“My girlfriend says she doesn’t believe in god. How can i bring the gospel to her?”

There are many ways to share the gospel with her. One of the best ways is your way of life. In how you behave, dress, speak, and treat others, you are "an example to believers [and to everyone else]" (1 Timothy 4:12). Here are a few suggestions:

Try to help your girlfriend out of love and respect, without any ulterior motives or expectations.

Be honest and sincere in your behavior.

Respect her freedom of choice.

How you share the gospel with her depends on the reason she doesn’t believe in God. Some have grown up without religion. Others are receptive to faith and develop it as they learn how to pray and search the scriptures. Still others may have believed in God at one time, but then had to go through trials that challenged their faith. Try to understand your friend’s point of view. Pray that you will see how you can help her.

You will know more clearly what she believes in when you ask her what inspires her and what is really important to her. Tie it back to things you have in common. For example, if she feels it is important to serve fellow human beings, you could invite her to a service project at your church.

Even if your friend doesn’t believe in God yet, she is still a good person. As long as she is a good influence on you, stay a friend to her. Follow the Spirit and continue to encourage her to come to church and learn more about why God is important in your life, because one day she will be receptive to the faith.

Pray for your friend

Since I started preparing for a mission, many of my friends have told me that they don’t believe in God. When someone says something like that, I pray for them. It doesn’t mean that he will believe in God, but if we really believe in God, the other person can see our love for our Heavenly Father. By our example, those around us better see that God truly blesses us, that He exists, and that He loves us.

Emanuel L., 18, State of Mexico, Mexico

Be an example

When I was younger, I thought that the only way to teach the gospel was to literally preach it. But I was completely wrong – because there are countless ways to bring the Gospel to others. I have experienced that if you are simply an example of Christ in everything you do, a surprising number of people look up to you and believe you. It’s true, actions often speak louder than words! Lead and teach by your example.

Ammon W., 18, Arizona

Talk to her about nature

If your friend does not believe in God, you can talk to her about nature, because everything testifies that there is a God (see Alma 30:44). You can also pray for her and read with her in the scriptures, for example, Psalm 19:2. I know that the Holy Spirit will help her to obtain a testimony from our Father in heaven.

Sophie K., 17, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Start a conversation about the gospel

There are many ways to share the Gospel with your friends and acquaintances. Pray and fast for them first, that their hearts may be opened to the Gospel. Then, at your next meeting, bring up topics that lead to a conversation about the gospel. Be sure to invite her to church or activities, and above all, be friendly. Who knows, maybe one day she and her family will be baptized!

Valerie K., 14, Nevada

Give testimony

The Gospel changes people’s lives. One way to tell your friend is to tell her how you feel that God exists, for example, through the miracles you have experienced and continue to experience as you wake up each morning. Your example is also sure to be a great testimony that knowing about God’s love and living the gospel makes you happy.

Victoria S., 18, PiauI, Brazil

Why do we share the gospel with others??

Think about why you want your friend to believe in God. We do not bring the Gospel to others simply because we want them to become members of the Church. We do it because they are literally our brothers and sisters. Why do you want your friend to believe in God?? Keep this question in mind, pray for strength and charity, and be sincere. If she still rejects the belief, be prepared to respect her freedom of choice. There is also the possibility that it is not ready now. But I promise you: If you want her to know something about God out of sincere friendship, she will listen to you. After that, the decision is hers, and we must not judge her for the decision she makes.

Elder Eliot, 20, Japan Mission Sapporo

Let them share your light

Be a role model for her. Help her to come closer to God through your experiences and testimony. Be the angel she is looking for through your light and influence. Help her to see the love our Father in heaven has for her, but don’t force it on her.

Mason E, 16, Arizona

The answers are intended to provide help and perspective, but are not to be taken as official teaching of the Church.

How to obtain a certificate

"How to attain what we call a testimony?

The first step in gaining knowledge of any kind is the sincere desire to know something. When it comes to spiritual knowledge, the next step is to ask God in sincere prayer. ..

When we desire and strive for a testimony, we must not forget that we cannot acquire it passively, but that in this process we are expected to do something do. Jesus said, ‘He who is willing to do the will of God will know whether this teaching is from God or whether I speak in my own name.’ (John 7:17.)"

Elder Dallin H. Oaks from the College of the Twelve Apostles, "A Testimony", Liahona, May 2008, page 27

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