Noise protection in the garden

So that the noise of the neighbors and the adjacent streets does not disturb, a noise barrier in the garden is helpful. We will show you different variants of noise protection and the different materials you can use for it.

Effects of noise

If your apartment or house is located in a noisy area, for example next to a busy street, the noise can quickly become a burden.

Even if you become accustomed to the noise level over time, it can be harmful to your health as soon as it is 70 dB exceeds. Because the noise can constrict the blood vessels and the breathing and heartbeat are accelerated.

The most effective protection from noise and prying eyes offers a wall. On the side of the wall that faces your garden, you can also use Climbing roses, Perennials, Ferns and Woody plants set the scene.

However, building a wall often comes at a high cost and you usually need a Building Permit, to build the wall. In general, before building, you should always consult with your Neighbors and the local building authority. Also ask the authority whether there is an enclosure statute in your community and what noise protection elements it permits.

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Variants for noise protection in the garden

A wall reliably keeps out noise. The higher the wall is, the more peace you have in the garden.

To protect yourself from noise in your garden, you can use a hedge Construction for the noise protection erect Reflects or absorbs sound.

This is how you can protect your house with solid walls and soundproofing Windows from traffic noise and noise from the neighborhood. Offering similar protection Soundproofing elements for the garden.

The following principle applies to noise barriers: the higher and heavier they are, the more effectively they absorb sound.

If your house is located on a noisy street, it is best to start noise protection at the boundary of the property. The less distance there is between the noise barrier and the noise source, the more effective the noise protection is.

Materials for noise protection

Gabion walls also keep unwanted noise out of the garden by absorbing it.

Noise barriers are available, for example, as Gabion walls. These are filled inside with stones and also with insulating material. However, only the visually appealing stones are visible from the outside.

Besides gabion walls, there are noise barriers made of concrete, wood, glass, fabric or bricks. How well the walls absorb or reflect the sound depends on the used material from.

Throw like this smooth surfaces The sound absorbers made of glass, concrete and masonry are particularly good at rejecting the noise they hear.

Porous materials against it absorb the sound. If manufacturer about decorative Privacy screens additionally fill them with coir or plank them with wood, this strengthens the soundproofing effect. You will achieve the same result if you build the elements yourself with Plants ornamental or canopy.

If you have neighbors living opposite you, noise absorption is more suitable than sound reflection, because otherwise the sound level on the neighbor’s wall can increase by up to 3 dB increases. The human ear already perceives an increase in noise of 10 dB as drastic, as if the volume had doubled.

Hint: Erect the noise barrier along the entire property line facing the street. If you need to interrupt the wall, for example for a driveway, pull the wall on both sides a little around the corners into the garden.

Noise protection in the garden: distracting the hearing

You can also distract yourself from noise with other sounds in the garden. Make something whose sounds you find beautiful and then focus on it.

You can also protect yourself from a disturbing sound by juxtaposing the noise source with another background noise. However, you should find their sounds soothing.

Your sound masks the disturbing noise coming in from outside. Shopping arcades already rely on this so-called "Soundscaping". Often there is music or birdsong played from the tape.

In the garden you can use high grasses plants whose rustle and rustle mask the noise of the street. Also decorative Water or wind chimes can pleasantly counteract the noise.

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