Oneplus is really drifting away now

Oneplus 10 Pro camera

The former flagship killers are now extremely adapted to the market. In addition, there are strategic decisions that leave OnePlus fans perplexed. The time of the revolucers seems to be over.

  • Oppo is taking over the leadership of OnePlus more and more.
  • This leads to strange decisions.
  • OnePlus can no longer be compared to the past.

OnePlus belongs more than ever to Oppo and that somehow doesn’t do the once celebrated startup so well. Anyway, some weird things are happening that don’t necessarily have to be there. It all started with the merger of the software. Oppo is now probably primarily responsible for the operating system. This means more than just an "endorsement" for OnePlus. The software installed on the OnePlus 10 Pro is More ColorOS than ever before.

The phone just mentioned has already been unveiled, but is only available in China for now. Meanwhile, OnePlus is probably preparing for its international market launch. This could then be the software called H2OOS bring along. A compilation of HydrogenOS (China) and OxygenOS (global). Even if this name makes sense from a chemical point of view, it is probably not a successful decision from a marketing point of view.

OnePlus with some unfortunate decisions

But not only this new name causes questions. A look at the camera also. The circular flash says P2D50T written. A combination of letters and numbers that doesn’t make sense even at a second glance. This acronym stands for the second generation Hasselblad mobile camera (2D) for phones (P) and the triple camera setup of 50 megapixel sensors (50T). Okay.

For some time now, OnePlus is no longer what the brand has radiated in the first years once. With the deep integration into Oppo one loses even more own identity. I had already noted this in a comment a while back. Unfortunately, I guess I wasn’t necessarily wrong about that.

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I’ve been around since the Oneplus 5, have had each one, but I think the journey is at no. 9 Pro over. The software is so incredibly bad. After the update to Android 12, quite a few apps no longer work. Crashes without end and a customer service that is not to be surpassed in incompetence. It’s always great to have an interlocutor with the name Peter Muller, who understands as good as no German ! I’m going to take a look at the Motorola Edge 30.

I’ve been with them every two years since the OP2 and can call myself a power user. As such, it’s a really bitter pill that I replaced my 7 Pro with the rather worse 9 Pro after display damage and fingerprint sensor incompatibility after replacement (scroll speed very slow, keyboard lags for seconds at times, hole punch instead of pop up camera).
The internationally acclaimed Oxygen OS is effectively replaced with version 12 by a noticeably uncharitable Color OS rebranded to Oxygen. I unwound the update back to OOS 11 after three days, although I was looking forward to Android 12. Color OS is about what Samsung had in terms of operating system about five years ago and from which Samsung has since gotten rid of step by step to look less cluttered, inconsistent, unintuitive and lame.
I can understand BBK because Realme is now taking the role of OnePlus and the decision "currently for the int. Market redundant OnePlus or Oppo" for a Chinese company can not be hit differently than Oppo to priorities and migrate as many OnePlus customers as possible by imposing Color OS and making the phones of OnePlus less attractive (see 10).

Hi, thanks for the info. Then I don’t even need to contact the support. The phone has so many bugs since upgrade. It is really a disaster.

I am also a user of the One plus 8T.
I also denounced the customer service extremely. The community alone is already an imposition. Almost everything in English. Then the phone itself yes good but with many things you are left alone. Contract goes yes in 1 year to end. This is then also the end of my One Plus excursion.

Been with me since OP6 (currently 8T). The 8T is by far the device I’m more satisfied with than any other – and I’ve been with it since the Motorola Milestone…
Well, Oneplus is now unfortunately different m. E. in no way more from other manufacturers. So why stay with it? Performance, price and updates are now offered by others just the same.

