Operating technical assistant (ota)

The operation of a patient requires medical expertise and competence. In addition to surgeons, surgical technical assistants perform important tasks before and during procedures. you will ensure that patients are cared for in a professional manner and prepare the operating room. You can read more about the job, training and earnings here.

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Operating technical assistant (ota)

Activities and tasks

The occupation of OTA is a demanding job in the medical field. In the operating room the team consists not only of doctors. Expert assistants also accompany the complex process. You work close to patients, but also work alongside surgeons. Depending on the severity, an operation can last up to several hours. OTAs have been in service for just as long.

A surgical technical assistant assists the surgeons in performing the surgery. Duties include Preparation of patients and their care During and after surgery. In addition, OTAs prepare the Operating room for the procedure before. They lay out the necessary instruments and keep track of their number. In addition assist the surgeon during the procedure, by handing out the appropriate instruments.

Also Operating theater assistants operate and monitor equipment, who are used for ventilation, suctioning or measurements. Medical procedures in the outpatient clinic, endoscopy or central sterilization also fall within their area of responsibility. In addition, they take over Documentation activities as well as in the management of materials and their storage. OTAs perform shift work in hospitals and clinics.

Operating technical assistant (ota)

Where do surgical assistants work?

Surgical technical assistants work in institutions and facilities where surgical procedures take place. These include hospitals, university clinics or specialized clinics. Other possible employers include outpatient surgery centers. OTAs have the following Places of employment:

  • Operating rooms
  • Recovery rooms
  • patient rooms
  • Sterilization rooms

Where they are specifically employed depends on the requirements of the particular employer. OTAs have the opportunity to consider medical specialties when choosing where to work. Medicine basically encompasses numerous specialties. University clinics and hospitals usually cover a wide range of areas. Other hospitals specialize in one area. The employer can be from plastic surgery as well as from an orthopedic clinic. To find the right job, it helps to consider where your preferences lie. It is helpful for OTAs to find out what is particularly important to them in their job. Criteria include salary or a pleasant working environment. For many, however, it is also important that they find their work interesting.

OTAs should have these qualities

OTAs are qualified medical professionals. They accompany surgical procedures in hospitals, clinics and surgery centers. The job entails different challenges, for which surgical assistants should have certain qualities. Of fundamental importance is the ability to act confidently in a medical environment. OTAs get a first-hand look at the course of operations. You should be confident to be present during major surgical procedures and be able to withstand the sight of blood and wounds. When operating on seriously ill or injured people, it may be a matter of life or death. It can come to psychologically stressful situations.

It is important good communication, because working in an OR team is all about precise coordination. OTAs should also be able to empathize with patients. Another important feature is Perseverance. Even during operations lasting several hours, surgical assistants should attentively stay. In this way they support the surgeon in the best possible way. When it comes to administering the right instruments in critical situations, the following plays a role Concentration play a major role.

With a good technical understanding, OTAs oversee medical equipment during surgery, so manual dexterity is an advantage. Overall, the job requires a high level of care. Whether dealing with patients, surgical materials, or preparing the operating room, a keen eye for detail is what makes the job of an OTA special. The job requires a high degree of responsibility.

Operating technical assistant (ota)

How much do OTAs earn?

With their responsible work, OTAs contribute to safe procedures in the operating room. According to the remuneration atlas of the German Federal Employment Agency, their average income is 3.920 Euro gross per month. Surgical assistants in the top quarter of this survey earn average salaries 4.356 Euro gross monthly. The information is based on data from full-time employees from 2019. In individual cases the amount of the OTA salary depends on the employer. Municipal hospitals and university hospitals employ their staff in accordance with the provisions of collective bargaining agreements. The income level results from the specifications of the respective contract. For example, university hospitals usually pay a little more than hospitals. With longer employment the payment increases according to fixed pay levels. In addition, the salaries can differ in the comparison of the federal states.

There are various opportunities for surgical assistants to expand their own knowledge through further training and to increase their earning prospects. Here the alternatives range from professional specialization to studies in the health field.

Tariff situation and remuneration practice change regularly and are strongly dependent on the individual case.

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