Optics: a Minecraft compass is a small, round item made of iron and redstone that always shows the player the starting point in the Minecraft world. This means the personal spawn point.


To craft a compass, you need a unit of redstone dust, a workbench and four iron bars. The redstone dust is placed in the center square of the crafting area and one iron ingot directly above, below, and to the left and right of it respectively.


Use compass

No matter if you hold the compass directly in your hand or if it is in your inventory, the red compass needle always shows the direction in which the player’s spawn point is located. The compass therefore serves the player for orientation. Especially when you make far discovery tours, it is extremely helpful.


You just have to take care that it always shows the original spawn point, even if you use a bed. If you want to save material, you don’t even have to finish crafting the compass. Because already in the starting field of the crafting area it shows the direction. (Only in the end and Nether the compass does not work!)

Uses: A compass is also needed to craft a map.

Natural occurrence: Rarely found even in libraries of fortresses.


Optics: A map is a small item made of paper.


To craft a map, you need a workbench, a compass and eight units of paper. The compass is placed in the middle square of the crafting area and one paper in each of the remaining squares.


Map creation

As soon as you have crafted a card and take it in your hand, it starts to record the player’s surroundings. That is, it records everything that is currently in the player’s environment. The place where the map is crafted is the center of the map and it will always remain the same. If you don’t move after crafting the map, the map will record only a small radius. On the following picture this becomes clear:


If you stand still, nothing much happens on the map. However, in order for the map to plot the largest possible area around this center point, you have to move around. If one runs now by the area in which one produced the map, the recording extends piece by piece. As long as the map is full. Anything beyond that, the map can no longer record.


To craft a Minecraft clock, you need a workbench, a unit of redstone dust and four gold bars. The redstone dust is placed in the middle field of the crafting area and one gold bar each directly above, below and to the left and right of it.


Read the clock

A Minecraft clock does not show the time directly, but the position of the sun in the sky during the day and the position of the moon in the sky at night. From these positions results the time. Just like the compass, the clock display in the inventory works as well. In the end and Nether the clock does not work.

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