
  • 1 banana
  • 100 g frozen berries of your choice, for example blueberries
  • 25 g nut puree or nut butter
  • 30 g protein powder, such as the ESN Designer Whey or for the vegan variant either the ESN Vegan Pro Complex or the ESN Vegan Designer Protein
  • 10 ml / 1 tbsp. linseed oil (can also be replaced by nuts or avocado)

Conclusion: This is why protein shakes are worthwhile for gaining weight

To gain muscle and weight, the most important points are the right diet and a adequate training important. To gain weight, a calorie surplus must be achieved, i.e. more calories must be taken in than the body consumes.

In addition, it can be helpful to supply more protein in the diet than the body breaks down. Here come protein powders or. Protein drinks and shakes for gaining weight into the game! Protein shakes can help you do just that. Through the Easy availability respectively. Preparation Weight gainers and protein shakes can be ideally integrated into the daily diet. So you can easily take in more calories and protein, and so your Increase weight in a healthy way.

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