Oatmeal fatteners: these preparation mistakes make you fat

The fact that oat flakes are healthy and the regular consumption besides still positively affects the figure, is for a long time no more secret. However, some mistakes in the preparation of the cereal can also ensure that it becomes a fattener.

Oatmeal is especially popular in the form of a warm and creamy porridge and is probably one of the healthiest breakfasts and snacks. However, you can also make some mistakes in the preparation, which can even lead to you gaining weight

Oatmeal enjoys great popularity, especially in the form of a warm and creamy porridge, and is probably one of the healthiest breakfasts and snacks. However, you can also make some mistakes in the preparation, which can lead to the fact that you even gain weight

Very important: oatmeal should be properly

There is probably no better way to start the day than with a serving of oatmeal. The cereal, which is especially popular in the morning in the form of a warm and creamy porridge, not only provides the body with a large portion of energy, important vitamins, minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and selenium, as well as dietary fiber, but also boosts digestion and metabolism. Every morning a meal oats can besides also still Preventing nasty hunger attacks, because it saturates for a long time and regulates the blood sugar level. Not for nothing there is a special diet for which the cereal is a large part of the diet. However, in order for this breakfast to have its full effect, there are a few things to keep in mind. For in the preparation you can use certain mistakes, which in turn can lead to you gaining a pound or two.

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1. You sweeten oatmeal with sugar

Conventional oatmeal without some form of topping honestly tastes a bit boring and some sweetness is missing after all. To bring some taste into the meal, many sweeten with a smaller or even larger portion of sugar. However, it should be no news that the white crystals are anything but beneficial for weight. So instead of reaching for the industrially processed sweetener, you can rather rely on natural sweeteners such as honey, which in turn also has a positive effect on blood sugar levels.&

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2. You eat too much oatmeal

In many recipes it says to use 40 or even 50 grams of oatmeal. When this amount is finally in front of you, it still seems very puny, which is why many end up adding an extra load to this portion. However, this is a big mistake, especially if you want to lose weight and not gain weight. In their raw state, oats don’t look like much and it’s hard to believe that such a portion fills you up, but you’re forgetting that the cereal swells once again in the stomach and only then ignites its satiating effect. So in the future, trust the information in your oatmeal recipes!&

3. You eat only oat flakes

Of course, oatmeal provides the body with a variety of important vitamins, minerals and fiber, but if you rely only on the cereal in the morning, you start your day much too one-sided. Without healthy toppings, you’ll tend to eat too much of the oats on the one hand (see mistake 2!) and on the other hand, your body is deprived of essential proteins, which are not found in vegetable form in the cereals. Protein as well as high-quality fats from yogurt, curd cheese, nuts and also seeds, which are excellent culinary icing on the cake of oatmeal, muesli and Co. They ensure that the feeling of fullness lasts even longer. By the way, you can also try spelt flakes for a little variety. These have the same positive properties and help you lose weight as the normal oat flakes. They differ only in taste.

4. You combine oatmeal with sweet toppings

Of course, oatmeal topped with foods like dried fruit, chocolate chips, or even a fruity sauce will make your mouth water, but if you eat the cereal this way, don’t be surprised if the scales show a few extra pounds after a few weeks. Although the oats are still healthy, the sweet and especially toppings full of calories still make an impact. So instead of resorting to dried fruit, garnish your breakfast or cereal snack with fresh fruit, such as berries or apples, and do something good for your body. Finally, a tasty alternative to chocolate and sweet sauce would be nuts, seeds and cinnamon, which also have a positive effect on the figure.

5. You use instant porridge

Sometimes you just don’t have time to make yourself a fresh porridge, and that’s when reaching for the instant variety is more than tempting. However, if you indulge in this quick alternative too often, it can have a pretty negative impact on your figure. Because instant oatmeal, which is simply prepared with warm water, contains flavor enhancers and additives as well as a lot of sugar, so this meal is full of unhealthy calories and can also cause cravings. So if you can foresee that it will be stressful the next morning, then prepare for example an overnight porridge, which should swell overnight in the refrigerator and can be feasted immediately the next morning. This version not only tastes better, it’s also healthier and keeps you full longer.&

6. You take dried fruit instead of fresh fruit

Cutting up an apple, pear or banana for topping in the morning can be a pain and take time you’d rather spend in bed. Dried fruit comes in handy, because for this version you only have to reach into a bag and after all fruit is fruit. However, this very view ensures that oatmeal becomes a high-calorie fattener, because dried fruits contain a lot more calories and sugar per quantity compared to fresh berries, grapes or plums. This is because all the liquid is removed from these during processing. Keeping the calories the same will shrink your weight. During the preparation process, it quickly happens that much more dried fruit is integrated into the meal with the cereal than is the case with fresh bananas, apricots and co. the case would be. The result: a real calorie trap. In addition, these ingredients also do not contain as many vitamins and nutrients, which can also play an important role in weight loss.

This is how you can prepare oatmeal in a healthy way

To start the day well, you can prepare a tasty porridge or muesli directly in the morning. Who would like to enjoy a particularly tasty breakfast, should combine this absolutely with further healthy ingredients. For example Walnuts, flaxseed or chia seeds, All of which provide long-term satiety and are full of valuable vitamins. Particularly in combination with Chiasamen according to a study the Pounds are to be brought so still faster to tumbling. Cereals are also said to be even more effective at helping you lose weight when combined with protein-rich foods such as cottage cheese or yogurt, since the saturation feeling lasts particularly long afterwards and in addition the fat burn is activated. But that’s not all: even in the form of oat bars the cereal can be integrated into everyday life in a healthy way as a meal for in between meals. By the way, you can find a delicious recipe here.

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Can you eat oatmeal every day?

The answer is quite clear: Yes! They are the ideal basis for a balanced breakfast, if you serve them with the appropriate, healthy toppings and avoid the above-mentioned mistakes when preparing them. Different variations such as porridge, crunchy granola or baked flakes can add a little variety to your diet. Good to know: Start your day with a serving of the cereal, then you can save up to 30 percent of the calories at lunch. Researchers have even been able to prove this in a study!

Can oatmeal make you fat in the evening?

The answer to the question is: no! Also here the kind of the preparation plays an important role. Although carbohydrates, which are found in abundance in cereals, should hardly ever be eaten as the last meal of the day, they should not be consumed at all If you enjoy oats in the form of a hearty porridge, prepared with broth and garnished with vegetables, lean meat, fish or tofu and at least three hours before going to bed, it doesn’t show up negatively on the scales the next morning. You should keep your hands off fruit as a topping, because the sweetness of the fructose would completely unbalance the blood sugar level during the night, making it all the more difficult for the body to break down fat deposits. But watch out: This food you should not have on the table every evening, because a low-carb dinner with fiber and lots of protein is still the easiest way to stimulate fat burning overnight.

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