Pin and puk forgotten: what to do?

Once again a bit of chaos in the head? Forgotten PIN and PUK? Stay calm! Your phone is not lost forever.

A locked cell phone

Sometimes you just get lost: the code for your bank account, the password for Instagram, and then also the PIN for your SIM card. You can get confused. Quickly, the sequence of digits is entered incorrectly three times and the SIM card is blocked. Phone calls and chats are no longer possible until further notice.

But fortunately there is still the PUK – the Personal Unlocking Key. With this the cell phone can be unlocked again. But where was the number again? At the latest when you have also lost the PUK, you start to sweat. Nevertheless: Keep calm first !

Forgotten cell phone PIN? Everything is not so bad!

You don’t have to know everything, you just have to know where it is: Everyone who signs a cell phone contract and gets a new SIM card also gets a Letter with important information. Here are PIN and PUK. So before you start typing all kinds of number combinations into your smartphone in a panic, better go and search for the document.

Once you have entered the PIN code once or twice, look for the correct code and you can use your phone again as usual. But what if this tip comes too late and the PIN is already blocked??

Don’t worry, because in the same letter you will also find the PUK. You use this to unlock the SIM card again, which is why the eight-digit code is also referred to as the "PUK" Super PIN is designated. Once you’ve entered the PUK, you can enter a new PIN – and remember it better this time!

TipNow and then it happens that the display "Enter PUK" does not appear on your smartphone display. In this case you simply enter the key combination **05PUKNew PIN*New PIN.

PUK number forgotten: Time to freak out?

But what if you just can’t find that important letter anymore?? Maybe the document got lost in the move, accidentally ended up in the trash or was eaten by the dog. No matter what the reasons are: The PUK is gone and the SIM card locked.

Guessing around is no use if you’ve forgotten your PUK number. First, you’ll probably never get the right combination of digits anyway, and second, you have Only ten attempts. If you use them up, the SIM card is lost forever. You can then dispose of it directly and order a new one.

If you don’t press around on the cell phone keypad in a panic, you don’t need to worry. You just have to contact the supplier and request your PUK. You usually have two options for this: You can settle the matter by phone or you can go to the Log in to the online portal of the respective provider and view your PUK there.

As far as the latter case is concerned, however, each of the three major providers has chosen its own procedure for its customers. We tell you how to proceed.

TelekomAt Telekom, most users will not be able to avoid calling the hotline. Because if there are not several cell phone numbers linked in your account, there is no way to regulate the whole thing online.

If your contract is for two or more mobile numbers, here’s how to get your PUK:

After you have logged into the customer center with your access data, click on the cell phone number for which you want to display the PUK.

Navigate to the section "My SIM cards" and click on "Settings".

In the security check that follows, have an unlock code sent to you via SMS. While doing this, of course, select the mobile number that is not blocked. Then click on "Next.

Next, enter the unlock code in the corresponding input field.

Now you only have to click on "Show PIN and PUK" and then enter a new PIN.

VodafoneHere the whole thing is much easier to do. Just log into the members area of MyVodafone and navigate to the "My Data" section. Under "My mobile& Card" your PUK will be displayed as well.

o2At o2, you can also get your PUK in no time at all via the customer portal. Log in with your access data in the "My o2 area" and go to "Tariff&" SIM card. Next, click on "Manage SIM card" and select "View PIN/PUK". Now you just have to follow the on-screen instructions – done.

Keep PIN and PUK in a safe place

What should you do to avoid such a drama in the first place? Always have PIN and PUK at hand? Better not! You must not forget that the two codes are there for that, your SIM card from access by unauthorized persons protect. Sticking the PIN code on the back of your smartphone is probably the worst idea.

It is better to keep the letter with PIN and PUK safe and tidy at home; sensible stored in a folder, so that you can quickly find the important numbers again. Then it is no longer a problem if you forget your PIN and PUK.

Tip: you have a new SIM card and you just can’t remember the PIN given by the provider? No problem. If you have an Android device, you can easily change your SIM PIN via "Settings", "Security" and the item "SIM card lock". On iOS, you have to go to "Settings", "Mobile network" and "SIM PIN" to do that. It only takes a few clicks and you have created your individual PIN – which you hopefully won’t forget as quickly as the old one!

Conclusion: Forgotten PIN and PUK – retrieval made easy

If you have forgotten your PIN and PUK, you can find them in the letter you received with your SIM card.

The letter can no longer be found? Then you can simply contact your network provider by phone to find out your PUK. Enter your cell phone number, the cell phone card number and if necessary your personal customer or online portal of the respective provider. Contract number ready.

Depending on the provider, you can also view your PUK online on your own via your customer account.

Always remember that you have three attempts to enter the PIN before you have to enter the PUK. You can enter the PUK ten times before your SIM is permanently blocked.

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Pin and puk forgotten: what to do?

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