Playing golf: 10 reasons why golf is cool

Golfing was once considered an old man’s sport. But this has changed fundamentally. For these 10 reasons, teeing off and holing up is cooler than ever today.

Playing golf: 10 reasons why golf is cool

1. Golf prolongs life

Exercise is healthy – and that doesn’t just apply to climbing stairs or jogging, but to golf as well. To complete a round of 18 holes, you spend around four to five hours in the fresh air and move around a lot at a moderate pace. Something better can hardly happen to your body. Up to 2.000 calories can fall by the wayside. The health benefits are also proven by a Swedish study: older golfers have a 40 percent lower mortality risk than their peers with other preferences. Golfers also live an average of five years longer.

2. Golf promotes the exchange of ideas

In many sports, an extensive conversation with a training partner often does not take place at all, or perhaps only after the session over a drink. Golf, on the other hand, allows you to stroll from hole to hole with your playing partners and really immerse yourself in the world of the person you are playing with. On the other hand, you too can benefit from advice and tips.

Playing golf: 10 reasons why golf is cool

While playing golf you can easily get into conversation with others. ©

3. Learning to play golf has become affordable

In the past, golf was considered the refuge of a snobby elite, but the image has changed today. More and more people want to learn how to play golf because it has become affordable and is considered cool. Good sets of clubs are now available for as little as 300 euros. Numerous offers are aimed specifically at beginners. In golf taster courses, the equipment is usually provided. If you like the sport, you will have to take the golf course entrance exam – some of these courses are offered for less than 300 euros. Then there are the costs for the golf equipment, the annual membership and the green fee costs in a golf club. These turn out very differently.

4. You can play golf anywhere

No desire for a golf club? Or is the journey to the next course too far for you?? Then throw in a cross golf session. This trendy sport no longer has an elitist character and can be played with a club and ball on any suitable terrain in the city or in nature. Of course, the rule of safety first applies – passers-by must not come to any harm.

5. Golf ensures good contacts

Many managers like to play golf. That’s why conferences and meetings in the business sector are increasingly organized around the sport. So that you don’t just play on the 19. If you want to make contacts not only on the first hole, the club bar, but also on the green, you should acquire a solid basic level and knowledge of the rules. Otherwise you’ll quickly be out of the loop in conversations about your golf handicap.

6. Golf is a good way to relieve stress

If you want to be successful at golf, a high level of concentration is required. In difficult situations your creativity is also in demand. These tasks, combined with the relaxed atmosphere and nature experience of the golf course, refresh the mind and psyche – helping to relieve stress.

Playing golf: 10 reasons why golf is cool

Whether alone or in a group, a round on the golf course challenges your concentration and helps to relieve stress at the same time. ©

7. You can play golf on your own

There are not many ball sports that you can play all by yourself. In golf, you don’t have to rely on a teammate, but you can perfect your technique. Without a flight partner you have no pressure, no waiting and the possibility to play at your own pace.

8. Golf shows you what other people are really like

When you play golf with people you know only superficially or not at all – like at company events or tournaments – you get to know their true character traits very well. How does your colleague react when he or she misses an easy putt? Is she or he trying to sneak advantages by laying the ball better? Golf exposes people and shows their true colors.

9. Golf can make you rich

As a beginner:in, golf will not bring you any financial return – but this is true for all other sports as well. However, if there are any undreamed-of talents lying dormant in you, the right way to handle the little ball can earn you millions. Several golfers are among the top earners in the sports business. The annual Masters Tournament in the USA alone pays out 10 million dollars in prize money.

10. Golf you can combine

If you’re not convinced that golf is now a cool sport, you might want to try a hybrid like footgolf first. The rules are similar: In this sport, a soccer ball must reach the goal on a footgolf course with as few shots as possible. In Scandinavia, Footgolf has already been established for years.

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Playing golf: 10 reasons why golf is cool


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