I’ve been with OnePlus since the OnePlus 3T and now with the 8T and this will probably be my last one too. OnePlus went downhill when Carl Pei left. Then there is also that OnePlus has not yet managed to release 5g for O2 on the 8 series which is already times absolute impudence. My 8T is running a custom Rom on Android 12, the phone runs so clean and smooth that it’s a joy to use. There is no OOS H2OOS or whatever they release now for nen bullshit on it. As someone has already written above I will also look at the Motorola Edge 30 pro times&&&

OnePlus user of the very first hour after I switched from iPhone 4 to Android with the HTC One M7.
After both OnePlus One, the OnePlus 2, 3 and 5T, a very short detour to the Samsung S8 Plus, the 6T was now my last OnePlus for now.
Customer service is a disaster, admittedly with other manufacturers is there not much better.
Since the OnePlus 2 no device wanted to work well with my car, especially when it came to Spotify playback. However, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated OnePlus problem but is probably also strongly due to Spotify itself.
Now I thought about the price and could get a Xiaomi Poco F3 5G for 289€ on Black Friday.
The device is a disaster, I have restarted it more times in the last three days than all my previous Android devices combined. This Miui 12.5 is the worst thing I’ve seen since Android 4.2 was allowed to experience, yes even worse than the Samsung S8 Plus disaster, I’m about to give my 6T a battery and continue to use the thing until it falls apart or my needed apps are no longer supported on it.
Another OnePlus is coming thanks to the questionable pricing and software policy but also because the OneOlus is no longer what it stood for, in my opinion, until the OnePlus 3. High-quality processed smartphones with decent features, without bloatware at a reasonable price. Too bad – The Poco flies but now first time in the virtual trash can alias classified ads, the part really does not go at all.

I honestly can’t quite understand the bad mood (yet).
Have the 9 Pro and was really afraid of the switch to Android 12 with ColorOS underpinnings.
But since the update came a few days ago, the device runs flawlessly, Android 12 animations are buttery smooth, settings are still in Oxygen design, it’s just become more options. The launcher is almost 1:1 like before, canvas is even better, camera app runs flawless.
Except for the alarm clock blackscreen bug, which I hope will be fixed soon, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.
The new 10 Pro first looks like a consistent further development of the predecessor, why you have to get upset about some inscription in the flash now I do not understand, there’s been far more senseless model names. And if H2OOS will be good or bad nobody can judge yet, so why talk bad already?
No, it’s not the same startup as it used to be, but it hasn’t been for a long time now. Namely since they don’t make cheap "flagship killers" any more, but genuine flagships for the right price. But I think they are doing very well so far. For me OPPO is developing here rather a real competition to Samsung and Apple.

Ok, then I will go into detail. Since the upgrade, the following doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly on my 9 Pro:

– Black screen alarm clock
– Black screen calls
– Black screen Whatsapp calls
– SAP was taken out, which is quite bad in a sealed car
– Internet does not continue during call on Sim 2
– some apps don’t work anymore (blitzer app z. B.)
– Task manager does not close programs on command
– The interface has become much slower

So many bugs were discovered within the short time. There will probably be more to come and again some will be fixed by update.
Verdict: It now feels 1:1 like my old Huawei P30 pro.

One Plus One, 2, 3t, 5t, 6t – the end! When the One with CyanogenMod came out I was on fire! The very best device, back then! And because it was so good – I’d have to get the 2t dumbass…..and also again quickly go the 3t swap! That was such a high-quality part… Like a gold nugget! Then again the question why it had to be the 5t…… Until the 6t! I am writing with right now! And this will most likely be the last OP! Said simply because they no longer know their own statements! Fuck the community, fuck the service! This is only needed for advertising! And dear 8,9, pro, north… Your no longer have a real OP! Unfortunately! In the past, the bugs were just features – you got informed and found a solution with the community! Too bad, there is no longer……! Let’s see if my 6t can still handle Lineage……! Too bad OP – apparently the StartUp time is over…….&

I have since the Oneplus 3, the 5T, the 7T and now the 9Pro always a useful life of approx. 18 months ( I’m aiming for the same with the 9Pro). I know the software and hardware pretty well for years now.
Oneplus has always had its little problems with the software, but this was all within the framework.
The change now with the 9Pro to A12 was but a pure disaster!
Bugs without end, laggy, a lot of things that were self-evident with OOS do not go (z.B. Icons customize or rename apps, gone) – I was mega frustrated.
BUT I did it and flattened the part and made a clean install. Makes one of course reluctant to set up everything again. But it was worth it. Lots of bugs (z.B. disappeared my credit card again and again from GPay) are gone! It runs buttery smooth and fast.
I can only recommend it to everyone to actually bite the bullet when changing A12 and set it up again! It is actually a MUST!
What the future brings I do not know yet. The start with ColorsOS and A12 was already conceivably bad with me..

