Nasal aspirator test: you can trust these products

Natalie Köhler

When babies and toddlers have the sniffles, it’s a torture for the whole family: The little ones can’t breathe when they’re drinking, and sleep is also out of the question with a blocked nose. The solution can be a nasal aspirator. The products take over, so to speak, the blowing for your children. We introduce you to the best nasal aspirators, compare the different ways they work and give tips around their use.

  1. 1. The best nose vacuums in comparison
  2. 2. #1 Manual nasal aspirator with pump function
  3. 3. #2 Nasal aspirator with tube
  4. 4. #3 Electric nasal aspirators
  5. 5. What to look for in nasal aspirators?
  6. 6. Can you hurt the baby with a nasal aspirator?
  7. 7. How often can I use a nasal aspirator on a baby?

The best nasal aspirators in comparison

There are three different types of nasal aspirators on the market. They differ in HOW they get the snuff secretion out of your baby’s nose:

  1. by negative pressure/ pumps
  2. by sucking it off with your mouth (don’t worry, you don’t have to put the snot in your mouth to do it)
  3. or electric suction.

The differences are of course also reflected in the price. Which says nothing about which model you get along best with. And of course it is also important which method your baby follows. Here we present you now different nasal aspirators, which we can recommend as an editorial team or on the basis of online reviews.

Natalie Köhler

Get well soon for all little sniffly noses!

Even if you had to do without them in the past: nasal aspirators are not newfangled stuff, but really an effective aid. After all, all children get "fed up" at some point – and cannot snort themselves free. Does also the family everyday life well so ne free nose and the nights become also again calmer.

Which is the most comfortable way for you and your baby, of course, only you can decide- maybe by trial and error or from our descriptions. Unfortunately, there are no test reports on nasal aspirators from Stiftung Warentest so far. In the following table, we have once again summarized the pros and cons of the individual nasal aspirator models for you:

  • very favorable in the acquisition
  • easy to use
  • noiseless
  • cheap to buy
  • noiseless
  • Effective even with medium-strength slime
  • very effective even with firmly adhering mucus
  • comfortable operation
  • Customizable with accessories
  • Often large, inflexible nozzles
  • less effective
  • Utilization may need overcoming
  • depending on the model, accessories must be purchased
  • expensive to purchase
  • according to

#1 Manual nasal aspirator with pump function

With these nasal aspirators, you first press the ball and then hold the aspirator to your child’s nostril. It would be ideal if the other nostril is kept closed at the same time. Then you release the compressed ball. The resulting vacuum sucks the mucus from the nose into the ball.

Our editor Katja, for example, uses a manual nasal aspirator like this for her daughter when the mucus isn’t quite so tightly packed. Both do well in this case with the model of the brand Babydream available at Rossmann.

Babydream nasal aspirator buy online |

Particularly popular on the net in the category of manual nasal aspirators is, for example, the nose and ear cleaner from Nûby. Above all, the low price and ease of use convince parents in the Amazon reviews. Even better performs on Amazon the nasal aspirator from NUK. Some parents criticize the size of the supplied spout, but this can also be an advantage in handling: So you do not go too deep into the nose with the teat.

#2 Nasal aspirator with hose

With these models, you put the end of the tube in your mouth and hold the other end directly in front of baby’s nose. Now you suck in air and pull the nasal secretion out of the nose. And don’t worry: The snot will not slip through to you, but will be collected in a container.

When it comes to nasal vacuums with a hose, our editorial team and online users are unanimous: the Fuchsi model has the edge over all others. Our editor Jennifer swears by this nasal aspirator because it "just works great for us and is also very easy to clean. It is also great that a second essay is included!"

FUCHSI Baby nasal aspirator | Medical silicone | Filterless & Endless usable

If you are looking for an alternative despite this clear purchase recommendation, you may be able to get by with the classic nasal aspirator: the NoseFrida nasal aspirator from Fridababy. "My rescue", writes a mother about the product in the Amazon reviews "Finally, my 1-month-old daughter could sleep peacefully again."

Natalie Köhler

My experience

By the way, I also used this model with my second daughter and was happy about it when Anni really couldn’t breathe through the nose at all anymore. Like other users, I was a little disturbed by the fact that the small sponge filters always have to be repurchased.

#3 Electric nasal aspirators

These devices also work via a hose, but they are either battery-operated or have a power connection. So your child’s nasal secretions are sucked out when you press the start button.

Despite its comparatively high price, the Pro Baby nasal aspirator from Nosiboo takes first place in this category on Amazon. The product was developed in cooperation with ENT physicians, is easy to clean and the suction power can be adjusted individually via a rotary knob, perhaps its secret of success.

But the battery-powered nasal aspirator 1 from Braun is also well received by parents on the web. It has two different suction settings and comes with two different tips, depending on the size of the nostril.

Braun nasal aspirator 1, BNA100EU, electric, from 0+

Even better performs with the Amazon buyers*innen still the baby nose cleaner Tomydoo of Beaba. The model grows with the child, so to speak, thanks to the different attachments and can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Übrigens: There are also nose vacuums as a vacuum cleaner attachment, no joke. And even if it sounds strange- it works. The nose vacuum attachment is simply screwed onto the vacuum cleaner hose. The suction effect you achieve when you turn on the vacuum cleaner. Especially popular on Amazon is the Angel-Vac nasal aspirator for standard vacuum cleaners.

Angel-Vac nasal aspirator with extra soft suction head The original for 25 years

What to consider with nasal vacuums?

Very important: Before you start using the nasal aspirator on your child, it is essential that you read the instructions for use carefully and then follow them of course. In addition, we have the following tips for you:

  • Never hold the nipple too deep into the little nose, because otherwise the risk of injury to the sensitive nasal mucosa of your child increases.
  • The nasal aspirator has to be cleaned the same way every time- after each use. It’s best to always rinse the exhausted secretion under copious amounts of running water.
  • If you want to use an electric model, you should first try out how your child reacts to the noise and slowly get him used to it. Otherwise, the suction will be a pain for both of you and then also does not work out.
  • Manual nipples with a pumping ball only produce the sound of air suction. You can easily test the strength on your arm. This may give you a better idea of how hard you need to push the ball.
  • Before you use a nasal aspirator, you should liquefy stuck mucus with a few drops of saline solution or baby nose drops from the pharmacy (see package insert). Softened, the snot is then easier to suck out.

Sniffles in the toddler: The snotty nose grässt!

Sniffles in the toddler: The snotty nose says hello!

Can you hurt the baby with a nasal aspirator?

Properly used, you can not really hurt your child with a nasal aspirator. The product is made for exactly this purpose. But of course you must strictly follow the instructions for use and should never insert the nipple too deeply into your baby’s nose. Otherwise you could hurt his mucous membrane.

How often can I use a nasal aspirator with a baby??

You can use the nasal aspirator whenever your baby has massive problems getting air. Some manufacturers recommend sucking no more than four times a day. Here, too, pay attention to the instructions for use that come with your nasal aspirator.

Especially before breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it makes sense to ensure that the baby’s nose is clear. Because drinking is almost impossible with a blocked nose. So it may happen that your child gasps for air and swallows. This is uncomfortable and can lead to bloating and abdominal pain. But of course, the procedure with the nasal aspirator is exhausting for your child, so allow him sufficient rest periods.

Test your knowledge: How do babies sleep and what do they need for it?

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