Can’t hear the complaining anymore and also hardly understand it. Since the C44 update my OP9Pro runs as good and error free as never before. Also the support via the community APP is great and fast. I’m glad that this step was taken, perspective there are so faster updates and you are still very close to stock. Will definitely get me the 10Pro. Am more satisfied than ever and had all but the 3t and 6t. Keep it up:-)

What runs on the C44 update round ?.
I have since Android 12 massive problems .
Videos eg go constantly on pause ,
Alexa app doesn’t work at all anymore,
My BMW Motorrad App connects only sporadically,
More often the back gesture wipe from left does not work .
No I am absolutely no longer satisfied with OnePlus .
Am since the OnePlus 1 .
But the 9pro was unfortunately my last for now.

I find the criticisms in the article now unconvincing: how the manufacturer calls his OS or flash is completely irrelevant to device usage.
The fact that OnePlus is no longer a startup and the merger with Oppo leads to resources being pooled is also unsurprising.
In the end, it is decisive whether the price/performance ratio fits, but I do not find any criticism in the article.

I am currently using the 6T and am extremely happy with it. Since the software support is expiring, I have LineagOS on it for now – everything is good with it too, except for the problems that the open bootloader brings with it (no Netflix, no banking app, no G-Pay…).
Therefore, I looked at what OnePlus currently offers and since I do not necessarily need a current flagship device, the North 2 would not be uninteresting.
Now my question is: what exactly is the problem with OnePlus?? And what is a better alternative in the price range up to 400€??

What is this article? Was the part with the criticism forgotten? The name of the camera or the OS are pretty much the most irrelevant thing you can say about a smartphone and what exactly is supposed to be bad about the new software has not even been touched upon. Quite embarrassing.

Never again Oneplus! The 8 Pro was so buggy after half a year (with Oxygen OS 11) that you could hardly use it anymore.

Hm… With all the whining here I wonder what I’m doing wrong. & Been on it since the OP 3. Currently the 8T and have never had any of the problems described here. Has never needed customer service or had a defect. I’m looking forward to the 10 Pro with an open mind. Also know various OP 9 users who are strangely also totally satisfied.

With all pros and cons at the end the sales figures decide and they seem to be right.
The article is really not well written, the comments are much more informative, too bad.
As a buyer of the One, 3T, 5 and now the North 2, I can state for myself:
There are good and not so good reasons to decide for an OP, e.g. the departure from Cyanogen was a real disaster back then. The OP remains mostly right close to the stick, is for me one of the decisive criteria and even more important, all devices still run today.

So much for my useless mustard, with more information content than the article.
Written by Nord 2. :P

Have the 9 pro in full regalia. I think it’s top and I don’t think the tenner makes it worse. The criticism of 12 is correct. Fingerprint sensor gone, apps not closing,…
I personally assume that they will clean this up. But everyone always makes different experiences, in the end also good if the support takes it seriously.

Will stay with my phone as long as possible when I read something like this
At the moment still in every respect perfect One plus 7 Pro remain….

Really too bad what has become of Oneplus&♂️

one can hope that the announced tablet at least deliver… ✔️

Too bad actually – I had used the OP3 and until now the OP7 Pro, but my journey ends and I recently use an iPhone. This provides the convenience with other Apple devices that I had hoped OP would bring with different devices… :/

I also had to do a factory reset after the update to A12, because many things no longer work or work incorrectly. Now everything is going well and fast again. Whether the update had to be? I think rather not

Am also quite happy with my OP9 Pro. For me, however, the device still runs with A11 and honestly I have absolutely no reason to change now to A12 on cramp.

Everyone is always screaming for new fast updates, the manufacturers then try to implement it under time pressure and what then comes out with, you can see now.

After the C44/Update make sure to do factory reset. Then everything works 1a. Do not understand the mimimi of some here. Just take a look at the Community APP…Recently I was thinking about getting a Pixel. In the meantime and since the C44 this is off the table. Never had such a cool OnePlus as now with the current soft :-)

Really sad to watch OnePlus turn into what they never wanted to be themselves. My 7 Pro will be the last 1+ I bought. Without the software there is simply no reason to stay loyal to them.

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